Why 2019 Is All About Instagram Stories

By February 27, 2019 Instagram News

Engagement on Instagram feed posts has been steadily decreasing, but Instagram Stories just hit the daily user count of views by 500 Million a day and is the fastest growing media format on the planet.

When you open Instagram, do you find yourself tapping through the circles on the top of your feed advancing through consumable full screen photos and videos as opposed to horizontally scrolling through your feed? I know I do, and so do 500 Million users a day!

Your Instagram feed is still very important, but Stories (like it’s original Snapchat counterpart) have been taking over as king of content recently.

One of the main reason for its success is that stories are showing a slice of real life in full screen – spontaneous, realistic, engaging and unpolished.

Instagram has also been optimizing their app putting Stories right at the top, making it the first thing everyone sees when they open the app.

As 2019 will continue to be all about Instagram Stories, you will need to make them part of your content strategy and treat Stories as a separate channel.

Here are 5 ways to grow your following by using Instagram Stories:

  • Use product stickers

To use product stickers, you need to set up the shopping feature on Instagram.

Tagging products in your Stories is enabling people who view your stories to tap any product sticker to see price and description details. Tapping twice takes them to the product page, where they can buy the item.

Stories are the ideal channel to promote discounts and flash sales. Because they disappear after 24 hours, the element of urgency is driving views to your Stories.

Offering these specials will train your audience to keep coming back to check your Stories so they don’t miss a good deal.

So if you’re selling any kind of goods, this is a direct way to make more sales.

And since Instagram introduced a new shopping tab to its explore page, users that are not following you can see your product posts as well.

  • Promote your blog or any other content

Stories are ideal for summarizing blog posts, or teasing about upcoming content.

Refer to the link in your profile to drive people back to the content you’re promoting.

Or, if you’ve got more than 10k followers, just embed a link to the content from within your Story. And if you really want to get a lot of attention for your new content, consider using an Instagram Stories ad.

  • Create a poll, add an emoji slider or a question sticker

Focus on engaging questions that help you determine which type of content your followers want to see more of, or post general questions like “ask me anything” to build a more personal connection with your followers. And make sure to respond to your Stories feedback.

These tools will boost your engagement, make your audience feel heard and valued, and ultimately, build a deeper connection with your follower base.

And with increasing engagement, the Instagram algorithm will rank your content as valuable and show it to more people.

  • Use hashtags

Another way of attracting new people to watch your Stories is by using broad, popular hashtags. This will double the number of views of your Stories. Try and see what happens!

  • Share your feed post

Whenever you upload a new post, make sure to share it on your Stories to help you drive traffic back to your feed.

Right after posting your photo, hit the “share” button and click “add post to your story”. Remember to add hashtags, polls and GIFs.

  • Tag other users

Mentioning other people in your Stories is another way to personally connect with your followers and make them feel like they are part of what you create.

And most importantly, post daily!

As soon as you posted a Story, a red circle appears around your profile picture. Whenever someone is coming across your profile and sees the red circle, they are very likely to click on your Stories.

Aim for a having red circle every day, even if it’s just one Story post. The more, the better.

As Instagram continues rolling out new features for Instagram Stories, make sure your your daily Story game is looking sharp to help you drive traffic to your feed, increase engagement, and build a deeper connection with your follower base.

Don’t forget to DM me @Wolf_Millionaire if you have any questions!

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