Instagram’s Shopping App = HUGE $$$ OPPORTUNITY

By September 11, 2018 Instagram News

Shopping app by Instagram is coming! Wolf Millionaire explains why IG is going after e-commerce and why you should get ready for this MAJOR opportunity!

Shopping App Instagram

Shopping App by Instagram?

But didn’t Instagram already give us Instagram Shopping Feature and now they want to create a stand alone app?

Yes, Instagram knows the future of their platform (to stay relevant and keep us hooked) is to further integrate e-commerce into their social network.

Instagram wants to grow into a shopping app to capitalize on our personal interest of product discovery thanks to Influencers in every niche promoting products and services.

Global Instagram Influencer market size was $1 Billion in 2017 and is project to top $2.3 BILLION in 2019. With this much advertising going on with Instagram’s platform, it’s a no brainer they want to capitalize on this with their greedy fingers and create a stand alone Instagram shopping app!

Did you see these 6 Important NEW Instagram features that most people don’t know about?


shopping app opportunity

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Shopping App – How To Prepare Yourself

I’ve already walked you through how to setup and Sell Any Products on Instagram with the Shopify Instagram Feature shopping app plugin.

I even provided these 10 Steps To Launch ANY Product on Instagram.

So now Instagram wants to launch another stand alone shopping app. Why?

BECAUSE 4 out of 5 Instagram users follow at least one business…..

According to Instagram, there are more than 25 million businesses already on Instagram (most of whom NEED your help $$$ to get their account, content, bio and captions up to speed) yet ONLY 2 million of them are advertising on Instagram according to Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg.

Creating a standalone app will allow Instagram to provide a dedicated app for an increasingly popular activity (product discover and shopping) on Instagram while also expanding their own e-commerce revenues.

Do you smell the money making opportunity here? You could be helping these millions of companies advertise their products or services with YOUR ACCOUNT or other peoples accounts just like I teach you in my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Training.

Yes you read that correctly there are more than 20 Million “Businesses” NOT advertising with Instagram YET…..


So why are you sitting there and not getting to work going after these companies to help them with their Instagram advertising efforts while making money by leveraging EVERYTHING I have taught you STEP-BY-STEP??? Probably because your lazy, entitled and think you’re going to make money by playing video games or going out clubbing with your loser friends.

Still don’t see the writing on the wall? Well I have. I have been following what the Chinese have been doing for the last couple years, and yes they are way more advanced when it comes to online everything… including social media and e-commerce.

Between Weibo and WeChat and Mini Programs, it’s a no brainer than Instagram will be adopting these exact same e-commerce shopping app functionality to it’s already FAST GROWING social network!

Here is all you need to know in a nutshell, to see that Instagram Shopping’s App has been in the works for a while now!

Weibo, one of China’s largest and most popular social media platforms, has a partnership with Alibaba, allowing users to post direct links to Alibaba’s marketplaces while penalizing posts with links to other e-commerce platforms. A feature called Weibo Window affords a frictionless social commerce experience allowing followers to directly purchase an item shown in a post from the influencer’s Taobao store without ever leaving Weibo.

The second wave of influencer brands began to emerge last year when Tencent launched WeChat Mini Programs, basic versions of regular apps designed to work within the WeChat ecosystem.

Prior to Mini Programs, influencers on WeChat could not include links to external websites within their posts, severely limiting their ability to drive direct sales. Now, e-commerce stores created using Mini Programs can be linked to directly in the body of WeChat  articles, thereby dramatically increasing conversion rates and sales

So it’s time you get on board! Start LEARNING now and by this time NEXT YEAR you will be laughing all the way to the bank after Instagram rolls out their Instagram Shopping App!

If you’re willing to learn, I’m willing to continue teaching you all my BEST PRACTICES, STRATEGIES and TIPS as I figure them out by TESTING, TESTING, TESTING as I have been successfully doing (more than anyone) for over 5 years on Instagram!

Time to start EARNING, after you start LEARNING with my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Training 

Happy Instagramming!




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