Stories Hashtags Hacking Secrets

By January 9, 2018Instagram News
Stories Hashtags Instagram Secrets

Stories hashtags are powerful if used correctly. Wolf Millionaire shares his insights and strategy to help you use Instagram stories to generate results.

Stories hashtags came out last year and I quickly began heavily testing the feature which is why I am known as the Wolf of Instagram. The more I test, the more I learn, and the more I share with you all.

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I suggest you also read up on my extremely popular How To Get The Absolute Most Out of Your Hashtags article. It has helped thousands and thousands of Influencers, Businesses & Brands learn how to use hashtags more strategically to produce results!  Just because Instagram lets us use 30 hashtags, doesn’t mean that we should.

While it seems like a trivial science to master, most people continue to FAIL to use hashtags properly.

Stories Hashtags Hacking Secrets Revealed

Ever since Instagram introduced the worlds first Social Network feature that allows us to Follow Hashtags, I’ve been re-visiting and testing my Instagram stories hashtags strategy with my largest branded hashtag #MADWHIPS. Pretty amazing to see that one of my brands has a hashtag with 735,000 posts! Looking forward to celebrating the 1 Million Mark soon!



Remember to use ALL my Hashtag strategies to target niche specific hashtags relevant to your posts and account. There is no use trying to use a hashtag that has millions of posts as I explain in viral article Best Hashtags For Instagram Growth, as you are simply wasting your time and the use of that hashtag.

I also created a Instagram Themes Hashtag Bible post so you can get further your HASHTAG game and get on board with themed posts which will increase your engagement!

Guess what? This new Follow Hashtags feature has really helped my Instagram stories get seen by noticeably MORE people, as I’m getting MORE VIEWS per STORY POST!

Stories Hashtags Instagram

How much you ask, easily 20% MORE people are watching my Instagram stories! This is directly related to my stories hashtags strategies you see here!

Also, you will most likely never see my hashtags, as I usually always choose black/white text color, and then shrink the hashtags I use so they are hidden, otherwise they make the story post look MESSY.

I also don’t use the Instagram #HASHTAG sticker, as it’s a big messy sticker, I choose to use the TEXT option and use #hashtag1 #hashtag2 etc, then change the text color and shrink them so they are out of sight but still effective! Yup another WOLF MILLIONAIRE SECRET shared with you all!


Check out my Instagram Stories Posts on my main accounts listed below to see how to keep your STORY CONTENT in TOP SHAPE!!  Remember CONTENT IS KING!






NOTE: DO NOT SPAM HASHTAGS on STORIES, YOU will get BANNED from using stories hashtags by Instagram) I suggest no more than 5-7 RELEVANT hashtags. If you use stupid hashtags that have nothing to do with your Instagram Account, Instagram will penalize you and then BAN YOU.

Every once and a while (actually very often) I provide an immediate peek behind the scenes of how I continue to WIN on Instagram using it to monetize my lifestyle every-time a new feature comes out, this is one of those times.

What really makes me happy is helping my dedicated students and readers like YOU to help you succeed and use Instagram as a way to earn income in your spare time, or FULL TIME like I have ever since I lost my job for the first time in my life!

SECRET MOTIVATION TIP: If you’re willing to put in the work, I’m willing to teach you. However if you put in enough work using ALL my Instagram Strategies, I will personally mentor you ONE ON ONE just like I continue to do with these Successful Students of mine.

I have several students I work with very closely (Mentoring ONE ON ONE), but they put in 8-12 months proving themselves before I offered my hand.

I spend time motivating, mentoring and advising these students on strategies, pricing & closing Influencer deals with BIG BRANDS, pitching and going after new business, while also sharing my connections network. Make sure you checkout these Instagram Success Stories as my top students continue to grind and close NEW Instagram advertising deals with BIG brands like BELL & ROSS watches and Banana Republic!

I LOVE HELPING OTHERS SUCCEED using Instagram to make money and launch their own Influencer careers simply by following their passions and leveraging their hobbies!


Thanks to my own use of strategic Hashtag Location use over the holidays with my Instagram stories posts, my Instagram stories from Boxing day where I loaded up my McLaren with my Snowboard and went to live out a childhood dream caught the attention of the location newspaper in Barrie! Looks like I have to take a trip back to visit moms on the next snowstorm to finish the interview! Stay tuned!! SUPER EXCITING!!

Wolf Millionaire Barrie News

Looks like lots of people saw my Instagram stories in BARRIE where I was home visiting my mom during Christmas. We also got a foot of snow on Christmas day and I took full advantage of it doing donuts with my brother like we used to with moms Minivan when I first got my license (shhhh don’t tell mom, because this is how I burned out her transmission haha)



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Happy Instagramming!


p.s. I was randomly doing some Googling, and I found this Article about me Anthony Carbone I never knew got posted online!

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