Wolf Millionaire Crushes The Competition

By November 23, 2015 March 20th, 2016 Instagram News


Want to know why my Wolf Millionaire course CRUSHES the competition?

The Wolf Millionaire course is a culmination of my experience eating, breathing and living Instagram for the last 2 years. No joke, I have spent more time than anyone using Instagram. I have posted over 20,000+ photos and spent 18 hours a day using Instagram for the last 2 years.  I started with 1 account and 700 followers and have bomb tested my way through all the changes that Instagram has made along the way and have figured out all the tricks! I currently run 28 accounts with over 11+ Million Followers that I have grown organically without the use of any apps or programs.  During the last couple months, my Instagram network has been growing at over 1 Million followers per month!

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Other Instagram courses are 2-3x more expensive yet contain less than 25% of the training examples, walk throughs and strategies that I do. They only focus on iOS walk throughs, and tend to only explain things that have to do with motivational or quote pages. I walk you through all my strategies and apps on both Android & iOS to ensure I have shown you EXACTLY how to use your preferred device and their small differences in order to master my techniques.

Furthermore, these other courses main strategies to grow your followers tell you to use automated robot apps/programs that LIKE, COMMENT and FOLLOW/UN-FOLLOW on your accounts behalf. Less than 2 months ago while filming my course, I predicted that these types of automation apps/programs were going to be shut down in addition to potentially having your account disabled by Instagram. On November 17, Instagram announced their First Major API Update with respect to allowing these apps/programs to integrate with Instagram. As of June 2016 Instagram will no longer allow these apps/programs to use Instagram. This means that all these courses have been teaching you techniques to grow your followers that Instagram deems unacceptable! Busted!

I’ve read all the guides, they are either completely amateur written by someone who has obviously used Instagram for less than a month or they are filled with fancy graphics and clipart and provide nothing more than high level guidance of how to do the basics.

Our FREE 20 page Instagram Guide provides; the differences between using Instagram on iOS vs Android devices, how to setup a hacker-proof Instagram account, highlights essential must have apps that help you be more efficient and how to create a compelling BIO with an attractive profile picture. We explain how to create high quality photos, create effective captions and explain best practices for utilizing hashtags, tagging and engaging your users.  We also explore and explain the various analytic & scheduling tools to monitor and automate your Instagram game.

Furthermore, ever since I launched the @WolfMillionaire Instagram account, I have been putting to practice all my Wolf Millionaire strategies in REAL TIME to demonstrate just how fast I can grow my account. In just over 3 weeks I have gone from 0 to 36,000 Followers with some of my posts having 20% ENGAGEMENT!

Hows that for putting my money where my mouth is?!?!

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