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Wolf Millionaire

Wolf Millionaire put his money where his mouth is in 2016 and grew his Instagram account to 300,000 Followers in front of everyone. He highlighted his successful InstaWealth Growth students every week and provided the world with the most insightful & relevant Instagram strategies.

If you spent 2016 on the sidelines watching my Wolf Millionaire students and I put in the work and follow our passions to make money from Instagram simply by following my InstaWealth Growth System hopefully at the very least you’ve taken advantage of my recently UPDATED InstaWealth Growth System – and my NEW 35 PAGE FREE INSTAGRAM GUIDE! This is the first (and last) time I have ever offered such a highly discounted price on my STEP-BY-STEP Wolf Millionaire Instagram Strategies since I launched a year ago!! ONE payment, and I update the course monthly for life!

MadWhips McLaren Money

Don’t get left behind in 2017, make it YOUR YEAR! You still have time to FOLLOW YOUR PASSIONS and turn your INSTAGRAM PLAY TIME INTO MONEY MAKING TIME!

Take advantage of my strategies and let me help YOU make 2017 the year YOU finally take YOUR own financial freedom into your own hands. LET ME TEACH YOU HOW STEP-BY-STEP!

Last year was an incredible year for all my students! I am so proud to have had the ability to feature student testimonial after student testimonial week after week who took advantage of my teachings throughout the year ever since I launched Wolf Millionaire on December 2015. Checkout ALL these Instagram Features I Predicted that CAME TRUE!

2016 was easily the strongest year I’ve ever had in my 38 years alife, and I have had many extremely amazing years along my journey in life. I hope all of you also had a strong and positive year filled with personal growth, health & happiness!

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Instagram keeps growing (600 Million Monthly Active Users), launching new features every month (See WHY Instagram is Killing Snapchat) and I continue making a very healthy 6 figure Instagram advertising income simply by posting photos & videos of the things I love every day!


2016 marked the 3rd full year since I lost my job for the first time in my life and went to work FULL TIME for myself as an entrepreneur re-launching MadWhips.com and introducing my Wolf Millionaire Instagram Strategies to the world in order to share my knowledge, inspire, motivate and empower others to take the leap of of faith to follow their passions and make money from it, just like I have!

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Instagram is still HOT and you can still take advantage of my strategies to easily grow your followers & make money! Take your financial future into your own hands! If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!

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Here are the highlights of what I accomplished in 2016 thanks to the strengths & work ethic instilled by my Mom and Father (who I lost when I was 19) I have followed my passions and worked my ass off for myself consistently since losing my job 3 years ago. I have worked day, night, without vacation, sacrificing relationships, and time with family and friends without taking my eyes off the end prize of the financial freedom I want to secure for my mom, my brother and ME!

Wolf Millionaire Family

Mom & Bro, I am doing this for you, thank you for your endless LOVE, patience & understanding during the last 3 hard years of me grinding 18 hour days, and not being around as much as I’d like to be, but I’m doing this for a reason that you both aren’t fully aware of. I am doing this because I promised Dad weeks before he passed away that I would always provide for our family above and beyond our means of living comfortably and without excess or waste. I want nothing but a comfortable future for you both, and now is my time to earn that financial freedom for the 3 of us with this Instagram opportunity I have uncovered & mastered!  I can’t wait to celebrate my continued financial success as a self made entrepreneur during our much needed & well deserved family vacation at my condo in Miami next month! LOVE YOU xoxo

Wolf Millionaire at Geneva Motor Show

Frank Stephenson MadWhips McLaren

We kicked off 2016 with my 5th trip to the Geneva International Auto Show which is one of my favourite automotive events, rivalled only by the annual Monterey Car Week in California. It’s amazing the red carpet treatment you get around the world when you have 18+ Million Instagram Followers! What are you waiting for? JOIN US while my course is 50% off for a very limited time!

I had the ability to hang out and chat with all the major marketing managers (and founders like Christian & Horacio) from companies like McLaren, Pagani, Koenigssegg, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari. I also got the chance to connect with Alejandro (aka Salomondrin) and Tim Burton (aka Shmee150) regulars at all these international auto events!

Salomondrin Cupgang MadWhips

During the first couple years on Instagram (2014/2015) I had more followers on my make specific (Lambo, McLaren, Pagani, Ferrari, Koenigsegg etc) fan pages for these brands than the brands themselves! I eventually was contacted by every single brands legal council because I was using their names and logos and doing a better job at marketing their hottest vehicles on Instagram than they were. They were nice enough to allow me to change my account name and logo to the “madwhips” themed accounts they have all been renamed to since without having Instagram disable my accounts for copyright violations.

Shmee150 & Wolf Millionaire

I did lose my Audi themed fan page (which was named audi_automotive) which is unfortunate as it was almost at 700,000 followers. I had slated to rename that account in the upcoming weeks, but Audi’s legal team put a quick end to that.

I tried my best to get the account back, especially considering I had been in contact with Lamborghini & their parent company Volkswagen’s legal councils just weeks before. This just goes to show you that you can’t win every single battle in life, especially when you are testing the limits of social networks like I did on Instagram in order to be able to teach you the rules, limits and best practices!

Wolf Millionaire Visits McLaren Technology Centre 

Madwhips McLaren Technology Centre

After I was done covering the Geneva Motor Show during the press/media days, I jumped into a Volcano Orange McLaren MP4-12C (thanks to Besphoke London) and drove like a bat out of hell from London to the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking to meet with Amanda McLaren & get a personal tour of the McLaren Technology Centre by Frank Stephenson himself!

Wolf Millionaire McLaren 12C W Hotel london

Here’s something I haven’t told anyone, one of the most stressful experiences I had in 2016 was getting into a RIGHT HAND DRIVE McLaren 12C and piloting it through London (parking underground in London is a nightmare in any car let alone an exotic, space wise it requires your full attention because the turns, spots and clearance is within inches of causing major damage).

I also had the car on roads I was extremely unfamiliar with (driving on opposite side of roads than I am used to) coupled with shitty rainy weather made for a very attentive and tense drive at times.

I honestly don’t know how the guys with the massive cruise ship sized exotics (Aventadors) don’t damage the shit out of their cars driving in certain areas of London.

Even being as cautious as I could be I curbed a wheel, went down several wrong one way streets, ended up in “bus only” lanes… ahhhh WTF LONDON! haha it’s been a while since I was truly challenged behind the wheel of a car in a foreign country. What an incredible learning experience! It was stressful at times, but I persevered!

Wolf Millionaire’s Brand New McLaren Delivery

Wolf Millionaire McLaren Delivery

For those who haven’t been following my @Wolf_Millionaire journey, I was originally shopping for a used Porsche 911 Turbo (997.2) or Audi R8 (V10), both of which are extremely reliable, fun to drive and have all wheel drive for my daily driving life in Toronto that includes snowboarding and winter driving!

Somehow General Manager Jimmy V. at McLaren Toronto (PFAFF McLaren) ended up allowing me to take their dealerships first McLaren 570s (Vermillion Red) out for a test drive. It was the middle of December, -5 out and thankfully was equipped with Pirelli winter tires.

After a quick spin I was sold. There was no way I could buy a 911 Turbo let alone an R8. This brand new McLaren WAS SPECIAL. Like nothing I have ever driven, like NO OTHER McLaren I have driven (I have driven both 12C & 650S, not to mention every other exotic out there shy of a Bugatti, Koenigsegg or Pagani).

I needed something special for myself, as much as I (and my budget) realistically could comfortably budget a used 911 Turbo, I couldn’t find a deal on a manual coupe. All the Americans have been buying these cars thanks to their strong dollar and loss of the manual transmission in today’s 911 Turbo models.

Believe it or not, Timothy Sykes (one of my TOP Instagram earning STUDENTS) made a very strong point of why I should only consider the McLaren as my next car. Thanks Tim!

I needed something truly special that was slightly above my budget that was going to push me to WORK EVEN HARDER in 2016. This BRAND NEW McLaren was the ticket!

The only downside was I couldn’t have my car until SUMMER 16. They had to build my car first and that wasn’t even slated until April/May 2016! WHAAAAAAAT, but I WANT IT NOW!! I have unlimited patience until it comes to shit I want to buy and have the money for…. when thats the case I buy what I want when I want. This is what I have been able to afford thanks to the money I make on Instagram!

I am not sure if I could ever wait for another exotic car to deliver, it was like the night before xmas for like 6 months!! TORTURE, but like anything in life worth having, it was well worth the wait! I definitely learnt new levels of patience when it comes to the materialistic shit I buy for myself as milestone rewards!

MadWhips McLaren Team

My car delivered to me at the end of June 2016, and I had my entire MadWhips team on hand to be part of the inspiring and motivational delivery. Watching that car come off the truck still plays over and over in my head. I WANT MORE TOYS! AND IM WILLING TO WORK HARDER! THIS IS THE MEMORY THAT PUSHES ME FORWARD EVERY DAY!

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Wolf Millionaire’s First Solid Gold Rolex 

Wolf Millionaire Money & Rolex

The first two watches I purchased when I first started making $25,000 a month from Instagram was a Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph and an IWC Big Pilot. Two massive milestone watches that I have lusted after since I started my love affair with luxury watches.

Wolf Millionaire Audemars Piguet & IWC

You could be growing your Instagram account and making Solid Gold Rolex Money if you START NOW. Don’t be a passenger in life just to watch others succeed…. JOIN the WOLF PACK while my InstaWealth Growth System is 50% OFF FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER and only for a VERY limited time!

I ended up selling both my AP & IWC and picked up my very first BRAND NEW solid Gold Rolex Submariner. It was another bucket list childhood fantasy that was lived out when I went to Rolex with one of my best friends and we both bought brand new Rolex!

Anthony Carbone & Somen Mondal

Wolf Millionaire Does Monterey Car Week with his McLaren

I don’t even know where to start with this one. Monterey has been THE annual AUTOMOTIVE event of the YEAR for myself and other photographers and videographers in my exotic car photography niche. The who’s who of Facebook, YouTube and now Yours Truly Wolf Millionaire of Instagram all make the trip out to Monterey every year.

It’s a cornucopia of the worlds hottest collector cars that ship in from all over the world. Billionaires with $100 million car collections will ship their most prized cars to Monterey and drive them for the few miles they see every year at this event.

I couldn’t believe that I was going to be shipping my brand new McLaren out to Los Angeles then driving the Pacific Coast Highway to Monterey and experience it for the first time with my own exotic car.

Wolf Millionaire Beverly Hills Sunset

I brought Victor out to California for this EPIC adventure. Victor is one of my Social Media & Community managers who manage my Instagram empire and MadWhips.com. He was was the very first MadWhips co-op intern student I hired who worked from my couch during the first months of 2014 before my company was invited into Ryerson University Business Incubator “DMZ” in the heart of Toronto.

MadWhips Ryerson DMZ

Having my brand new McLaren parked out front the SLS in Beverly Hills for a week after Monterey was insanely awesome! I had guys pulling up to me at the lights with cars twice as expensive as mine telling me how hot my McLaren was, It was extremely humbling to talk to many people and show them my car (not to mention letting them all sit in it and marvel at it’s sexy curves!

Wolf Millionaire Visits Facebook

We even scheduled meetings to visit new friends at the Facebook Campus, Google Campus & Apple Campus. Rolling around Silicon Valley in my BRAND NEW McLaren was another insanely motivating milestone event for both Victor and I.

Wolf Millionaire Visit Google
Thats top 3 bucket list shit for me, especially given that I grew up a computer geek and wen’t to University for Computer Engineering. Can you believe I lost my job for the FIRST time in my life 3.5 years ago?

MadWhips Visits Apple in Silicon Valley

Last summer, Victor was working for me on his 2nd co-op term prior to his last semester before graduating. I just recently hired Victor full time straight out of college where he graduated with an Automotive Business Marketing degree from Canada’s largest Automotive Business School. Congratulations once again Victor! Are you ready for 2017?

Wolf Millionaire At The Gumball 3000 Pagani Party

Thanks to my special relationship with Pagani, Wolf Millionaire was invited to the 2016 Gumball 3000 Pagani Party in Monterey during Car Week! This was a private invite only event and Victor and I rolled up in my McLaren! INSANE!

Wolf Millionaire Gumball3000 Pagani Party


Wolf Millionaire Featured Publications

This year I Wolf Millionaire was featured in several prominent online publications such as: HuffingtonPost, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, EliteDaily, NewsFactor & AchieveIconic.

Wolf Millionaire Entrepreneur.com

More proof that hard work always pays off! KEEP GRINDING!

Wolf Millionaire Does SEMA in Las Vegas

Wolf Millionaire & MadWhips at SEMA

Once again Wolf Millionaire & MadWhips was invited to cover the 50th Anniversary of the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas where all the aftermarket and tuning companies come to show off the most INSANE builds in the world! Do you want to get invited to all the hottest events & industry events in YOUR NICHE? From food, to fashion, to electronics, sports & travel, and every niche in between, if you master all my easy to follow step-by-step Wolf Millionaire Instagram strategies you too can grow a massive following and use it to travel the world like I continue to do!

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Not only did I get a chance to hang out with many of my Instagram advertising clients, but I also met up with with my Canadian West Coast Brother Damon from Daily Driven Exotics! We hit it off instantly given his love for cars, his chill west coast attitude and most importantly his appetite to hustle and grind and make money online with Instagram. Stay tuned for some very exciting news & collaboration between us throughout 2017!

Wolf Millionaire & Daily Driven Exotics


Wolf Millionaire Is An Official Influencer

Wolf Millionaire Influencer

I wrote this article at 30,000 feet flying to Miami from Toronto to pickup the keys to my condo where I will be moving to with my McLaren as part of my MadWhips Ceramic Pro Miami Adventure! Not only is moving to Miami with my McLaren for winter a bucket list of mine (and a treat to fly my Mom & Brother out for a couple weeks), but getting paid to drive my McLaren and play with cameras to CREATE CONTENT is just the icing on the cake.

Wolf Millionaire Influencer

Unlike other clowns who simply stunt on Instagram claiming to be Influencers or Money Makers with hundreds of millions of followers in their networks (lol) I’ve actually hand grown my 18+ Million Instagram followers across 30 accounts during the last 3 years. I have put in the time and testing which is why I actually know what I am talking about when it comes to Instagram.

These others re-selling my strategies don’t even have 1% of the knowledge of Instagram that I have gained by trial and error and then provided to the world.

Do you see anyone else writing FREE GUIDES every week to help those who cannot yet afford my course? NO, NO YOU DON’T. Do you see others with student testimonial after testimonial after testimonial week after week? NO, NO YOU DON’T  Do you see these other self proclaimed Instagram Guru’s creating their own content? NO, YOU CERTAINLY DON’T (regurgitating other peoples photos with a cute motivation quote doesn’t count as content creation). Do you see these people partnering with REAL brands in their niche let alone attending industry events? NO, NO YOU DON’T.

Wolf Millionaire Instagram Influencer

Remember kids “fake it till you make it” doesn’t work on Instagram or Social Media.

Get with the program, I’m the real deal, in flesh and blood, coming at you daily on Instagram, providing tried, tested & true strategies, real inspiration and motivation based on my true achievements killing it on Instagram.

If you want to learn from the top money making Instagrammer instead of just watching me create and live the financially free life I have created in front of you all, then signup for my InstaWealth Growth system which is still 50% Off  as part of my FIRST EVER discount!

MadWhips Ceramic Pro McLaren Adventures

Wolf Millionaire X goldRush Rally Partnership

One more major announcement that came down the pipeline in the final weeks of 2016. MadWhips & goldRush Rally will be working together in 2017 to take the goldRush Rally 9 to an entire new level of exposure with my MadWhips Instagram empire. I’m so excited and proud of this new partnership and I will be finally joining the goldRush Rally family by taking my McLaren on their 9th rally this MAY from Beverly Hills to Las Vegas this year! I hope I make it out alive!

Wolf Millionaire Madwhips Goldrush Rally 9

Check out this video of all the exotics and my McLaren from the start of the 2017 GOLD RUSH RALLY at the Petersen Automotive Museum!


Want to know what motivates me DAILY, even during my darkest hours when I am beat down, exhausted and don’t think I can squeeze out another hour of work… Well it’s this simple. I don’t ever want to work for anyone else in life, I don’t ever want to be just another rat in the 9-5 cubicle rat race, and I certainly don’t want to ever BE POOR. Furthermore, I won’t accept driving anything less than a $250,000 exotic car as my daily driver for the rest of my life!

Wolf Millionaire Student Reviews

If you want to learn more specific strategies that have worked by my successful students in other niches finding massive success with my STEP-BY-STEP strategies, then make sure you take the time to read up on these student testimonial reviews where I examine and highlight how these students are killing it on Instagram:

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Let me help push you further ahead in 2017!

You will either sink or swim. All you have to do in order to avoid sinking is put in the WORK following my easy to follow along step-by-step Instagram guides in my InstaWealth Growth System. I’ve done all the hard work, you just have to follow along. It’s not rocket science!

Happy Instagramming!

2017 is for you DAD, this is going to be my most successful year yet! Miss you like crazy xo

Wolf Millionaire Dad

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