Student Success Story: Becoming a Well-Paid Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer

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Student Success Story

Student Success Story Wolf Millionaire highlights & shares insights from one of his most successful students who’s become a fashion & lifestyle Influencer!

Student Success Story case study brought to you by one of my hardest working students; Hunter Vought!

I am so excited to finally be able to share this detailed student success story that has been brewing over the last couple years by having Hunter provide some answers & personal insights to the most common questions my new students ask me!


I’ve talked a lot about my own personal success, and that’s mainly to separate myself from other so called “experts or gurus” who offer to teach you without any results of their own, usually resulting in fake followers that will not help you generate money with your account.

The Wolf Millionaire #WolfPack movement isn’t really about me: it’s about YOU—and how YOU can realize your financial freedom and life dreams through Instagram by following YOUR PASSIONS!

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That’s why, I’m going to keep publish student case studies (interviewing these self made Instagram superstars) across different niches to show how my Instagram best practices, tips, tricks and strategies I teach STEP-BY-STEP in my Instagram Video Guides can work for anyone, INCLUDING YOU, if you’re willing to put in the work just like Hunter has!

I have even recently provided Hunter with personal 1 on 1 mentoring because of how hard he has been working following his passions using my system!

My strategies will not only help you grow and engage with your followers, but most importantly help YOU MONETIZE your account in whatever niche you choose to follow in order to create true financial and lifestyle freedom!

So without further ado, let me introduce you to Hunter Vought, the first Student Success Story case study in many more to come!


Student Success Story Q&A:

Question 1: When did you start Instagramming?

Hunter: January 15th, 2016

Question 2: What made you take the leap of faith and dive into Instagram?

Hunter: Financial freedom, lifestyle freedom, and the desire to work for myself.

Question 3: Where were you at (followers, growth, confidence) before learning from Anthony?

Hunter: Honestly Instagram was all new to me.  I never knew you could make money on Instagram until I met Anthony and started reading his free blog. I started with ZERO followers, and with Anthonys strategies I am still growing at 500-1,000 followers weekly simply by using his best practices.

My confidence is sky high even though I’ve experienced lots of ups and downs and learnings along the way. Anthony has been a true inspiration and keeps me pushing forward. He always tells me that everything will pay off  (even when it seems I have hit a wall or things aren’t going well some weeks) and ultimately in the long run everything has been working out successfully.

Question 4: What shifted for you after Anthony’s Wolf Millionaire course and direct 1 on 1 mentorship?

Hunter: My level of work and confidence went through the roof knowing that the ups and downs I was experiencing was NORMAL and that Anthony still experiences similar challenges as he beats down his own automotive niche Instagram Influencer path.

I saw the success Anthony had and knowing that I was learning from someone that makes 6 figures on Instagram I knew I could make money doing that too because of how hard I was willing to work.

Anthony took interest in me after I proved myself to him in my first year using Instagram, growing my account, and landing my first major brand deals as a fashion & lifestyle Influencer on Instagram. He has been instrumental in keeping me motivated while helping me think outside of the box to close unique advertising deals in  order to land major brand deals.

I am so grateful for all his help and his weekly check ins that have kept me pushing forward towards more and more success. I can’t believe I am one of his Student Success Story case studies!

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Question 5: Where are you at with your Instagram Influencer journey now?

Hunter: I am still living at home but have traveled to many cool places and networked with incredible brands such as Banana Republic, Express,, Suit Supply, McLaren and so many others.

I am currently headed to Los Angeles and Miami next month to shoot for some incredible clothing brands and just wrapped up an exciting photo shoot with Suit Supply to be included in their next publication online and in print!

Question 6: Whats next for you, or what excites you most about Instagram going forward?

Hunter: My next goal is to move out of my own house to live in California / or NYC to create killer content daily with my photographer Ian Stauffer. Im just excited to see where this journey takes me next. That is the FREEDOM of working for yourself. You never know what deals and or where you are going next and that is what motivates me daily to keep pushing forward.

Question 7: Can you share some of your most successful WINS so far as an Instagram Influencer?

Hunter:  I’d love to, here are some of my most proud accomplishments so far working with: Oldspice, Volvo, Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabanna, Banana Republic, Suit Supply, GANT, Express Men, Perry Ellis, Abercrombie, and the LIST JUST KEEPS GROWING!

Old-Spice Banana-Republic Volvo D-G BOSS

PerryEllis ExpressMen GANT Suit-Supply Abercrombie


Feature on Banana Republic:
Collaboration with McLaren:

Question 8: Anything else you’d like to share to motivate others who might want to follow in your footsteps?

Hunter: When I first started Instagram my senior year of high school I literally had ZERO followers but knew I could make money posting quality content while going into my college years. I stumbled upon Anthonys, Wolf Millionaire Instagram Video Guides and knew this would help me get started on how to make my first $1 while I was going into college.
Since then I have about 75K followers and dropped out of college to focus on my fast growing influencer & blogger career. I feel as if many influencers or people in general get caught up on how many followers, likes and comments they get which can sometime really take away your energy from reaching out to brands and networking with other influencers.
If you are posting quality content, and engaging with your followers as well as other influencers and brands of interest, brands will take note and actually want to work with you. Your account will grow provided you post consistently and engage with your followers every single day. Most people don’t realize how quickly you can start monetizing your account even as an early or small Instagram influencer.
You could have 1K, 5K, or even 10K followers and still monetize your account if you put in the effort. Im glad I was able to monetize my account because I am not stuck in college taking bull shit classes that wont benefit or interest me for what I want to do with my life.
Instead I am enjoying opportunities traveling to New York, Miami, Boston & LA taking pictures for major clothing brands, hotels and mens accessories.
The best part about Anthony is that he really knows what he is doing. It all stared when I read his FREE 35 page Instagram Guide and his FREE Blog and studied everything he has published inside and out.  About two years ago I signed up for his Instagram Video Guides and started following all his STEP-BY-STEP video guides to really start growing a proper self named brand as an Influencer in order to start making money like I have been for the last year! I haven’t looked back since!
I know I am earning more money with a smaller following than accounts with 300-500K followers because of what I have learned from Anthony coupled with my desire to succeed.  Just like Anthony, failure for me is not an option!

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Hard work has been the cornerstone of my success but because I love what I do, it doesn’t really feel like hard work!
If you want the FREEDOM of working for yourself and doing what YOU love most in life then I highly recommend his Wolf Millionaire program.
FREEDOM is my main drive in life and Anthony has helped me achieve exactly that so far in my influencer career!
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Hopefully you gained some insights as to what it takes if YOU want to become one of my Student Success Story case studies just like Hunter Vought has!
A little bit of STEP-BY-STEP learning and a little bit of effort and consistent work by you!
I know you can do it, you just have to believe in YOURSELF like we have!
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