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ClubJetset Instagram Testimonial

Nothing makes me happier than seeing another successful student testimonial. This week Wolf Millionaire is reviewing another student who continues to GROW their account FAST and is now MAKING MONEY thanks to both my strategies and their dedication!

Another day and another niche account that’s experiencing organic growth using my Instagram growth strategies. I’m going to go over some of the things that are working for their account and see if there’s room for any improvement.

Be sure to apply all these tips to your own account and remember – what I discuss here is only the tip of the Instagram iceberg. For more in-depth tips you’ll want to signup for my InstaWealth Growth System and learn how you can start growing your accounts and thus build your brand or business, or start one from scratch. It’s actually really easy! Instagram is an incredible marketing tool no matter what your niche, whether or not you have a business or not. You can take advantage of the hottest & fastest growing Social Network to grow one or more Instagram accounts to follow your passions, grow organic followers and make money with my strategies! All it takes is your passions, a little effort & patience and my InstaWealth Growth System Strategies where I will teach you everything I know step-by-step so you can follow along easily! It doesn’t matter if you are completely new to Instagram or a season veteran, you WILL learn how to make more money with my strategies.

If the facts that I have 30 Instagram accounts with over 18 Million REAL Followers (in just over 2 years) isn’t convincing enough maybe the fact that I just took delivery (June 30th, 2016) of a BRAND NEW McLaren might motivate you to realize just how much money is out there in advertising just waiting for you!

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I must admit my life is pretty sweet right now considering I lost my job 3 years ago and was 6 figures in debt… pay attention to the strategies in this post if you want to leverage some of my strategies that @clubjetset is using to grow their account FAST and is now starting to make money simply by following all my strategies!

First Impressions: ClubJetSet

One of my top Wolf Millionaire students, ClubJetSet has a nearly perfect bio and has created an account with very little competition. Luxury & private jets! I love it! This account is even an inspiration and motivation for me as I also would love to own a private jet one day! Keep those dreams BIG and keep moving forward each day! That is the key to successes! ClubJetSet now has over 150,000 followers, which is insane growth for a relatively new account (7 months) and they’re only following 58 which is the perfect balance. Looking at who they follow, we see that it’s all the influencer accounts that he uses to source his incredible content of photos & videos! Very nice work!

Clubjetset Growth Success

We last featured them (see above image) back in May 2016 Testimonial only a couple months after they started their account and signed up for my InstaWealth Growth System and they grew to 60,000 followers very quickly!

They fill us in on what their account is all about and their profile picture makes things even clearer. This account is here to give us “private jet motivation” so let’s see if they deliver.

ClubJetSet Instagram

I like that they included their own hashtag in their bio too: #ClubJetSet, and kept the bio extremely simple, and haven’t even used a URL yet. When we check out that specific hashtag on Instagram we can see that there is a good amount of posts that have chosen to tag their photos with it. It’s a smart way to build a community around your brand.

Instagram ClubJetSet Success

If you have a brand or business I highly recommend thinking of a hashtag to represent yourself. Encourage followers to use your hashtag for anything relatable so you can engage with your followers. I myself use #WolfMillionaire for my brand’s Instagram account.

Eye-Catching Posts:

There is a reason I am always drilling & reminding this this very important aspect into my followers minds: CONTENT IS KING. It’s what Instagram is about. The hotter the content, the more chances your post will go viral bringing in hundreds and sometimes thousands of followers from 1 single post! This is all part of my growth strategies. Helping you find and create the hottest content whether you are a photographer, videographer or not, I will show you WHERE to find the hottest content on the web. When potential new followers first click through to check out your Instagram profile and they don’t like what they see within 30 seconds, they’ll move on without following you and never come back. It’s your job to grab their attention and lure them in with stunning images, videos and captivating captions. You always want new visitors to have a good first impression of your account because this will translate into a very engaged following, and we all love seeing our posts get lots of LIKES!

Let’s see how my student, @clubjetset is doing with their posts:

ClubJetSet: Incredible Growth

At a first glance, it’s safe to say that it’s got me motivated to get a jet! Post after post shows the luxurious lifestyle that comes with traveling by private jet. None of their posts appear out of place and all fit into their style they’ve got going on. I’m sure if they keep this up they will have grown their account tremendously (250,000 followers) by the next time we check back in with them.

Let’s take a closer look:

The post below got an impressive 7,875 likes and it’s no wonder why- what a dope shot! I think the caption is really working for them too. Not only do they have a “baller” caption, but they also encourage some engagement by saying, “Tag someone who’s working hard and deserves a shout out!” Love it. Plus using emojis is a fun way to express yourself and grab peoples attention!

ClubJetSet: Incredible Growth

They also do a great job of putting the hashtags (that I always encourage the use of) in the first comment. If you’re viewing the post on a laptop, the first comment will still appear as it does in the screenshot below. However, if viewed on a phone, which is often the case, then the comment doesn’t appear after a few people have commented on the post.

Notice how in the phone screenshot the first comment with the hashtags can no longer be seen. The hashtags are still effective but they don’t clutter up the caption space allowing ClubJetSet to keep their followers attention on the motivating caption and highlighting who took the photo. This is very important, I can’t stress how important giving proper credits are. NOT to the page you got it from, not “VIA” the page you got it from, but to the actual owner who took the photo. This strategy alone is huge, and I still see many students neglect it.  Just remember if you tag the actual owner in the photo + give them photo/video credits in the caption it shows massive respect. That respect goes along way among content creators and influencers as they usually will like your posts that you tag them in which will help boost your posts quality score with Instagram.  The higher the quality score the higher the chance Instagram will promote your posts to the discover page and deliver it in peoples feeds with priority!

ClubJetSet: Incredible Growth

See? No comment filled with distracting hashtags to clutter the post.

The next post I want to take a look at has 13.2 likes- AMAZING! The post is definitely eye-catching. The caption is solid. The engagement on it isn’t bad either. As you start to grow your account you will start to learn to see what works and what doesn’t work. ClubJetSet has done well to narrow down what works for their account. This post is classy, motivational, and high-quality.

ClubJetSet: Incredible Growth

Mix It Up With Videos

With all of the new video changes and updates on Instagram this last year, you’d be foolish not to try testing one out on your page. ClubJetSet used a few on their account and they did well!

If you can think of a way a video can be used on your account and make sense, then try it out and see how it does. If it doesn’t go well, you can always delete it. Videos are a great way to break away from the static content of Instagram and I encourage you to test it out to see if can help with your Instagram growth! Read up on my video blog post here.

Hashtags: Key For Instagram Growth

Let’s return to the topic of hashtags for a minute. I’ve already touched on how having a brand-specific hashtag will greatly assist in the growth of your Instagram account. Another thing to pay attention to is the hot hashtags of the day. See what other people are using and what’s relevant at the moment. Only use these trending hashtags if they are relatable to your post- it should make sense. Most importantly, make sure you are not using hashtags that have nothing to do with your post. Don’t use #Lamborghini if you are posting a photo of a #Bugatti. Also, to make sure you’re hashtag game is on point, use targeted hashtags that don’t have millions of posts to ensure your photos get seen by people browsing hashtags to discover new content or something specific they are looking for on Instagram. In my InstaWealth Growth System, I teach you how to determine the most important hashtags for your niche and posts, as well as why it’s important to use long tail descriptive hashtags with two words.

ClubJetSet: Incredible Growth

ClubJetSet chose to publish a post on a Wednesday and used the #HumpDay tag. That’s a great way to draw people to your account that have never seen it before. Anyone searching for that commonly used hashtag will stumble onto your profile simply because your post will now be placed under that category.

The use of a quote in the caption is also nice to see. People love motivational quotes and so pairing it with a badass picture of a jet/lambo is sure way to get some likes. 7, 547 likes proves that this student has a solid understanding of my Wolf Millionaire strategies and has no problem executing them throughout their account.

Making Money

As you can by ClubJetsets most recent testimonial, they focused on growing their account before they decided to start making money on it, the more you can grow your account without slamming your followers feeds with low paying ads, the faster you will be able to grow. The faster you grow to hit a healthy size 50k, 100k, 150k the more you will be able to make while continuing to grow and not slowing down your organic growth.  ClubJetset initial mission was to grow an account in this niche that excites him in order to get into the private business jet mindset and travel the world for free. Well he is succeeding and definitely on the path that will allow him to achieve this! JUST KEEP POSTING & GROWING THAT ACCOUNT!

He has been networking with several private jet companies who are now very excited and interested in collaborating with him and his account of over 150,000 followers not to mention an extremely high engagement rate of over 5000 likes per photo! INCREDIBLE!. I can guarantee you with the framework & strategies that I provide in my growth system, coupled with his desire to succeed, he will be well on his way to earning free private jet flights and monthly advertising deals with these companies! By this time next year there isn’t a doubt in my mind that this student will be earning close to a 6 figure income from the accounts he is successfully growing! Keep up the amazing work!!


LET ME REITERATE THIS POINT…… ClubJetSet is extremely diligent about giving PROPER photo credits on their posts to whoever took the picture or video they used. NOT THE ACCOUNT THEY FOUND IT ON. While this might take you a couple extra clicks to find who actually took the photo, it will ensure you never get your account DISABLED and more importantly will help your posts get better engagement when the photographer or videographer likes your POST! I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH, it really is a MAJOR KEY STRATEGY to growing a healthy Instagram account.  Last thing you want to happen is for Instagram to disable your account for Copyright Infringement and nobody wants that to happen after putting in all that work to grow your accounts!

For example, in ClubJetSet’s post below they feature this sweet shot of some private jets and G-Wagons. It’s becoming clear that this student has noticed posts featuring both luxurious jets and vehicles seem to do well on their account. Well this amazing picture isn’t theirs so they made sure to tag the photographer @mphclub in the photo as well as include it in the caption! WELL DONE!

ClubJetSet: Incredible Growth

Again, here’s another example of a post that did extremely well and the photographer is credited.

PRO TIP: You don’t need to create original content to have a successful Instagram account in any niche. ClubJetset has created his entire account by simply featuring the hottest private jet content he could find from the people on Instagram creating the photos & videos! Futhermore,  most of the photos on my MadWhips accounts are not mine, because we feature all photographers, enthusiasts and exotic car owners that upload their photography to our site, we always give credits in the caption while tagging the photographer. Not only do I have 18+ Million Instagram followers, but has been helping amateur & professional photographers get their exotic car photography noticed while helping them grow their own Instagram accounts! I’m sure if I added up all the Instagram accounts my network has helped grow over the last couple years it would probably be close to 50 Million Followers across hundreds and hundreds of accounts. I LOVE GIVING back and helping other people follow their passions and grow their accounts! The only LUCK I have had getting to where I am today, was getting let go from my last job and deciding that I was going to be an entrepreneur FULL TIME!  This is why I created my InstaWealth Growth System, and all it takes to follow in ClubJetSets, my other successful students and mine is for you to take the first step forward and sign up so I can teach you everything I know STEP-BY-STEP! If you start now, you will be able to grow an account to 25,000-50,000 before the end of the year. Remember every niche is different, so don’t expect to grow as fast as other people in different niches. Just follow your passions and post content that interests you, it will make this Instagram game more fun and will help you turn your PLAY TIME into MONEY MAKING TIME in a very few months just like all my students!

Your Turn

My student, ClubJetSet has shown that they are a dedicated Wolf Millionaire student following my strategies with precision. I provide my students with the guidance to experience growth on their Instagram accounts, but it’s up to them to apply those lessons and work hard. Lazyness is not rewarded in life! I have already done all the hard work figuring out what works and what doesn’t work on Instagram, you just have to put in the effort to watch all my step-by-step videos in my InstaWealth Growth System and put those strategies to work! All it takes is a couple hours a day, and you’re already spending & wasting that much time on Instagram, so let me show you how to actually make money on Instagram!

Sure, the tips I’ve gone over today can help you grow your brand or business on Instagram, but there’s so much more you’ve got to know. If you can’t afford my InstaWealth Growth system, then save up if you are serious, I don’t want half ass efforts. Only those who really want to push themselves and learn how to make money on Instagram should sign up. Until then I encourage you to go to and enter your email to sign up for my FREE  20 page Instagram guide which you can start to implement many of my strategies for FREE immediately and will see new follower growth & engagement on your account. I am personally looking forward to highlighting YOUR growth milestones and seeing you succeed like all my students are doing!

Happy Instagramming!


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