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By October 25, 2017 November 4th, 2017 Instagram News

Split screen LIVE Instagram stream is finally here! Wolf Millionaire explains how this exciting feature can transform your account into a powerhouse!

Split screen your Instagram LIVE stream NOW with a friend, follower, colleague or influencer! This is now the hottest feature Instagram has released this year and I’m so pumped to start using it! Make sure you update your Instagram app (Android & iOS) to the latest version in order to see if this feature has rolled out to you yet!

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split screen Instagram live update

Split Screen LIVE – Another GAME CHANGER

Instagram has introduced an amazing NEW LIVE feature that allows you to “add” anyone watching your LIVE stream into your broadcast simultaneously! HAHAHA This is the hottest LIVE Instagram Stories feature since Instagram Stories Mentions (which makes me money) was released!

I am so pumped I couldn’t wait to test it out so I launched a LIVE stream broadcast and invited my friend Cody aka @DoctaM3 (he’s actually a Doctor/Surgeon with a passion for Supercars) to join me on my first ever split screen Instagram broadcast! It WAS EPIC!

Believe it or not I’m a little shy. NO HONESTLY, this whole “point a camera or mobile phone” in my face and talk isn’t my cup of tea. But while talking in a split screen LIVE broadcast with Cody, it was effortless and easy! I really suggest you try it out with your friends and more importantly your followers! Just imagine the ENGAGEMENT and conversations you could have with or in front of your followers!

This new feature allows you to truly share yourself and others in a LIVE authentic way. You can invite anyone who’s watching your LIVE stream broadcast! During your split screen LIVE stream broadcast others who follow you will see 2 circles stacked together in your Instagram stories bar. You can join in and comment and like during the split screen LIVE broadcast.

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I am also loving the Poll Sticker feature that Instagram introduced! That feature alone is worth money to me as it’s a way to get information out of your followers while engaging with them every day! Instagram stories is so powerful with amazing new features there’s no wonder Instagram Vs. Snapchat isn’t even a fair competition anymore!

Now, Lets take a quick peek at how to get a split screen LIVE broadcast up and running!

The 1st STEP is to fire up a Instagram LIVE broadcast then click on the bottom right double stacked smiley face emoji’s (see image below). You might want to give your LIVE broadcast a couple seconds to start, as you will only be able to “ADD” followers to your LIVE broadcast who are WATCHING YOUR CURRENT LIVE SESSION!

split screen add guest Instagram


The 2nd STEP is to select someone from your LIVE session and a notification will be sent to them to ACCEPT or DECLINE. You can even search for a user at this point in the event you suddenly get hundreds or thousands of viewers and don’t want to scroll through them to find the friend you want to “ADD”. (see below image)

split screen Instagram Go LIVE WITH

The 3rd STEP is to have a fun conversation with your Instagram LIVE GUEST!  My mind is going a million miles a minute right now with all the exciting new ways I plan on using this new split screen Instagram LIVE broadcast feature! Lets see who can get creative with this feature!


split screen live video Instagram

Well there you have it, a very simple new Instagram LIVE feature that lets you ADD someone in on your LIVE broadcast for your followers to watch, comment & like on. Instagram has done it again, blowing up their app for 800 Million Monthly Active Users to continue enjoying!

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Happy Instagramming!

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