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T-Shirts Opportunity Knocks! Wolf Millionaire reveals his secret T-Shirts strategy used by several of his successful clients & students.  For the first time ever he is teaching how to launch YOUR own T-shirts on Instagram to make money! The best part… YOU don’t need any money to start!

T-Shirts? YES! There is massive opportunity to make money selling t-shirts and it doesn’t cost you anything to start! Did you know you could launch your very own T-shirt company with NO startup MONEY required? Thats right you heard me correctly, not only can YOU design and sell YOUR own custom designed T-shirts with no money, but you don’t even have to worry about shipping!

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If you missed my 2016 Wolf Millionaire Instagram Domination year in review blog post, make sure to check it out and see exactly what I have accomplished using Instagram as a marketing tool ever since I lost my job for the first time ever 3 years ago! Yup pretty insane in the membrane!

There is nothing but your own bullshit lazy excuses stopping you from following in my footsteps, following your passions and growing Instagram followers to live a life that seems like a permanent vacation!

Lets get back to the T-shirts opportunity! YOU could grow YOUR Instagram T-shirts business (with NO startup money) into YOUR own clothing or accessory company on Instagram just like several of my clients & students have done during the last couple years!

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Not only is Instagram the hottest social network out there but Instagram is Killing Snapchat they just reached 800+ Million Monthly Active Users (MAU) and they aren’t even halfway to their growth cycle as a social network! What are you waiting for?? More Wolf Millionaire student success reviews?? Stop dreaming of success, and let ME HELP YOU ACHIEVE IT!

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Most people using Instagram don’t realize How To Make Money With Instagram but if you let me teach you everything I know STEP-BY-STEP, you will quickly learn that it’s not rocket science. It just requires you to be consistent with posting while mastering a bunch of little tricks & strategies I figured out growing my own Instagram network to 18+ Million Instagram Followers!

I told you all exactly 1 year ago when I launched Wolf Millionaire that Instagram was just getting started. I explained in detail if you if you were serious about turning your Instagram play time into money making time that you should take advantage of my NEW FREE Wolf Millionaire WEBINAR and my FREE 35 Page Instagram guide (which I will send you after you’ve watched my WEBINAR) to learn the basic tips, tricks & strategies that have helped tens of thousands of people. Thats right, my FREE guide alone will help you grow faster and get better engagement!

It’s true, most people don’t realize how easy it is to use Instagram to launch just about any product. Make sure you read these successful student reviews: How to Launch A Clothing Company and 10 Steps to Launch A Product on Instagram

Well, neither did many of my successful students whose ideas were established and launched exclusively on Teespring.com in order to earn money to launch their very own brands of clothing, sunglasses, bracelets and more! My most successful clients all reached major milestone netting close to or over $100,000 in sales after deciding to launch their own T- Shirt designs in less than 12 months using Instagram. This is how powerful Instagram is, let me explain more!

Before you get started read my Top Instagram Hacking Answers to secure your account! Instagram accounts are SO VALUABLE even the Marijuana and Pot Industry is getting hacked! Checkout a recent interview I gave here: Hackers Are Targeting Medical Marijuana Instagram accounts. Pretty crazy right?? YES, but this is because of how valuable an Instagram account can be with even a couple thousand followers!

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What is Teespring T-shirts?

Teespring.com is a cool service that allows you to create “campaigns” for T-Shirts, Sweaters & Tank Tops (and even MUGS) designs, sell the shirt through their site, and as long as you hit a sales threshold (which you set) your shirt will be printed and shipped to all the buyers. The sweet part is that your potential customers (buyers) are not actually charged for the shirt until you reach your threshold of sales and you are not paid for generating those sales until you meet your threshold (goal). Remember to communicate this in your BIO or advertising captions to manage peoples expectations if your minimum sale threshold isn’t met!

Because of this simple principle, you as a T-Shirt designer can invest a little time without spending money or committing to buy T-shirts. You can do a bunch of designs, and trial and error test until you find that winning combination with your audience or niche, and it doesn’t cost you anything! Hows that for a win win product market research tool!?!?

You can design your T-Shirts and setup your campaign in just a few minutes. The minimum amount of shirts you can set for your goal is 10, but the higher you set your goal the more money you are paid per sale. It is not a get rich quick strategy, but it can most definitely help you get started on the road to 5 or 6 figures! I’ve seen it with several of my clients!

Getting your designs to be available on an e-commerce site where it can be purchased is great. However you must also be able to market your design, if you want to maximize your profits. Marketing can be done in many ways online, however nothing is as efficient in converting over to sales as Instagram.

There are more than 600 Million Monthly Active Users on Instagram now, and every day 3.5 billion photos are liked. Using my Wolf Millionaire Instagram Strategies will help you maximize your use of Instagram to successful market anything and everything in any niche! Using other peoples engagement or growth strategies can get your Instagram account banned and you could end up scammed with a worthless account. Just remember that when you are looking for “easy” ways to fake your account growth or “likes” on your account.

How to create & Sell Motorcycle T-Shirts on Teespring

Where to sell your T-Shirts?

Instagram Marketing is so effective, more and more luxury products have been appearing on our feeds daily. Just like those products you also can market your T-Shirts design. There are various methods to market on Instagram, the easiest being paying Instagram to promote your T-Shirt design. That is a more expensive alternative to having a Social Media Marketing Manager analyze and target your desirable consumer market. This method is described in great detail within The Wolf Millionaire Strategies.

My Wolf Millionaire Strategies will help you learn everything you need to know before you jump into any kind of account building, posting, writing effective captions and call to actions not to mention teach you which hashtags to use, who to tag in your post and more! I even teach you how to get other big accounts to post your product photos or videos for free to help you sell your products!

There are various things to watch out for when choosing the right accounts to work with. With so many individuals faking their followers on instagram, it is hard to target real audience, make sure you read my viral Instagram Deletes Fraud Accounts article where I busted many big accounts buying fake followers and scamming advertisers! I even teach you for FREE how to spot these accounts so you don’t get scammed. Remember don’t fall for the Verified Badge Scam either!

My in depth STEP-BY-STEP Wolf Millionaire Strategies further show you all the details to look out for, and which apps to use in order to research accounts and create or find the most viral content!

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9 Steps To Custom T-Shirts Success

1. Open you eyes and use Google to learn.

The Internet is available to answer any questions you have in regards to selling online. Learn to GOOGLE. Also take a look around you at what others are selling on Instagram, this will show you what is working and what isn’t. If you see the same shirts being marketing and advertised on all your favourite niche Instagram accounts, it’s a pretty good idea of where you should start with your designs!

2. Where do you start?

Just think “What do I need to figure out FIRST to get started.” If you hit a barrier, visit GOOGLE to figure out how to overcome it, there are also many YouTube videos showing you how to setup a Teespring T-Shirt campaign from scratch! Make sure you also spend some time on Teespring to browse other successful T-shirts created by other people! You can get you design ideas here 🙂

3. Screw up a lot – because it’s FREE.

Do not be afraid of failing when trial and error testing with Teespring, it doesn’t cost you anything but time. You will learn a lot, I promise, those learnings you will be able to leverage into other products as you grow the sales of your T-shirt business!

All mistakes lead to a better path down the road when the mistake is studied and analyzed. Figure out the market you will be working with, investigate your demographic. Make certain the designs you are making is gaining attention, and if not ask yourself “Why not?”

4. Don’t aim for perfection

When great entrepreneurs began their journey, they didn’t try to be perfect. The first campaigns can be a non profitable one. However with every loss or failed attempt is a lesson hidden within it.

Too many people want everything to go perfectly. They want the very first business they start to be a huge success. They want the first book they write to be a best seller. That’s aiming for perfection. MY WINNING FORMULA, launch first, then learn, then perfect and RE-LAUNCH!

Trying to be perfect will kill many dreams before they even begin. Don’t get caught trying to perfect anything when you launch anything in it’s first version or iteration.

5. Be obsessed

Make it your passion to design T-Shirts that will make you rich. Whatever you want to achieve, you have to be obsessed with it. So whatever you choose to do, go all in if you want to see results. Don’t go halfway. The work you put in will determine the results you get out of it. If you put mediocre work into it, you’ll get mediocre results.

6. Don’t give up

Having no success while seeing others succeed can be a little frustrating.If you quit, you wouldn’t have had an opportunity to produce great design targeting the right audience.

It’s easy to give up when things aren’t going right, but sometimes if you push through, then you’ll see your greatest success on the other side. What if you gave up right before that huge success? What if you were one step away? That would be a horrible feeling.

7. Try, fail, Try, fail and Try some more….

This may be the most critical step yet. TRY IT. If you fail TRY IT AGAIN. If you fail again, TRY IT AGAIN. I can’t tell you how many people give up on good ideas, good Instagram accounts after putting in a bullshit half ass try. Some of the most successful Instagram marketers who are still around selling their products spend months testing and failing, and guess what the brands and companies you still see around all went through this. I even went through this when I launched my own Carbon Fiber Phone Cases! The companies you continue to see running ads over and over and over on Instagram all FAILED LOTS, it’s part of the path to SUCCESS.

Such a large number of individuals are reluctant to attempt since they’re hesitant to fail The greatest disappointment is to not attempt by any means.

8. Outsource Stuff You Suck At

I outsource everything that I am not skilled to do. From graphic design to web design. There is no point learning everything if you don’t have too. Especially if it can be outsourced for CHEAP! Go checkout Fiverr.com, where you can get logos, graphic design, maybe even T-Shirt designs FOR $5 BUCKS! Now thats a DEAL and a time saver!

9. Now What?

So you’ve setup a Teespring account, you’ve create your first designs and are about to launch your designs to see who wants to buy them! First off, go to “bit.ly” and setup a nice short clean URL that points to your Teespring page with your products for sale! To learn STEP-BY-STEP how several of my successful students have targeted Instagram to advertise their products and services make sure you sign up for my InstaWealth Growth System (which is on sale for 1 more week due to popular demand and begging!)

Want to know what motivates me DAILY, even during my darkest hours when I am beat down, exhausted and don’t think I can squeeze out another hour of work… Well it’s this simple. I don’t ever want to work for anyone else in life, I don’t ever want to be just another rat in the 9-5 cubicle rat race, and I certainly don’t want to ever BE POOR. Furthermore, I won’t accept driving anything less than a $250,000 exotic car as my daily driver for the rest of my life!

If you’re truly interesting in learning everything I know about Instagram, to follow your passions and turn your Instagram play time into money making time like I have have, then save up and join the Wolf Pack TODAY: InstaWealth Growth System. If you are a LAZY student who isn’t going to give this opportunity your everything, then don’t bother signing up, I don’t want half ass students making the rest of look bad because of your lazy efforts.

Happy Instagramming

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