Top 9 Instagram Apps Scams That Could Get You Hacked

By December 20, 2018 Instagram News

Top Nine Instagram Apps should NOT be used. Wolf Millionaire explains how the information you’re giving them increase your chance of getting hacked.

Top Nine Instagram Apps and websites are popping up everywhere! Some are also called Best Nine…

While these simple, easy to use services may look to be harmless to generate your top 9 Instagram photos of the year….. They are NOT!

My Top Instagram Hacking Answers explain in detail how YOU could get hacked for using one of these apps or services.

IF YOU HAVE used one of these sites, PLEASE READ THIS NOW it might not be too late for you to save your account from the potential of getting hacked.

These Top Nine Instagram programs requires you to visit a website to enter your Instagram @username and your email and sometimes even your password! YIKES

Many of today’s Top Nine scams are just another Instagram Phishing Scams.


One of these Top Nine apps is based in Uruguay, according to their website privacy policy page and clearly they want to let you know up front what they plan on doing with the information they collect on you when YOU use their APP or WEBSITE.

“The laws of Uruguay and other countries governing data collection and use may not be as comprehensive or protective as the laws of the country where you live,” the Top Nine Privacy Policy states.

Ummmmm, WHAT…. I find it extremely odd (RED FLAG #1) that the company would wear this on their sleeve in their Privacy Policy. It’s basically telling you to your face that they can do whatever they want with your personal Instagram and email details.

Also don’t use BEST NINE either.

What Can They Do With My Information?

These companies save your email address, username and the information on your Instagram profile to send you marketing emails. Some will EVEN ask for your PASSWORD**

Giving away ANY of this information significantly increases your chances of getting hacked (MAJOR RED FLAG #2)

If you link Top Nine to any of your social media accounts they can access your contacts and friends info – Very similar to all the laws Facebook broke (and is now in serious legal troubles for doing so) selling your contact info to other companies… (RED FLAG #3)

The company says it’s not in the business of selling your information but, in the very next paragraph of the privacy policy admits it shares your information with other companies. (RED FLAG #4)

The company also reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify or revise these terms at any time, and can take your ideas without giving you credit or compensation. (Basically also tells you they will change the rules you agreed to when you first used their system AT ANYTIME THEY WANT – (RED FLAG #5)


If you haven’t already ready FULL SECURED your Instagram, you need to read my STEP-BY-STEP Two-Factor (Non-SMS) Instagram Security to secure your account and make it HACKER PROOF.

TOP Nine – How To Use Instagram Insights Feature To Generate Yours!

It’s really simple to use the Instagram app (on iOS or Android) to generate your TOP 9 based on a bunch of different options like “TOP 9 COMMENTS”, TOP 9 VIDEOS, “TOP 9 LIKES”, “TOP 9 REACH”, “TOP 9 SHARES”. When you get the one you want, screenshot it and post it to show the world how amazing your photos did with whatever metric suits your fancy. Enjoy & stay safe out there on the digital world.

Watch the video above and I’ll walk you through STEP-BY-STEP how to use Instagram to generate your Top 9 Instagram. Make sure you subscribe to my Wolf Millionaire YouTube Channel for more FREE step-by-step Instagram Video Guides.

Happy Instagramming!

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