Top 10 Emoji To Use For Instagram Success

By April 10, 2018 Instagram News
top 10 emoji for instagram

Top 10 Emoji list for 2018. Wolf Millionaire provides you with the TOP 10 Emoji’s to use in your Instagram posts or stories for more success!

Top 10 Emoji list for Instagram Success in 2018 is here!

Lets face it Instagram and any social network thrive on our emotions. What better way to play and market to other peoples emotions than through the effective use of Top 10 Emoji list.

Instagram has became a major success (thanks to the old saying a picture says a thousands words) and is the fastest growing and most powerful social network for several years! This is why so many people are making money on the platform. Use this Top 10 Emoji list to elicit other peoples emotions and generate more engagement (comments, likes, shares) as well as better click through rates for the links in your BIO, Usernames in captions and Instagram Stories!


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TOP 10 Emoji For Instagram Success

Thanks to this recent study that found using Top 10 Emoji in messages proved to be more memorable than messages that did not use any Emoji’s is our basis for using them. There’s no doubt that using Emoji’s lightly in your Instagram BIO, CAPTIONS or STORIES provides a slightly higher visual appeal. Remember a picture tells a thousands words, and so do simple Emojis

Top 10 Emoji Instagram Success

From a marketing standpoint, emojis are undeniably useful. Emojis used in Twitter have shown to provide engagement increases by 25.4 percent, and TOP 10 Emoji used in a Facebook post increases the number of likes by at least 57 percent while the total number of comments & shares by 33 percent.

If emojis can so drastically increase the likelihood of engagement, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using these Top 10 Emoji in your Instagramming!

Happy Instagramming Wolf  Pack

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