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Themes for daily Instagram posts are hot! Wolf Millionaire explains how and why following these themes with your account can help you grow followers!

Themes for daily Instagram posts are not new. Most Instagram users are well acquainted with the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday, or #tbt. It’s an appealing, easy and creative hashtag themes for many reasons: it plays to the pervasive sense of nostalgia that dominates all social media channels, it allows us to recall and post photos or videos about events or things that we may have enjoyed in the past, and it gives Instagram users a popular hashtag that they know will get traction on a particular day of the week.

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But the concept of the popular day-themes hashtags doesn’t have to be limited to Thursday. Below are some trendy and fun hashtags for the whole week! Use them as a way to come up with creative posts, they actually help me think of meaningful captions for my daily posts on @Wolf_Millionaire and I try to vary the themes up weekly to keep the content fresh!

A common trait that many people share is a disdain for Mondays. Unless you’re been following my InstaWealth Growth System and have turned your Instagram play time into money making like I have. Every day of the week now feels like Friday for my successful students and I!

For most people who use Instagram as their escape from the beginning of the workweek and which is the farthest point from the weekend. In order to convey this through social media, users turn to #MondayBlues as the slogan for the early week malaise for those still living the rat race.

But it doesn’t have to be. YOU could be taking your own financial freedom into your own hands if you got off your lazy daydreaming ass and just put in a little effort to turn your Instagram play time into money making time. I’ve done all the hard work figuring it out. All you you have to do is put in the work and follow all my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram strategies!

This hashtag has over 900,000 posts, so you don’t have to feel alone with your blues; you’ve got plenty of supporters and while it’s under the 1 Million hashtag mark, you have a great chance of having people see your post and it trending on the TOP HASTAG spot!

McLaren Monday Themes

However, for us positive minded folks, I prefer #MotivationMonday or in my case #McLarenMonday as an tribute to the brand new McLaren I purchased last summer with the money I’ve been making on Instagram! Yes YOU heard that right, I bought a quarter of a million dollar exotic car with the money I make on Instagram. I even spent last summer in California with the car and Miami this past winter! Come join my FREE Wolf Millionaire Webinar and let me teach you STEP-BY-STEP how myself and so many other influencers in all Instagram niches make money on Instagram with their accounts! You don’t even have to have a business, product or service to make money, nor do you have to become an Influencer and put your face on Instagram!

Some other good hashtag themes to ward off the Monday blues and get yourself motivated to start your week. The other popular M themed hashtag, derived and equivalent to the #WomenCrushWednesday themes, is #ManCrushMonday. Tag a bud or a celeb that you admire and ward away the blues while thinking about a dude that inspires you.

The T word that resonates most on Tuesdays is transformation, triumph, tropical and I personally use Testimonial Tuesdays to highlight my students who hit new milestones with their accounts. Personal wellness has become a major focal point in 2017, and #TransformationTuesday is a great tag to express, generally, that you are focusing on some kind of positive shift in your life be it mental or physical.

Testimonial Tuesday Themes


Remember positive Instagram hashtag themes like #TropicalTuesday hits home to the masses which help you (and others) daydream and momentarily escape your weekly woes by daydreaming of your last tropical vacation or one you have coming up! Every loves to get away and live the tropical life for a getaway and thats why these posts do so well!

Tropical Tuesday Instagram Themes

It also adds motivation for those ever-pesky early week blues. Other popular Tuesday tags include #TravelTuesday, given the resonance of travel photos of all kinds; #TechTuesday is a tag that is growing in popularity, as we become increasingly technologically inclined, and works as a way of saying you’re at the office, or as an accompaniment to a fancy piece of technology you are capturing.

If you want to boost your company, team or overall appreciation for people you work closely with get to work using #TeamWorkTuesday which I absolutely LOVE because it motivates others.

If you want to go a little more on the raunchy party vibe side, #TuesdayBoozeday is always a fun option for the college, university and alcoholics of the world, and guaranteed to get some colourful responses. Make sure you match up the themes you’re posting with an appropriate photo or video!

We already know that Wednesdays are for #WCW also known as #WomenCrushWednesday, but, several other hashtags can help you get over the hump of the week. The simple yet popular #Humpday is always good for a like, as is anything relating to wine, so #WineWednesday, though it may seem obvious, is a great hashtag for increasing viewership.

As is the case with the #TransformationTuesday tag, anything relating to health and wellness tends to generate traction, so #WellnessWednesday or #WorkoutWednesday and my favourite #WealthWednesday are generally very well received as they are positive Instagram themes. People love POSITIVITY, INSPIRATION & MOTIVATION, so take advantage of that! You will also help kick start your day with a quick hit of positive thinking!

Wealth Wednesday

As a side note, I want to share something powerful with you all.

I’ve been working extremely hard for over a year on getting my body and mind to where I want it to be! The first 2 years figuring out Instagram and scaling my MadWhips company had me working 18+ hour days 7 days a week. No rest for the wicked. But that was the price to pay for growing my 18+ Million follower Instagram network across 30 accounts while managing 7 co-op University & Students in Toronto who ran all my accounts. When you find opportunity you must SPRINT and take full advantage of it. Now that I have my business up and running and managed, I can take a little more time to rest and train my body. Remember I’m almost 40 and I put myself in a class of my own with how hard I can hustle when I find the right opportunity like Instagram. CAN YOU KEEP UP?!?!?

This photo below is a testimonial of how hard work always pays off. I now eat right, sleep right and continue to hit the gym with a personal trainer who has me going through high intensity training three times a week. As you can see by the shirtless selfie below (which by the way was my very first shirtless FLEX I’ve ever posted anywhere on Social Media IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

This photo is a huge step forward for my own confidence. I have always been self conscious about my body, being tall and skinny I was picked on my entire life. I used to be 165lbs in highschool and university while being 6’2″. Today I am pushing 195lbs of lean mass muscle with a goal of keeping my body right around the 200lb mark. This is where my body wants to be.  I don’t want to look like a juice monkey, it’s not functional or healthy.  Don’t expect too many of these shirtless photos, as I have NO intention of being one of those guys who constantly strokes his ego by flexing for social media. This is all PERSONAL for me 🙂 but I wanted to share my progress with you all and hopefully motivate some to keep their health in check!

Workout Wednesday

Thursdays don’t just have to be reserved for throwing it back; #ThirstyThursday is a popular hashtag to get you to that last stretch of the week. This one comes with added popularity due to the double entendre, as thirsty could mean a couple different things here… #Thursdate can also help capture the romance when it’s a Thursday date night. If you are feeling thankful there’s a pretty good chance you should be, a little #ThankfulThursday is always good for some warm feelings and love-spreading.

Thankful Thursday

The best hashtags tend to be those that keep it simple and relatable, and few qualify better than #FridayNight. It may be brief, but it appeals to a ton of users, with over 8 million posts to date. #FashionFriday is another major popular tag, as it interacts with multiple user groups; whether you are going out on the town, are generally a fashionista and Friday is your day to show it off, or if you are in your pyjamas at home and being ironic, this hashtag works for you. I personally reserve FRIDAY for #FerrariFriday as I am working towards owning my very first Ferrari in due time. So I keep that positive image and goal close on my weekly mental imagery list.

Ferrari Friday

If you do decide to stay in on a Friday night and cozy up to a book, #FridayReads is a charming and popular hashtag and it doesn’t require anything but a book. If you want to play with the always appealing nostalgia theme, #FlashbackFriday is a prevalent option, and though it doesn’t have quite the volume of a #ThrowbackThursday, it still has over 11 million posts to date.

#SaturdayNight and #SaturdayMorning seem simple enough, but both have been posted millions of times, which speaks to a recurring theme with many of these hashtags – simplicity is good. If you try to get to clever, you’ll miss out on reach. Instagram hashtags are meant to be simple so they can be tracked easily. A nice cup of coffee on a #SaturdayMorning sounds like something that we can all get behind.

I’m a huge fan of using #SunriseSaturday or #SupercarSaturday as it fits with my lifestyle of sun worshipping and exotic cars! Sky’s the limit when it comes to creative Instagram themes!

Sunrise Saturday

And finally we reach the end of the week, the day before it all starts again and we contemplate our existence on this rotating rock, and we might as well have fun doing it, so how about a #SundayFunday for your troubles? With over 1 million posts and doubtless popularity among younger Instagram users, #SundayBrunch is certain to interact with many selfie-taking, food blog writing Sunday brunchers. And whatever the occasion, #SundayVibes will let your viewers know that the vibe doesn’t have to be doom and gloom – there is lots of fun to be had on a Sunday especially to motivate others with #SuccessfulSunday

Sometimes the week feels painfully long, other times it zips by when you wish it could have lasted longer. Either way, you can always count on Instagram hashtags to get you through to the following week. Get creative and have fun!

Happy Instagramming!


Successful Sunday


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