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By October 6, 2017 November 4th, 2017 Instagram News

Shopify Instagram newest feature is starting to roll out! Wolf Millionaire explains how and why it will mint more Instagram millionaires than ever!

Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform that easily helps you build a marketplace or product landing page for anything you want to sell. I have been using it as my e-commerce platform of choice to sell my MadWhips Carbon Fiber Phone Cases which was my very first product I ever started selling on Instagram. I did my research and concluded that Shopify was the best platform out there!

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Shopify’s New Instagram Feature

Less than a year ago I predicted how Instagram shopping feature would be a killer money making opportunity for anyone selling a product. Well here it comes! Are you ready? If you are using Shopify, have a product for sale make sure you sing up here for Shopify New Instagram Feature.

If you don’t have a product for sale, don’t work! Just get to work finding one to sell, because this is going to be a feature that will make many small Instagram business owners into millionaires.  Go find stuff to sell on Alibaba, or Ebay or Amazon.

Buy a couple to test your market and setup your own e-commerce store on Shopify very quickly! You don’t have to have some big production of products, just buy 2-5 of something, and start selling it on your account with this feature. If it doesn’t sell, test something else out. The bottom line is you just need to start doing this until you find your opportunity, because when you do find success, the biggest problem you’ll have is WHERE TO GET MORE PRODUCT TO SELL!!

Start selling something and get it setup on Shopify, Facebook & Instagram and watch the money come more and more every month and year as Instagram continues to grow and be the HOTTEST social network out there!

To ensure you are eligible and are ready to use Shopping on Instagram once it is available:

  1. You need to be using Shopify, and have at least 1 eligible physical good (product) to sell.
  2. You need to have a Facebook page for your product or service. It doesn’t matter what “type of page” but you have to have one specifically just for your business, or product or service. I have my MadWhips Carbon Fiber Phone Case store which sells multiple products but yet we only have the MadWhips Facebook Page which is connected to our Shopify Store.  You will need to connect your Facebook Catalogue through your Shopify account.
  3. You need an Instagram account that matches your Facebook account, and business profile selected. Make sure you read my Instagram Business Profile Secrets article to get your profile setup properly.

Get in on this massive opportunity as more and more people continue to flock to Instagram from all over the world! When you’re done watching my Wolf Millionaire Webinar, I will send you a link to my newly updated 35 Page Instagram Guide filled with tips, tricks & strategies that you can use immediately learn how to post better photos & videos, grow followers faster and get better engagement with each new post!

Happy Instagramming!

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