Video Tagging on Instagram – IMPORTANT NEW FEATURE

By October 2, 2018 Instagram News
Video Tagging Instagram

Video Tagging has finally made it’s way to Instagram! Wolf Millionaire explains how to use this powerful new feature to grow & make money with your account!

Video Tagging has been an Instagram feature we’ve all been dying for years and is a recent addition to these 6 IMPORTANT New Instagram Features that just rolled out.

Instagram has finally delivered this feature for both iOS & Android as of this week!

Video Tagging Instagram


I first had access to test this feature a couple weeks ago but it was only available on my iOS device, so I waited until it became available on Android this week to share this important news!

Video Tagging currently doesn’t work if you are viewing Instagram via a web browser, it only works within the iOS or Android Instagram App.

Video Tagging – Small Feature BIG Opportunity

Most people would overlook video tagging as a small insignificant feature, when in fact it’s a BIG OPPORTUNITY!

Video is the future because people want immersive content. There is no disputing this. Photos still convey a thousand words, but video is king and captures peoples attention longer and stickier than any photo could.

This is where the BIG OPPORTUNITY is to brand yourself, provide exposure & discovery and ultimately make money by charging clients to have their Instagram username included via video tagging on your video posts!

I just updated my post to include these **7** IMPORTANT New Instagram Features so make sure you learn how to use them!


Video Tagging – HOW TO

Video Tagging took Instagram a while to implement due to the complexity associated with finding a solution.

It wasn’t as easy to implement the same functionality like Photo Tagging because in video the medium isn’t just a static image in which we could tag and overlay an Instagram username on it.

In video, we have a well a video and despite having the ability to “pin” our username tags on our Instagram Video STORIES posts it wasn’t as easy to do within our feed apparently.


Step 1: Make sure you have the most up to date iOS or Android App.

Step 2: Upload your video

Step 3: Add your Caption (yes this is important)

Step 4: Tag People

Step 5: Add your Location (yes this is important)

Step 6: Post your Video

Video Tagging is easy, it’s the exact same process that you would normally use to tag a username in your photos. Same same but different 😉

Now get back to posting those very viral VIDEO’s and start charging money to your clients to get tagged in them to bring them followers, exposure and help them (and you) sell more products & services!


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