Top 5 Instagram Scams

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Top 5 Instagram Scams exposed by Wolf Millionaire. Anthony Carbone, sheds some light on the top Instagram scams to help you protect your own account and not get ripped off

There is nothing more truthful in the old adage that “if it sounds like too good of a deal then it probably is” especially with social media accounts. I’ll walk you through some classic Instagram scams so you will be able to recognize when something isn’t right. If you’re an unlucky Instagram user who’s account has been hacked, we offer some tips so you can get it back.

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The first order of business before you even start an Instagram account is to learn my Top Instagram Hacking Answers, if you don’t read this and follow these steps to lock down your account don’t come running back to me crying that you lost your valuable Instagram account to a hacker!


1. Selling an Instagram account Scam

Top 3 Instagram Scams


This type of Instagram scam reeks from a mile away to experienced marketers, but most Instagram scammers are getting good at their approach and prey on younger demographics looking to get an Instagram account with 10k, 50k, 100k or 1 Million followers for the deal of their life.

Most of these accounts that are for sale are usually garbage accounts to begin with, or have been recycled from another page after they have scammed enough people so that they cannot be reported or disabled.

Take this Instagram account to the left: @StephCurryPosts which at one point the bio read: “Selling Account” by a user who uses KiK username “economy”.

This account was recently renamed or disabled by Instagram because it cannot be found anymore. The seller was trying to sell this account to several people who independently reached out to me asking if $500 was a reasonable amount for this account.

After a quick analysis of the account, who’s photos were getting around 2,000-3,000 likes per post, it looked like a decent account at a great price. I determined that this was too good to be true and most likely a scam. I instructed both people who were interested in buying the account to push the seller to only accept PayPal payment via “Goods or Service” and not “Friends or Family“.  As predicted, the individual selling the account would only accept payment sent as “Friends or Family” which is a major RED FLAG and a deal breaker.  Had someone sent money using “Send Money to Friends or Family” they would have no recourse or protection if the seller didn’t release the Instagram password to the account. Unfortunately, I am sure many people were scammed by this account and KiK user.

Top 3 Instagram Scams

Buying anything online and sending money as “Friends or Family” doesn’t protect you one bit.  However, if you purchase digital (websites, social media accounts, blogs, etc.) or physical goods using “Pay for Goods or Services” PayPal covers you with their Purchase Protection. It asks you in detail what you are paying for and if the person selling doesn’t deliver what was detailed in the description of the sale, then you will get your money back. That is why it’s extremely important to pay for anything using “Pay for Goods or Services” from PayPal.

Download this cheat sheet to learn about the top 5 Instagram scams.

2. Instagram Email Phishing Scams

The next most widely used scam on Instagram is one that resulted in thousands of Instagram accounts getting hacked in 2015. Most of the Instagram accounts targeted in these phishing scams were larger accounts. From fan pages, celebrities, artists to big companies with hundreds of thousands to millions of followers. Phishing scammers will send emails to unsuspecting users who list their email address in their Instagram bio while making it look like it’s coming officially from Instagram.

I have seen some pretty amazing phishing emails hit my inbox in the last couple years. The only discernible difference between what would come officially from Instagram and what was delivered by the phishing scammers, was the email address from which it was coming from.

Check out this example of an email phishing scam below and PAY ATTENTION to these details so you won’t fall for one of these scams. Official emails from Instagram will only ever come from the email address [email protected] or end in Anything else is SPAM or a SCAM. You can click on the 3 dots if  you are Gmail user and “report as phishing” in order to let Gmail know that this email is fake. The more people that flag these fake phishing emails in Gmail the less likely Gmail will allow the user to keep sending them and will terminate their Gmail account.


Top 3 Instagram Scams

Fake Instagram Warning

This latest phishing email showed up in my email a couple weeks ago. It look like I had incurred a copyright infringement notice and urged me to click “VIEW DETAILS.” When you click it, you’re taken to a landing page that looks like you are logging into Instagram, but really it’s the scammers webpage. Their just waiting for you to enter your username and password so they can steal your account!

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3. Instagram Advertising Deals

Most of the scams that happen with Instagram advertising are usually ones that someone has paid to have someone to deliver 1 or more Instagram ads on their account(s) prior to the ad getting posted.  I have been emailed, DM’d, and KiK’d by scammers in the past who were trying to sell me advertising on Instagram pages they didn’t own!  The only way to make absolutely certain you are communicating with the account owner is via Instagram DM or an email/KiK that is also listed on that Instagram account Bio that you are communicating with. This is why I have “[email protected]” on all 30 of my accounts.  To let advertising clients know that they are indeed dealing directly with me- the guy who owns and operates 30 automotive themed Instagram accounts with over 16 Million followers!

Other scams involve account owners up-selling advertising packages to make the deal so good that suckers end up dropping about $500- $1000 at once through PayPal using “Friends and Family” to an individual for a month or two of advertising. Then the user doesn’t deliver it, or has sold the account to someone else who won’t deliver the ads they paid for.  Because the user didn’t send his payment using “Pay For Goods and Service” they will not be able to make a claim against the scammer.

4. Instagram Money Flipping Scams

This types of scam has been around since early social networks emerged like Facebook & Twitter and have since made their way onto Instagram like the plague.  Anyone on any website, social network or live in the flesh claiming to be able to flip your money into more money are 100% scam artists.  There is no exceptions here. The minute you hear “money flipping” anywhere on Social Media, program your brain to automatically think: SCAM SCAM SCAM.


People get suckered in because of the photos that these scam artists post on Instagram. Photos of these scammers on their Instagram profile show them flaunting cash (usually $20’s and sometimes $100’s) most of which is dirty or fake money.

Take a look at some of these Instagram profiles that I have come across in the last couple years, most of which don’t exist anymore.  These scam artists usually keep their profiles up for a couple months, exploit as many people as they can and then either rename their account or they get shut down by Instagram (as you can see from the image above many of these SCAMMERS have put “last page was deleted or hacked” in their BIO).

5. FREE Followers, Free iPhones or Free Hover Board SCAMS

This is a good one because everyone wants more followers or free electronics, and what better of a price than FREE?  Don’t get suckered into this one, you could lose your Instagram account and potentially fall victim to identity theft!

These flavours of scams are usually heavily promoted usually involving giving away hot items like Free followers, the latest iPhone, hover boards or anything else that is a “hot ticket” item. In order to get your FREE followers or “win” one of these devices, users are required to click a link in the scammers Instagram profile which usually initiates an app download in which a user must login into it with their Instagram account, or email address.


Most people don’t realize that downloading a sketchy app your phone that isn’t authorized by the iOS store or Android store could be a sketchy gateway allowing thieves and scam artists to access any information on your phone, including emails, passwords and other sensitive information not to mention control your Instagram account to spam other users which ultimately lead to your account being disabled.


Don’t get fooled by these SCAMS on Instagram or any social network, NO ONE is actually giving away 1000 FREE iPhones to the next 1000 people who download their fake Instagram password stealing app, no one is going to give you hundreds or thousands of FREE Instagram followers just for clicking a link in their profile so they can post and comment on Instagram without you knowing and no one is ever giving away the hottest electronic ticket items like hover boards that cost $400-$1800 each if you have to post their shitty photos, tag them or surrender your login or password to anything.  There is a reason either of these 2 highlighted accounts above haven’t been posted to in MONTHS……..SCAM SCAM SCAM!


Proceed With Caution

There are lots of scams out there in the digital ecosystem and I have covered many of the ones that plague Instagram so that you can be aware of them and not get sucked into any of them such as: Top 5 Instagram Scams and Why You Should Never Buy Fake Followers. Make sure you check those posts & videos out because I teach you how you can do your own quick checks to see if an offer or Instagram account is a SCAM!

So be careful with the Instagram accounts you might choose to do business with by advertising your product, service, or accounts. It’s always best to pay for a single ad and see how it turns out. Wait and see how well the account delivers on their end before committing to bigger advertising packages. Don’t trust anyone until you get the facts! Nothing would be worse than losing your account that you’ve worked so hard on.

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