15 Coolest Non-Celebrity Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

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It’s a proven fact – there’s thousands upon thousands of great Instagram accounts out there. There’s also probably no doubt that you want to follow great Instagram accounts. But with so many to choose from, it might seem overwhelming to decide which ones you want to see when scrolling through your newsfeed. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. These unique non-celebrity Instagram accounts will have you clicking on that little heart all day long.

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1. Wolf_Millionaire

Wolf Millionaire McLaren

Of course I couldn’t help but include the Wolf Millionaire account. If you like fast cars, want to be motived to be financially free and want to learn how to Grow Instagram Followers & Make Money from social media, then this is the account for you. If you don’t like any of that stuff, what are you doing here?

2. Darrylljones


Darryll Jones is the definitive proof that good things come in small packages. His ingenious photographs pose mini stormtroopers and occasionally guest appearances by Boba Fett or a clone trooper against beautiful beach and mountain landscapes. These incredible star wars creations will be certain to add a throwback smile to your feed.

3. CoryRichards


You might think that Cory Richard’s photographs belong on a cover of National Geographic – and you’d be right. He’s a National Geographic Photographer Fellow. And if you scroll through any of his pictures of nature, portraits, and landscapes, you’ll see he’s a fellow worth following.

4. IdaFrosk


Ever said something’s so cute you could eat it? If you haven’t, you will now. Ida Frosk creates tiny, delectable food art that’s a feast for your eyes just as much as it’s a feast for your mouth. If you like the sound of taking the idea of playing with your food to the next level, then this food artist’s perfect for your Instagram menu. If that’s not enough, she’s even got a book on Amazon.


5. Anasbarros

Ana Barros proclaims that “a day in the office was just not creative enough,” and thus her account, which is definitely creative enough, was born. Take a trip through Vienna and a study in architecture to breathe some structure into your Instagram list. From white sandy beaches to the occasional pup, there’s a lot you won’t want to miss.

6. Trashhand


This talented cityscape photographer’s photos are anything but trash. His photos capture the unique Chicago landscape and the beauty of street photography in general. Trashhand even offers to teach you a class on his tricks of the trade .

7. Andrewknapp


Andrew Knapp travels all over the countryside taking pictures of his dog, putting a whole new spin on the term dog days. You’ll want to hop in the car and roadtrip with him – but if that’s not an option, checking out the pictures is the next best thing. Even cat lovers won’t be able to deny they love this feed.

8. Unspirational


We’re sure your feed is already full of inspirational quotes that help you get through your day and tell you that every little thing’s gonna be alright. Unspirational tells it like it is, which is a fresh perspective amongst the saturation of inspiration that dominates so much of the Instagram market. If you’re looking for a little attitude, here’s where you’ll find it.

9. Camposwell


Camposwell is one of the most followed guys out there on Instagram. And why not? You can join the Toy Story gang as they take selifes, swim in tubs of Nutella, and masquerade as various superheroes. This account will take you to infinity and beyond.

10. Uberfacts


Come on, who couldn’t love this little guy? There’s a lot to love on Uberfacts’ Instagram, and there’s a lot to be freaked out by, share, and make you say, “really?” If you’re looking to fill your brain with a few facts that will give you something to talk about at a party, Uberfacts has got the perfect formula of awesome and awful for you to get up to speed on.


11. Makhorov


With a signature hashtag #ontheroofs, you can bet that Makhorov will help you gain some fresh perspective. And he delivers on the promise – all pictures are taken from some unique vantage point – sometimes with feet dangling precariously over buildings. There’s no doubt that following him will take your feed to new inspirational heights.

12. Cashcats


Yeah, this feed is just what it says it is. Cats with cash. And as much as I absolutely hate cats, it’s just about the cutest thing I see all day. But also inspiring because I love money. Cats and money – what more could you want in life? Maybe a dog.

13. Muradosmann 


Murad Osmann invites you to take a journey with him and his fiancé as they travel across the most colorful places in the world. Apart from being one of the most romantic things you might see all day, it’s also one of the most awe-inspiring. You’ll want to book your next vacation and hop on a plane straight away.

14. Satiregram


Satiregram is everything you ever wanted in an Instagram account without actually having it. Really. Think of basically any Instagram picture, ever, and this account’s got a play on it. It’s also useful to think about – what’s not actually unique on your feed? This account will probably tell you.


15. CheeseCurlsOfInstagram


Yeah, it’s all in the name. You might look at a cheese puff and think of it as a delicious snack. These guys looked at it and created Instagram gold. From Cheeto cats to to Cheeto Jesus, this is the feed that’s been missing from your Instagram.

The world’s full of some pretty great pictures. Make sure to let yours get known, too, by checking out my Instagram guides.

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