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Congratulations to one of my most successful exotic car student accounts, @CarLifestyle. Gabe recently reached out to thank me, and it’s almost unbelievable how much of a success his stunning and unique modified & exotic car account is and how much money he’s raking in! This week Wolf Millionaire wants to give them a special shoutout and congratulate them for their accomplishment.

Be sure to apply all these tips that this successful car account did to your own account and remember – what I discuss here is only the beginning. For more in-depth tips you’ll want to signup for my STEP-BY-STEP video guides: InstaWealth Growth System and learn how you can start growing your accounts and thus build your brand or business, or start one from scratch! It’s actually really easy! Instagram is an incredible marketing tool no matter what your niche, whether or not you have a business, product, service or not. You can take advantage of the hottest & fastest growing Social Network to grow one or more Instagram accounts to follow your passions, grow organic followers and make money with my strategies! All it takes is your passions, a little effort & patience and my InstaWealth Growth System Strategies where I will teach you everything I know step-by-step so you can follow along easily! It doesn’t matter if you are completely new to Instagram or a season veteran, you WILL learn how to make more money with my strategies.

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If the facts that I have 30 Instagram accounts with over 18+ Million REAL Followers (in just over 2 years) isn’t convincing enough maybe the fact that I just took delivery (June 30th, 2016) of a BRAND NEW McLaren might motivate you to realize just how much money is out there in advertising just waiting for you!

I must admit my life is pretty sweet right now considering I lost my job 3 years ago and was 6 figures in debt… pay attention to the strategies in this post if you want to leverage some of my strategies that @CarLifestyle is using to grow their account FAST and making 6 figures a year as well, simply by following all my strategies!

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A First Look at @Carlifestyle

We see here a first glance at @carlifestyle’s account and I have to say it’s practically flawless! Dang!  Gabe really has a passion and knack for photography, editing & rendering. It’s been a spectacular couple years since we started growing our accounts together, and I must admit I have learnt quite a bit from his mastery in the image editing space! He hasa clean, catchy logo that hasn’t changed since launching his page (which is very important to note if you want your brand to stay consistent and memorable to anyone who sees it) and a short bio that says exactly who and what they are all about. It includes one simple hashtag (branding, branding, branding!!!) and their website, which is great because an account should always have an alternative way for contact. It’s needless to say that this account has an incredible following at 3.7 million and climbing daily. Wow! Love to see you keep killing it Gabe!

CarLifestyle Instagram

Here’s the first photo I’d like to mention that got a ton of engagement. It’s received over 66K likes and has a ton of people talking with almost 400 comments! Talk about a popular post! This post displays a sexy custom rendered widebody bat-mobile style BMW i8 (looks so EVIL!) with a snowy, almost mystical backdrop. It’s a great post for car lovers and especially those that want to see and let their imagination run wild with how they would customize their own BMW i8.   All focus is on this murdered out beast of a car, and as you can see, Gabe has always provided photo credits to the respective owner of the photo, render or design, VERY VERY IMPORTANT STRATEGY!

car life style

Here’s another photo below that racked up the comments from viewers even more so than the ‘Bat-mobile’ post. This photo did some crazy things to car-loving viewers, with a whopping 522 comments and 51.8K likes! What a post! This post is striking because of its simple angle of the photo combined with the industrial setting.

CarLifestyle Success Story Growth

I love how the brilliant blue looks against the dingy urban setting of the city. If you look closely you can also see a reflection in the car which looks totally sweet. These simple techniques that @carlifestyle use here make their photo shine among literally millions of other posts. I talk more about how to take and post quality photos in my blog, check it out!

car life style


Something else I noticed is that some of the photos have the brand name, “carlifestyle” watermark in them. I like how they only sneak it in every few pictures so that their account doesn’t look too cluttered. They also feature “CBR Media,” their photographer, in some photos as well which clearly gives credit where credit is due. It’s super important to give clear and appropriate credit to an account’s photographers, clothing line, etc- anything that is associated with the photo needs to be credited!! I cannot stress this enough!

You can see below this photo which has both the photographer, and the brand of the account included. Usually I would say this is a little much, but @carlifestyle does a great job of balancing the brand’s placement in the photo and not letting those brands distract too much from the photo. Well done! There’s no doubt that @carlifestyle is raking in the dough with this account, which is exactly what my goal is for all my students! You can do the same! Check out another one of my successful students who is making money through their unique Instagram account HERE.

car life style

There’s so many great things to say about this account, it’s hard to come up with any advice! I’d like to commend @carlifestyle on several things, such as their quality photos, unique awe inspiring designs & renders, straightforward bio, and their clear title for every picture. They’re doing so many things right and evidently applied so much of what they learned from my InstaWealth Growth System strategies!

PRO TIP 1: Consistency & Reliability

There are only a handful of accounts out there that I continue to work with when sharing the BIG advertising deals I close with big companies. You might not realize this but I currently manage more than 6 brands on Instagram, right down to their monthly budgets to promote their product or services. When I work with other student accounts to share the wealth in return for posts for my clients, I expect them to run the same professional level of service I run. Which is prompt courteous email responses, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, CONSISTENT DELIVERY OF ADS on behalf of my clients. There is nothing I hate more than wiping peoples asses when I have paid them good money to post on behalf of my clients and I have to constantly babysit and monitor their campaign to ensure delivery in full. I can’t begin to explain to you how IMPORTANT CONSISTENCY & RELIABILITY is for delivering a campaign (whether on behalf of my clients OR on behalf of your own clients).

See below what my clients Beverly Hills Car Club & Lexani Wheels have to say about how I run my Instagram Empire.  World Class Customer Service! Emulate this for success!

Wolf Millionaire Client Beverly Hills Car Club


Lexani Wheels Wolf Millionaire Testimonial

This is another one of my secret sauces that have propelled me to the TOP OF THE INSTAGRAM MONEY MAKING CHAIN, my Instagram posts for my clients are executed LIKE CLOCKWORK every day or every other day. My clients constantly rave about how on top of my operation I am, especially given that I have 7 co-op students running my Instagram empire of 30+ accounts and more than 18+ Million Followers! KEEP THIS IN MIND AS YOU GROW! Your name and your reliability GOES A LONG WAY in LIFE! Your NAME is your BRAND! Keep it PROFESSIONAL!


CarLifestyle Account Theme

The overall consistent theme I see in @CarLifeStyle’s account is they always have a crystal clear, high quality photo of a really unique dope car with a creative background or setting. Gabe sticks with his dark themed exotic & modified look and feel of his photos, which bucks the trend (in a good unique way) that not only do sunny, happy, bright and colorful photos excel on Instagram, but so do ones that have a dark, mysterious theme about them! There’s no photo in their account that’s boring! This is something not a lot of accounts can achieve. They also do a great job of keep their followers happy with constant unique posts on the daily. Gabe is definitely one of the sickest most creative content creators in this exotic car & custom design field!

Carlifestyle Wolf Millionaire Instagram Success

If you want to see an account flourish, make sure to have a very clear theme for your account because this will attract other people with that exact same interest or hobby. Whether it’s keeping the theme of the account the same as far as content, or simply a color theme, you have to do this! It subconsciously keeps your viewers sharing among other viewers with similar interests. An account that is too vague doesn’t get a whole lot of interaction because people see your account and don’t know what they are supposed to be looking for. I do have a couple tips for @carlifestyle, because I care so much!

PRO TIP 2: More Videos

Something I would advise to @CarLifestyle to start doing is to showcase some videos of these hot rides! Videos are a great & easy way to generate viral posts (more so than photos right now), insane engagement, and  usually drives a tonnes (more than avg) MORE NEW FOLLOWERS to your account than a simple photo will. Why? Because of how immersive a video can be, especially now that Instgram has implemented 60 second video (must read)! What better way to bring to life some of these fast cars than showing someone drive them. In my personal experience, videos always get more viewings and interaction than photos, so just imagine the traffic @carlifestyle would get with a few videos mixed in with their already crazy-popular pictures!


A video does something a bit more to the viewer than a photo does, and it makes the account feel real and human. I love when I see a car or boat account that uses videos for some of their posts because it truly makes the account feel alive, and like that fast car or fancy boat in the picture is attainable!

PRO TIP 3: Appease the Enthusiasts

One other tip for @CarLifestyle is to have some shots of the engines of these cars. I would imagine any true car enthusiast is  going to want to see these monster engines! Photos of the inside of the cars would complete the account, and draw in more followers. As much as we love the stunning exterior of these cars, showing the interior and engine components is just as important.

 Your Turn

CarLifeStyle, has shown that they are a dedicated Wolf Millionaire student following my strategies to the ‘T’. I provide my students with the guidance to experience growth on their Instagram accounts, but it’s up to them to apply those lessons and work hard. Lazyness is not rewarded in life! I have already done all the hard work figuring out what works and what doesn’t work on Instagram, you just have to put in the effort to watch all my step-by-step videos in my InstaWealth Growth System and put those strategies to work! All it takes is a couple hours a day, and you’re already spending & wasting that much time on Instagram, so let me show you how to actually make money on Instagram!

Sure, the tips I’ve gone over today can help you grow your brand or business on Instagram, but there’s so much more you’ve got to know. If you can’t afford my InstaWealth Growth system, then save up if you are serious, I don’t want half ass efforts. Only those who really want to push themselves and learn how to make money on Instagram should sign up. Until then I encourage you to go to and enter your email to sign up for my FREE  20 page Instagram guide which you can start to implement many of my strategies for FREE immediately and will see new follower growth & engagement on your account. I am personally looking forward to highlighting YOUR growth milestones and seeing you succeed like all my students are doing!

Happy Instagramming!

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