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Wolf Millionaire Review Testimonial

Wolf Millionaire reviews another InstaWealth Growth System student and highlights their growth & continued success following my Instagram strategies. See how you can grow your account using some of these tips and tricks!

Today’s huge Testimonial Tuesday shout out goes to @DefiningLuxury for having a glowing Instagram account which just keeps growing! If you remember originally featured this student back in April 2016 (4 months ago) when he ONLY HAD 18,000 followers. As you can see, because he kept at it, posting consistently and patiently he started to grow more and more every month! He then checked in and provided another testimonial when he hit 120,000 followers 2 months ago (July 2016) and as of September 2016, he just hit 212,000 followers! INCREDIBLE! Congratulations on your efforts!


Wolf Millionaire InstaWealth Growth System

See how easy it is to grow your account simply by following my STEP-BY-STEP InstaWealth Growth System strategies!?!?! Keep up the amazing work!

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Now lets get back to today’s super successful InstaWealth Student @DefiningLuxury and see what they are doing right! Their posts are fierce, stylish, and richly captivating! Below is a screenshot of their homepage. This site is clearly about living the glamorous life and the money, toys, rides, and travel that it brings. All their photos are exactly what one would expect, and the account has obvious contact info right in their bio. Let’s take a look at a few of the several things they’re doing right.

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InstaWealth Growth System Success
InstaWealth TestimonialWolf Millionaire Testimonial

Strength: Dazzling Photos

This is the kind of account that literally stops one in their Instagram tracks. A first glance at Defining Luxury and one can’t help but react with, Wow! And it’s first and foremost due to their striking photos. The range of color, perspective, and diversity of the photos make the account shine, and they stay true to their bio by having “only high quality content”. What’s more luxurious and high quality than stacks of cash, cars, and gold? Not to mention the location of the photos in the beautiful city of Dubai.


DL’s  most popular posts are below, let’s investigate. This video of the interior of the Benz has over 35.K views after it had only been uploaded for a week! It’s fast, sleek, and people watched this video because it probably gave them a rush for a few moments. Given that it’s taken from the perspective of the driver, or as written, “S-Class first person”, we can assume this is the owner of the account’s car. This means a ton more than just a snapshot of the outside  of the car, which any passerby can do. This inside shot gives the clip credibility. Using videos is a great way to create diverse content which I discuss here.


Take a look at this photo below, which is Defining Luxury’s second most popular post: the interior of a Ferrari. It’s received 28.6K likes in just a week’s time, about 3-4X their average photo! Once again, the interiors of these dream cars are getting the most attention. But why?

Student Highlight Success- Defining Luxury

These posts are getting a ton of engagement because of the perspective of the photo- it’s from a first person’s viewpoint. This isn’t someone quick snapping a picture of a car they’re drooling over that they saw out on the town. Defining Luxury, most likely, owns the cars and can give the rest of the world an up close and personal snapshot, or even video, of what it really looks and feels like to be driving one of the sexiest cars in the world.

DL’s third most popular post below is another video of that interior. Redundant? If fast, expensive cars get old then perhaps we could say redundant! But two types of photos never get old: pictures of sexy cars and sexy women….specially when the pictures are from different perspectives with different content and color. This brings me to my next point.

PRO TIP: I keep reiterating this face, you MUST MUST MUST GIVE proper CREDITS for photos & videos if you are using someone elses content. Not only will it make sure that you are not going to get a copyright violation (get to many and you will have your account disabled by Instagram), but it will help your post get maximum engagement when the owner likes & sometimes comments to thank you for sharing his content AND GIVING THEM CREDIT! I don’t mean giving credit to the page you got it from, or including VIA “the page you stole it from”, you have to do your due diligence and give PROPER CREDITS to the ACTUAL OWNER OF THE VIDEO OR PHOTO. If you don’t know who the OWNER IS, then DON’T USE THE PHOTO or VIDEO! NO EXCEPTIONS.


It sounds simple, and it is in fact a simple concept that many overlook. We’re talking about these dazzling photos’ range of color. Each photo differs vastly in color, making the account interesting, and makes a person want to click around for a better view. There’s an orange sunset, a red car interior, and even colorful money stacks, just to name a few!

When you see an account with all the same colors in all their photos, boredom settles in quickly, which results in a viewer heading over to the next Instagram account. Color counts, and that’s because there’s meaning behind color. Having a diversity of it shows that the account holder’s life and interests are multi-faceted.

One tip: Humanize It!

Make it more personable. People want to see faces, bodies, a real person driving these cars and snapping these photos. Who is behind this lifestyle? How have they earned the means to be driving around the world’s fastest dream cars? What about the mundane, which in actuality people find so interesting, like what they ate for breakfast, or what kind of kicks they wear at the gym.

Pictures of the ordinary, such as selfies with a morning latte (on the way to the bank of course) make us see the side of the rich and famous that is raw and real. It bridges the gap between the thousands of people viewing and the one person living out this luxurious life in the Instagram account. The more human, the more viewers actually feel that they have a shot at that glamorous life. As one can see, the few photos that do have a human hand or foot got many, many likes!

Before social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, celebrities and rich people seemed so out of reach. Now, we can know what type of bagel they had from which cafe as well as what design the barista made in their cappuccino foam. What is personal and routine is now public and makes us feel a sort of interconnectedness.

Check out this photo below. One wouldn’t think FIFA 16 would be cause for much engagement. Sure, the video game controllers are baller, but there’s one major thing about this photo that humanizes it, and that’s the hand and feet. This photo wouldn’t have 16K likes without the flesh in the photo, that’s a guarantee.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 1.31.23 PM

Overall, this account is nothing but lush and lives up to their name. They have striking photos with amazing content, style, and perspective and are extremely diligent at giving proper credits (BRAVO!!). Their follower tally is 212,000 and climbing, with thousands of likes in immediate response to each new photo posted. He’s even now making more money every month than his boring 9-5 job is delivering him, simply by selling advertising in captions, ads and his URL link. Such an amazing job, DefiningLuxury, and thanks for letting me highlight you today! Keep up the amazing work!


If YOU truly want to put forth a little effort, and follow in my footsteps like DefiningLuxury is, then follow YOUR passions and turn YOUR Instagram play time into money making time, YOU totally can! Let me teach YOU everything I know!  YOU will be able to follow along with my step-by-step InstaWealth Growth System whether you’re new to Instagram or have been using it for years.

Sure, the tips I’ve gone over can help you grow your Instagram accounts, your brand or business (no matter what you are selling like my students Boosted Shades Sunglasses or VoTrends Shirts or Star Wars Themed Stickers) on Instagram, but there’s so much more you’ve got to know. It’s not rocket science, but it does require you to simply watch all my secret strategies so you can learn everything I know about Instagram and become your own master of this social network just like all my successful students!

Now get out there and start turning YOUR passions into MONEY like my students and I have been doing! The sooner you start, the sooner you will start to grow and by holiday season this year, you too can be buying yourself and your loved ones whatever you want!

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