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By October 28, 2017 November 4th, 2017 Instagram News
Superzoom Instagram

Superzoom camera feature is here! Wolf Millionaire explains the importance of this new Instagram feature and how it will help you create better stories!

Superzoom what? Yes Instagram has released a NEW camera function to use similar to Boomerang when using Instagram stories! This new feature was released just days after the new Split Screen LIVE sessions feature that allows us to go LIVE with a friend, follower or anyone you want who’s watching a LIVE stream!

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This Superzoom camera function will help you effortlessly create a video that automatically zooms in and in and in (yes 3 dramatic times) on an object while playing a dramatic sound. Super cool new feature to help you creative fun and dramatic Instagram stories for your followers!

Instagram continues to focus on their Instagram stories feature ever since they started the Instagram VS Snapchat war, and it’s pretty obvious that Instagram is Killing Snapchat at this point of the game. These new features like Split Screen LIVE that was recently unveiled are helping us Influencers really connect with our followers.

Superzoom Beyond Instagram

Superzoom is a really fun feature beyond Instagram, because you can record these Superzoom videos in Instagram stories which are about 3 seconds long, save them to your camera roll and share them with friends in your favorite messenger app, or other social media platforms. I’ve already made some funny personal ones and shared them with my brother and mom who were on the floor dying after watching them.

Make sure you’re Instagram is up to date in the Google Play store or iOS App store, then fire up Instagram Stories and scrool through the bottom options to find SUPERZOOM which will be next to BOOMERANG feature. Point your camera at something, tap the screen to focus the SUPERZOOM rectangle and press and hold the Instagram Camera Record BUTTON. TA DA! Piece of creative cake! Play around with it. Unfortunately right now you can’t record audio as they have that dramatic music playing as the Video records and Zooms in and in and in!

I encourage you to start playing around with all these creative new features as Instagram is here to stay with over 800+ Million Active Monthly users. If you want to take it seriously, sign up for my InstaWealth Growth system and I will teach you everything I know STEP-BY-STEP. I have more than 24 hours of videos (80+ episodes) that walk you through every part of Instagram so you can follow along at your own pace. I have videos for BOTH iOS and Android so you can feel comfortable following each little STEP-BY-STEP guide I’ve created!

Happy Instagramming!

Wolf Millionaire Stradman

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