Top 10 Instagram Apps I Can’t Live Without

By January 18, 2018Instagram News
top 10 Instagram apps

Top 10 Instagram apps will help you be more productive using Instagram. Wolf Millionaire lists out his favorite Instagram apps for Android & iPhone!

Top 10 Instagram apps used by the Wolf Himself! This is not a paid post, none of these apps I am about to cover have ever reached out to me, nor am I getting compensated for teaching you about them (although I should be for fuck sakes).

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Top 10 Instagram apps post and yet by the time i’ve completed this post illustrating my points and ensuring that I’ve explained everything as detailed and concisely as I can, I’m still at 2000 words. But I know for fact I will get emails and DM’s from people thanking me once again for my guidance! I JUST WANT TO HELP YOU!


Can you believe that some people complain that these blogs and videos guides I create are too basic because of how in-depth I go to explain everything STEP-BY-STEP to you!?!?! The reason I do that is that everyone learns differently. The majority of people learning are so grateful that I’ve spent months creating the most complete STEP-BY-STEPInstagram Video Guides.

The same people who complain about how in-depth I go are the same people who usually are too lazy to watch all my videos and put forth a consistent effort with their own Instagram account. These are the same people who signup and then request a refund because “they already know everything”. HAHAHA if they actually “KNEW” everything, they would be just as successful as I am or even a fraction successful, but unfortunately because of their “know it all attitude” they FAIL before they even put in the effort. DON’T BE ONE OF THESE LAZY LOSERS IN LIFE.

2018 is here and it’s on YOUR shoulders if YOU want to take advantage of my Instagram Video Guides that will teach you EVERYTHING about Instagram whether you are trying to grow a following, make money, or get into consulting to help other Influencers, businesses and brands use Instagram to better themselves in our digital world. Instagram is still the hottest social network out there, killing off Snapchat as the closest contender last year by leaps and bounds.

If you’re reading this Top 10 Instagram Apps list, you’ve already taken a step to better your Instagram skills. Don’t stop here!


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Top 10 Instagram Apps

Ever wonder what apps are lurking on the top Instagram power users phones? Well read below and you’ll learn which ones I can’t live without and why they are so instrumental if you are using Instagram as an Influencer, a Marketer or using it to promote a business or brand.

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1. Swiftkey (Android & iOS)

As I explained in my thorough breakdown iPhone vs Android – The Best Phone For Instagram, Swiftkey is the #1 app I cannot live without. According to my Android phone, Swiftkey has made me 25% more efficient! It has saved me 250,000 key strokes and has predicted over 15,000 words for me while completing more than 35,000 words. WOW, thats pretty rediculous if you think about it.

I spend my life on my phone. Between communicating with clients, friends and Instagramming, Swiftkey has helped me regain several hours of my day spent on my phone.

THIS IS HUGE! Not only does is save my time, it saves the physical wear on my fingers. After all I’m almost 40 and older than most of you and I want to save the wear on my fingers, joints and ligaments. Remember, YOUR HEALTH is YOUR TRUE WEALTH in life!

However, taking a deeper dive into why Swiftky is so instrumental for Instagram we’ll better understand why it’s so important.

I explain how to setup, use and train this app in STEP-BY-STEP detail in my Instagram Video Guides Episodes 9, 43, 44, Swiftkey allows us to teach it to predict words, hashtags, emoji’s and most importantly usernames!

Yes, once I teach Swiftkey a username like @wolf_milloionaire I only have to type @wo and swiftkey will suggest it requiring me to tap the suggestion and not have to type in the entire @wolf_millionaire.

This is extremely helpful (ESSENTIAL) if you run a curated content account, as it’s super annoying to have to remember how to spell some peoples usernames, and it totally unnecessary and a waste of your time when this app can do it for you!

NOTE: Swiftkey once setup for a specific email address, can then be used on multiple phones. This was extremely important to me as I scaled up my team of 5-7 co-op College/University students every semester.

As all my employees used phones with a single Swiftkey account, we all taught Swiftkey different usernames and Best Hashtags for Instagram Growth which cut down on the learning curve and the time required to train new students.

When you’re posting 150-250 photos a day on your network of account, you can quickly see how this app would save you and your team. Efficiency & Productivity is essential to maximize profits in any business! This is why Swiftkey is the #1 app in my Top 10 Instagram apps!


2. TexPand Pro (Android)

This is the 2nd most important app for an Influencers, Digital Marketers and Power Instagram Users. Texpand is a text replacement app. It allows me to setup various saved texts/captions/hashtag groups and then recall them with a simple string of text.

For example, whenever I type ##wolf (in any app) on my phone it will spit out my Wolf Millionaire caption. I have set this up for all my clients, all my campaigns, and various hashtag groupings for the various cars that I post on my accounts.

As you can, using this app can save you so much time. You don’t have to search for a caption in a Text Editor, or Google Keep etc, you just have to remember a shortcut text, and once setup Textpand will replace

NOTE: this little trick came from my corporate years when I used to work for DuPont (yes the science company) where I worked with SAP and helped different businesses use it more efficiently. I was able to complete a Six Sigma Green Belt project saving DuPont Canada 6 figures a year simply by training their customer service division how to be more efficient with a $30 text replacement app 🙂

This is the Engineer in me coming out, if you didn’t know, Engineers are notorious for automating and creating systems to reduce the amount of repetitive work they have to do. It’s not because we’re lazy, it’s because we’re EFFICIENT and always want to do the least amount of work to accomplish 100% of the tasks at hand! This is another one of my can’t live without TOP 10 Instagram Apps!

3. Photo Collage Maker (Android)

This is an essential Android app especially if you want to make Instagram Stories Money user which you should, because Storytelling on Instagram is SOOOO important right now.

Sure you can use Instagram’s Native Standalone app called Layout, but it only creates a square images. This is great if you are simply going to create square collage images for use posting to your account. Sure you could use the same square collage photos in your Instagram Stories but you’d be wasting valuable space to capture your followers attention using their full screen!

Remember Instagram Stories Mentions can also make you money! TAKE NOTES! People play to promote their products, their photography, their accounts using this method, it’s an easy way to start making money! I explain all of this STEP-BY-STEP in my FREE Wolf Millionaire WEBINAR!

Instagram stories will continue rising as the hottest most important Instagram feature/channel to use in 2018. The fact Instagram stories uses the full mobile screen experience we must optimize those images and videos to the 9:16 aspect ratio (portrait) because we want to create full screen Instagram Stories.

If you are trying to achieve the same full screen Instagram Stories format but for landscape use a 16:9 aspect ratio. You can select these in this android app and it’s why I love to use it.

NOTE: some apps out there might not give you the nice 9:16 or 16:9 ratio, so if they don’t the unitary ratio is 1:1.77 or 1.77:1

4. Pic Collage – Photo Editor (iOS)

This is the cleanest simplest photo collage app I could find. It’s super simple and lets you easily create square photos (1:1 aspect ratio) or portrait photos (9:16 aspect ratio) at a simply click when you load in your photos.

To remove the “Pic-Collage” watermark on this iOS collage creating app you’ll have to pay the $2.79.

5. QuickSave (Android)

There are a lot of “Intagram Photo & Video” saver programs out there. And most of them are full of shitty ads and many even have malware. UGGGG, super annoying, but thats the tradeoff I highlight in iPhone vs Android – The Best Phone For Instagram Quicksave is the best app I can find. It seems clean, doesn’t run any bullshit processes in the background and doesn’t have any popups.

Install it. Then when you see an image or video you like from an Instagram account that you want to use, click the 3 dots on the top right of any image/video/instagram post, copy the link, open Quicksave and you’ll see the image loaded, click the download button to save to camera roll or the repost button and it will automatically load the photo/video into Instagram for you to edit, caption and post!


6. InsSave (iOS)

This is the cleanest iOS version of above noted Android QuickSave app.

7. AddWatermark (Android)

Add Watermark Pro for Android has been the original watermark app I have used to put my MadWhips logos or Wolf Millionaire Logos on my photos using my Android phones. It’s simple, clean and has never crashed. It does what it says it does. ADD WATERMARK 🙂

8. iWatermark (iOS)

iWatermark Pro for iOS has been the original watermark app I have used to put my MadWhips logos or Wolf Millionaire Logos on my photos using my iPhones. It’s simple, clean and has never crashed.

9. VidStitch Pro (Android & iOS)

To my pleasant surprise this app recently updated itself allowing us to pay for a PRO version $1.39 which removes ads AND gives new formats to create not only square collages but the portrait ones for Instagram stories.  Prior to these new features, this app was INSTRUMENTAL for creating Instagram HALF VIDEO HALF PHOTO posts for Instagram. I have made over $25,000 using this app creating content for Instagram by promoting various gifts, toys and accessories on Instagram.

It allows you to create an Instagram post that has a video and an image in it. Incredible for showing off how a product works while having the ability to have a static image of the same product, or text explaining its features or highlighting a sale offering etc.


10. Continual (iOS)

Continual will take any video from your camera roll and splits it into 15 second clips, saved to your camera roll so that you can upload them to IG Stories effortlessly! A must have app for 2018 to help you be more efficient at creating videos first, then cutting them up for use on Instagram stories!

11. Video Splitter or Story Cutter (Android)

These two are the best Android versions of the above noted Continual iOS app. The Video Splitter app is a little more robust as it allows you to select the length of the videos its going to split for you. Where as Story Cutter is hard coded to simply cut up a long video into automatic 15 second clips for your Instagram stories!

This app has SO MUCH POTENTIAL to help you create really amazing photo/video or video/video posts. Just playing around with it now, I have the ability to create split video Instagram stories videos where I can have 2-3 different videos playing and select one audio track.  Run with this and test it out, guarantee there is a high sticky value in videos you can create with this.

No doubt I will be playing & creating some Instagram Stories videos with this, testing them and providing all my best practices and insights to my Instagram Video Guides next month! Stay tuned you won’t want to miss these guides!

12. (Android & iOS & Web)

As outlined and explained STEP-BY-STEP in Episode 8 of my Instagram Video Guides is an important URL shortening and tracking program. This should be used every-time you put a URL in your BIO or in your Instagram Stories just like I have taught you all how to do to make money with Affiliate Marketing on Instagram.

Yes Instagram Stories does show you how many times a URL link was SWIPED UP/OPENED but that data disappears when your story 24 hour time limit is up even after you Archive & Highlight Instagram Stories thanks to Instagrams powerful new feature!

13. Snapseed (Android & iOS)

Finally we have Snapseed! The only app you need for editing photos on your phone. It’s quick, intuitive and allows you to create stunning rich and attention grabbing photos! I review this app in depth STEP-BY-STEP in my Instagram Video Guides Episodes 25 for Android and Episode 34 for iOS users!


Well there you have it my Top 10 Instagram Apps that I use which have helped me make a tonne of money helping others advertise their products & services, consulting with Influencers, brands and businesses and most recently turning myself into an Influencer in the Automotive Instagram Niche.

Check out how Instagram Changed My Life in 2017 and How I killed The Instagram Game in 2016!

With those two years being my BIGGEST & BEST YEARS of my life, I can’t imagine what 2018 has in store for me. One thing is for sure I am going to keep making money with Instagram whether you jump on board and let me teach you EVERYTHING or not. The choice is yours!

Happy Instagramming!



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