How To Turn ANY Struggle Into Instagram Success

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This case study is very near and dear to my heart.

It’s also one of the most inspiring stories that I have been able to help become another one of my Instagram Success stories because it shows how anyone can turn lemons into lemonade simply by following my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides!




This weeks student success story involves my little brother, who has battled with a chronic illness for over 15 years.

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For quite some time, he’s been inspired by my Instagram success, but never felt it would work for him.

(Sound familiar? Almost everyone thinks this at first – because they think Instagram is “too hard” or “not for them”)….. so LISTEN UP because you are WRONG!


After I had a conversation with him one day, I opened his mind to all these possibilities and he decided to give it a go to create an active compassionate community to support & connect individuals around the world who suffer from chronic illnesses

He launched The Chronic Love Club on Instagram in July 2017 with a friend he met online; Michelle who also advocates for Diabetes as council for @BeyondType1

In 1 year he’s gone from 100 followers to over 15,000 with only 630 posts and continues to grow a very compassionate and active community of supporters from around the world! Their first 10,000 followers only took them 10 months and their last 5,000 only took them 3 months!

As you can see, when you start to grow a STRONG community using all my BEST PRACTICES your growth will start to accelerate, but you must remain patient and post consistently! They follow many of their followers who also have chronic or undiagnosed illnesses and support others by commenting positive thoughts throughout the day to their massive, strong and committed community!


Let’s check in to hear more about Derek & Michelle’s story and what their doing…

CASE STUDY: The Chronic Love Club

1. When did you start on Instagram?

A: We launched @chronicloveclub on July 15, 2017.

2. What made you take the leap of faith and dive into Instagram?

A: After meeting Michelle through a mutual friend in 2015, our friendship quickly became a refuge for one another during the many ups and downs that come with a chronic illness. Because of how we met and the struggles we were enduring, we decided to create a virtual club for anyone living with a mental or physical disorder. Our goal was to create an open community where we could inspire, share and connect with others who are going through similar battles.

3. Where were you at (followers, growth, confidence) before learning from Anthony

A: We were under 1K followers and we were gaining around 20 followers per feature. We’re now gaining over 100 followers per feature!

4. What shifted for you after Wolf Millionaire Anthony course & mentorship?

A: Our flow in followers was the biggest shift that we noticed. Using Anthony’s techniques and mentorship has helped us continue our climb towards our 10K follower milestone.

5. Where are you at with your Instagram journey now?

A: We just passed our first major milestone on April 15, 2018 when we hit 10K followers. We never thought we’d reach 1k on instagram, let alone 10k. We’re so glad that we took this leap of faith and put our stories out there.

6. What’s next for you, or what excites you most about Instagram going forward?

A: Growth. Connections. Awareness. We’re excited to grow our brand and continue inspiring those we connect with. Each story has a new perspective on getting through the hard times and we think it’s so important that we share these brave journeys with the world. On days that we’re struggling, reading through our features inspires and motivates us to continue our mission. Also, we’ve been able to raise awareness about very rare diseases.

7. How has Instagram or your Account benefited you in life?

A: Our page has allowed us meet the most amazing people from around the world who have similar struggles, fears, dreams and hopes. We’ve featured people from Brazil, India, Sweden, South Africa, and Australia to name a few. We’ve been able to meet and connect with individuals who have what we have; rare neuromuscular disorders. Finally, we’ve also played matchmaker with a couple who met on our page (one is from Germany and the other is from California) and that was incredible to be a part of.

8. Why is this page important to you?

A: This page is very important to us because we’ve both struggled with an undiagnosed – and then diagnosed – disorder. The stress, anxiety and fears we deal with can be life shattering. Although we both have extremely supportive families, there’s nothing like connecting with others who are struggling with what you have. This page is more than just posting attractive pictures or trying to reach a certain number of followers. It has become a place where others feel a sense of belonging no matter what they’re going through.

If this student success story doesn’t motivate you, then I am not sure what will.

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Re-reading their story and so many posts of all the different struggles that so many individuals of their community go through in life due to health issues, sure reminds me of what is most important in life, being grateful for my health and spending time with family & friends that support and love you!

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Happy Instagramming!



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