Sponsorship Strategies For Instagram Influencers

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Sponsorship Instagram Strategies

Sponsorship targeting requires research. Wolf Millionaire explains how to successfully approach, pitch land land lucrative money making sponsorships.

Sponsorship deals are all around us on Instagram.  2017 was the year of the Instagram Influencer! Businesses and Brands are spending more money on sponsorship strategies than every before and YOU could be making a healthy living leveraging your Instagram account to make money like I do!

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Instagram Success Stories secure direct sponsorship deals with brands like Bell & Ross, Banana Republic, GAP, BOSE to name a few and will be doing some in depth CASE STUDY reviews for my InstaWealth Growth students to learn from!

However some deals and opportunities are more lucrative than others because of proper audience and account targeting.

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Sponsorship Instagram Strategiess

You can’t expect to be an Instagram Influencer in a male dominant niche and try to pitch brands or products that identify with a female audience. If you want to succeed making money as an Instagram Influencer, you will need to sharpen your sponsorship targeting skills otherwise you’ll just be wasting your time and energy.

I get hit up every week from a different brand, company or product looking to partner with me (MadWhips or Wolf Millionaire) in order to represent them on Instagram and secure a sponsorship. However 99% of the people who contact me, never do their research on me or my brands.

Yes believe it or not I get emails from female focused brands (beauty products, teas, supplements lol) who mass email Instagram Influencers and end up in my Inbox. It’s a shame that this is how these companies choose to look for Influencers to work with as it’s the ABSOLUTE worst strategy!

Let me walk you through the finer points of how to successfully search for sponsorship opportunities whether you are an Influencer looking to represent a brand or business or whether you are a brand or business looking to secure a sponsorship with an Instagram Influencer.

When most of us start out as Influencers, we are the ones that will most likely need to sell ourselves to brands and businesses in order to secure Instagram sponsorships.

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It is absolutely essential that YOU use Instagram Insights which I explain in detail to help you make MORE MONEY.

YOU must know WHO your audience is and WHERE your audience is if you want to successfully secure sponsorship money with brands and businesses that align with your following!

Gone are the early days of growing a massive following and sitting around until someone contacts you because you were the only Influencer in your niche with a BIG following.

Today there there many Influencers in every niche and many of them are using Fake Followers and Fake Likes like SOOOOO MANY Cheating Instagram scams do.

Don’t get discouraged because more and more of these fake Influencers are quickly getting blacklisted thanks to my teachings and exposing their cheating ways. Please make sure you aren’t Faking Instagram Comments, as it’s super easy for brands to see this and when they do, they will black list you and you will never make money with your account.

You really need to dig into your FOLLOWERS and understand WHY they are following you and WHAT your typical follower looks like (not in person) but what their profile as a follower looks like.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Pitch

How old are the majority of your followers?

Where do most of your followers live? Which countries? Which major cities? Instagram Insights tells you all of this.

What are some of your followers Interests?

What are your followers favorite products or brands?

You can find out all this information by using Instagram Poll Sticker to dig deep into your followers demographics and interests! You can also get valuable feedback by engaging and asking your followers specific questions to help you determine what they are into from products, to music, to fashion to computer games and movies.

All this info is what will help YOU get a clearer vision of what your followers look like and then you will be able to better understand what brand and products might make for an amazing sponsorship with your Instagram brand.

From here it’s up to you to draft up a proposal of what YOU can offer each brand you send a pitch to. Don’t create 1 pitch and mass email it to brands. You won’t get anywhere with this approach.

You need to create a personal and detailed proposal for each brand you are going to reach out to and explain to them how and why they should hire you as a brand ambassador. You have to prove to them that YOU are an amazing fit to represent their brand! Make it personal and make it to the point with examples of posts you’ve done for other companies or will do if you are trying to land your first brand or business sponsorship!

Happy Instagramming

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