Storytelling on Instagram Is Extremely Important

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Storytelling has become one of the most important social media strategies. Wolf Millionaire explains the importance of storytelling and how to get started!

Storytelling is not new. I think it’s safe to assume we all grew up listening to stories at school or being read bedtime stories to help us fall asleep and dream of unicorns and rainbows (or dungeons and dragons for geeks like me).

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Instagram continues to innovate and launch new features for their Snapchat killing feature; Instagram stories. All these amazing new features are following a trend to allow us to continue creating very engaging stories on their platform.

Make sure you checkout the Split Screen LIVE Instagram feature and their most recent Instagram Poll Sticker for Instagram Stories so you can learn more about your followers by asking them questions and having them answer. Don’t forget the really fun and dramatic new Superzoom Instagram Camera Feature in Stories!

From simple fairytales to creative silliness and made up creatures thanks to Dr. Zeus, our lives were creatively shaped at a young age. This explains why so many social networks have grown so quickly and command the attention of our younger generations who love to create and share their own creative content tips while storytelling their daily and weekend adventures to their friends and peers.


We all live in our own movie, now more than ever given the fast past of life and our constant evolving digital lifestyle. Most people lack the foresight to understand that there are thousands of random people around the world who would actually think your life is fascinating.

Funny enough, I happen to be one of those people who just doesn’t understand why so many people follow so many STUPID people on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube. Most of these social media celebrities offer nothing back to society other than self perpetuating garbage content that the masses eat up and wait on every new release. Good for them!  One thing these STUPID famous people do extremely well is storytelling!

I must admit in the name of research I have had to endure many hours watching and learning how these InstaWealth Growth System students weave simple yet dramatic stories from their daily lives in order to be inspired and find some new ideas to share with my followers in my own Instagram Stories.

Storytelling – Whats My Story?

While I do have a rather fun, active life, thanks to the money I make on Instagram.  To me it just seem like a fun but somewhat repetitive lifestyle. Some of the most productive and amazing years the last couple years since I lost my job were extremely busy with opportunity yet very repetitive.

This is where most people fail, because they either get bored or lack the focus & determination to realize that doing something over and over where there is opportunity while continually making yourself more efficient and better at it will put you at the top of the food chain. This is why I am the Wolf of Instagram.

I wake up around 9:30am every single day, I post to Instagram @Wolf_Millionaire, answer comments, some DM’s and some business emails. I get up, pound a bottle of water (very important) and hop in a hot shower where I actually wake up and come to life. I am not a morning person, I excel and am very productive late at night, going to bed usually between 2am-3am.

I actually enjoy a quiet & private life as I have so much shit on my shoulders. The stuff I chose to share on Instagram in posts or stories sometimes feels easy but sometimes feels like pulling teeth. This is life and I have come to learn to let it flow. Some days are amazing, and others are just BLAH! I get immense joy interacting and motivating others on Instagram, especially students are following in my footsteps like these Instagram Success Stories of mine.

Wait until you hear the updates of what they have all been up to when I do a major recap of our 2017 year later next month! I am SOOO PROUD of these students!


Back to my life. I have an aging widowed mother, strong at heart and the person I owe everything that I have become in life to. I also owe it all to my father who prior to his passing when I was 19 taught me more about life, respecting others and being a man than most males get in their lifetime. I am eternally grateful for having had EXTREMELY STRICT PARENTS. They kept my ass in line when I stepped out of line or started to trend in troubled waters. Thank YOU Mom & DAD for all the shit you put up with and instilling the most hardcore work ethic I rarely see in others I have met in life.

I also have a younger brother with a rare and random genetic disease which requires me to be there for him emotionally without bringing my stresses and worries to them. Everyone has shit in their lives, some more than others. Just remember to KEEP PUSHING FORWARD, it’s these life learnings we all go through that will MAKE YOU TOUGH and ultimately successful. YOU JUST CAN’T GIVE UP!

I’m an Instagram Influencer from a small northern Canadian city called Sudbury. I’m well known for having lost my job for the first time in my life at 35 and then building the worlds largest Automotive Photography based Instagram network with over 18+ Million Followers across 30+ accounts.


Not bad for an old guy killing it in the digital space generally reserved for younger millennia’s who know how to use technology and social media better than I do.

Whats my Secret you ask? Well my work ethic and desire to survive while following my own passions will trump anyone smarter or younger than me. I will, I can and I have outworked everyone I grew up with. I can openly admit I was never the smartest kid in high school or University but my determination to graduate and make my mother proud while self educating myself has trumped anything that the universe has ever to throw at me.

Let me be real with you at times I felt like my fucking life SUCKED. When I say at times, I truly mean for about 10 years after my father passed away because I had no one to look up to or ask for real man to man advice. I had the most amazing father I have ever known and the most amazing mother who kept our family strong during these times.


I know many of you reading this have have MUCH WORSE shit to deal with, but let me say if I can get through it, YOU CAN TOO. It’s all mental. Train your mind NOW when you are young, and attack anything you want in life by getting rest, eating healthy, staying fit and staying mentally strong! That is the SECRET TO success. It’s rather simple. It’s all in your hands!

How much did I want to succeed?  I worked for 18 hours a day, 7 days a week for 2 years after I lost my job, trying everything I could where I saw opportunity. I saw many many wasted hours go down the drain exploring different social media opportunities. The result, well just take a look at my Instagram account to see how I have been living all thanks to the money I make on Instagram.

It wasn’t until I started playing with Instagram that I could see where things were going and how I could make money growing Instagram accounts and selling advertising to other people who had products and services. I didn’t have a company or product or service when I first started Instagram, yet I was banking thousands of dollars each month after putting in my first year of REAL WORK.

There’s nothing stopping YOU from doing the same as I have in whatever niche and area of interest keeps you happy! YOU JUST HAVE TO WANT IT MORE THAN ANYONE!

Storytelling on Instagram

The rest is history….. Here I am 39 years old, killing it on Instagram, driving a brand new McLaren that I bought last year wearing a brand new solid Gold Rolex Submariner, walking in designer sneakers (I have a $40,000 sneaker collection that I am not ashamed to admit (because I will have them for life). And yet I honestly don’t truly think of myself as successful. I have seen many successes in life, but I am far from actually being able to use the word successful. I am my own harshest critic and if I let myself think I am successful now, I will get lazy. It’s hard enough getting older and keep on keeping with the intensity and focus of my past self in my late 20’s. The show must go on!

I have to keep banking money to ensure not only my own future living needs but that of my mother and brother. Don’t tell them because they would tell me to stop being so ridiculous. But it’s the honest truth. There is no fucking way I will ever allow my mom or brother to be put in an old age home. They will live with me in a separate wing of of my house or massive condo wherever I end up in due time. Family FIRST, this is how I was brought up.


If you want to read more about my upbringing and how making money on Instagram is even possible I suggest you go watch my FREE Wolf Millionaire Webinar, I will teach you all the ways you can make money on Instagram and when you’re done watching my entire Webinar, I will personally email you my FREE 35 Page Instagram guide!

Not only is it filled with the latest and greatest tips, tricks and apps for you to kickstart your own Instagram storytelling accounts, but I reveal a lot more about my upbringing and past to show you that I am just a regular small town Canadian boy with massive aspirations who will NOT stop until he has realized them all.

It’s a fun journey and I’m excited to share it with those who are truly interested in working their ass off and making something of themselves in life.

It WON’T BE EASY. But I can guarantee if you give it your full effort I will help you STEP-BY-STEP to grow an Instagram account which you will be able to use to make money and a launch pad for a business and a future in social media!

Storytelling – The Art Of Telling A Story

Snapchat was THE pioneer in creating not only an app that was used to communicate as a digital messenger app, but it was the first to allow us to share photos and videos woven together into Snapchat stories.


It didn’t take long for Instagram to catch on to this trend, although they did not introduce their Instagram stories feature until recently. When they did, we all witnessed a meteoric rise and instantaneous acceptance and mass usage of the Instagram Stories feature. It wasn’t long after Instagram Stories feature was rolled out that the war between Instagram VS Snapchat become extremely competitive.

This is what I love about business. Digital war and competition is what gives rise to innovation and Instagram knew it couldn’t simply keep peoples attention forever with simple photos and videos being shared without creating a creative feature to allow more storytelling.

Instagram has since continued to innovate their Instagram stories to allow us to continue creating very engaging stories on their platform. Make sure you checkout the Split Screen LIVE Instagram feature and their most recent Instagram Poll Sticker for Instagram Stories and the really fun new Superzoom Instagram Camera Feature in Stories!

I plan on making a major update revealing all my Storytelling secrets I have learned this year as I continue to dive into telling stories about my days and weeks as an Instagram Influencer on my various Instagram accounts. Until Then, tell me whats your story?

Happy Instagramming!


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