My Very First Crypto Investment

By March 21, 2018 Instagram News

I finally invested in my very first Cryptocurrency after doing 8 months of research and waiting on the sidelines during the last year of crazy ups and downs!

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I want to share and be transparent with YOU now so that whether I make serious money with this investment or not, YOU can at least see what I chose to invest in when it comes to the raging hot Cryptocurrency markets!

Given the complexity and fast moving rise of Cryptocurrencies last year, I had to put in some serious research time to catch up! I did not invest a single dollar last year until this insane Crypto opportunity came along in my automotive niche!

When I got into Instagram it took me a couple weeks of research before I saw the entire money making game and massive opportunity that I am still taking advantage of. I have helped so many students become Instagram Success Stories following their passions in various niches!

IF YOU want it bad enough YOU could be my NEXT success story!

You can’t make money without taking risks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mitigate your exposure to risk if you actually put in the work and do your homework. I look back on getting fired for the first time in my life. It was the universes way of pushing me out onto my own and saying SINK or SWIM Anthony!

I have an OCD like nature when it comes to doing my homework on people, business and opportunities, which is why I successfully expose so many scams on Instagram like InstaJam & Nuxery.

This is the reason I didn’t just blindly jump into the Crypto craze as I would have lost money looking back on things. Everything happens for a reason and I try to not force opportunities that I don’t understand or believe in.

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Bitcoin, Crypto & ICO’s

Recently, I provided the framework highlighting a massive Bitcoin Instagram Opportunity of which no one still has capitalized on (maybe you should?) after helping several clients create personalized Instagram Influencer strategies to launch their Cryptocurrency ICO’s.

There has been over a dozen ICO’s that have hit me up offering me coins, positions on their company’s board’s in exchange to promote their ICO on my massive Instagram network consisting of 30 accounts and over 18+ Million followers.

CASH in the real world is like CONTENT on Instagram, IT’s KING! I only provide Instagram Consulting Strategies when people pay me.

I made lots of money consulting in the Cannabis Niche after Hackers Targeted WEED Instagram Accounts!

I didn’t create one of the world’s largest Instagram Networks to simply trade my valuable knowledge and time in exchange for some pie in the sky Cryptocurrency I have never heard of.

However every time I did my due diligence on these companies that offered me huge ransoms of “coins” or company ownerships, I always ended up arriving at the same place. They were all bullshit.

Without further delay, I’ve done my research and I’m excited to share with you what I’ve invested in below!

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My First Cryptocurrency

So here we are, this is where I reveal to you that I have finally invested in, my very FIRST cryptocurrency play.

Does it surprise you that this blockchain based ICO will be asset backed by Hypercars? It’s such an amazing fit for my automotive passions!

There are two strategies in play for this Hypercar Cryptocurrency. will either hold a car strategically for a longer term, or it will acquire it opportunistically at a price below the current market value and sell it immediately to create value for token holders.

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As I write this, the Crypto Markets are all DOWN, which makes it an opportunistic time to pickup Bitcoin or Ethereum or ICO’s that are launching like where I know the founders.

Thanks to Instagram I met the founder Patrick Gruhn in Switzerland last year during the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show. I have met and connected with some pretty amazing people around the world thanks to my Instagram Domination.


Now I want to invest, and while still on the risky side, I’ve done my homework and believe that I can make some good money in the upcoming months with



Be INSPIRED and make sure YOU check out how Instagram changed my life in 2017 since I became an Instagram Influencer!

Remember, I can help you do the same, IF YOU are willing to PUT IN THE WORK!

Last year was a very successful follow up to my Wolf Millionaire Instagram Domination in 2016 where I bought my first BRAND NEW McLaren and my FIRST BRAND NEW Solid Gold Rolex Submariner! I still can’t believe the lifestyle I have built for myself all thanks to Instagram!


Take advantage of PRE-SALE where they will give you 50% PRE-SALE Token Bonus before March 31, 2018.

In April 2018 and May 2018 they will give you a 20%PRE-SALE Token Bonus

In June 2018 they will give you a 10% PRE-SALE Token Bonus is tied to Ethereum, which means you have to purchase ETH first before you can purchase TOKENS.

The GOOD NEWS is that ETH is at a very nice LOW right now ($500 USD this week, down 50% since JAN!)

If you wanted to buy $1000 USD worth of Hyperide Tokens here’s how it would look as of March 20, 2018.

$1000 USD gets you 2 ETH (based on a price of $500 USD per ETH Token).

1 ETH Token = 1000 Hyperide Tokens

2 ETH Tokens = 2000 Hyperide Tokens + 50% BONUS (1000 Bonus Tokens)

TOTAL Hyperide Tokens = 3000 FOR $1000 USD

NOWWWWWW, as the price of ETH goes up to say $750 USD….

$1000 USD gets you 1.33 ETH Tokens (based on a future price of $750 USD per ETH coin).

1 ETH coin = 1000 Hyperide Tokens

1.3333 ETH Tokens = 1333 Hyperide Tokens + 50% BONUS (1000 Hyperide Tokens)

TOTAL Hyperide Tokens = 1999.50 FOR $1000 USD

It’s amazing how I was all worried that I missed out on the gold rush timing of last years Crypto BOOM, but like everything in life, TIMING TIMING TIMING is everything.

Now that Crypto is DOWN from it’s insane HIGHS and I’ve done my homework, I feel like the timing on this Crypto for ME was an opportunity from the universe…. just like when I got fired for the first time in my life 4 years ago and started along this insane Instagram Money Making Journey I’ve been killing!

Hit me up on EMAIL, or DM if you have any questions about investing in this blockchain company opportunity!

2018 is going to be an insane and wild ride! ARE YOU READY??

Lets see where this goes!

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