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By January 29, 2018Instagram News
shadow ban Instagram

Shadow Ban is REAL. Wolf Millionaire explains how to avoid getting Shadow Banned on Instagram by using his best practices.

Shadow ban on Instagram is real and you need to learn to be more careful.

While the number of reported people messaging about getting a shadow ban has slowed down, many people are still unaware of this silent engagement killer.

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PLEASE read Or WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW so you don’t become one of them!

Yes, you can still get shadow banned and I will explain how to ensure you DON’T because it’s very bad for your Instagram account and can even result in your account getting banned and deleted. PLEASE BE WARNED.

There were several websites that popped up that claimed to determine if you’ve been shadow banned, sometimes they were right sometimes they were wrong. There is an easy way you can check from time to time to ensure you haven’t incurred a shadow ban.

While Instagram has been cleaning up all the millions and millions of FAKE FOLLOWERS and BOTS that I exposed in detail a while ago, Instagram will still shadow ban your account if you step over the line posting and abusing their service.

Even Faking Instagram Comments CAN get you banned, so please be careful with the garbage strategies YOU are learning from people who know nothing about Instagram yet claim to be able to help you grow your followers an engagements. Cheating on Instagram will only continue to weed out the weak because Instagram has been cleaning up and deleting accounts that don’t use their best practices, something I’ve been teaching and stressing since day.

Shadow Ban Instagram

Shadow Ban – What is it?

A shadow ban was a temporary ban/time out on your “banned” photos or videos showing up for any of the hashtags you used on that particular post.

An easy was to check if you post was issued a temporary shadow ban would be to check the hashtag search function of Instagram right after you post. Now keep in mind if you’re using hashtags that have millions of posts, you won’t be able to find it quickly.

If you’ve been paying attention and learning from me, you’ll know that using high level competitive hashtags is a complete waste of your time.

Make sure you’ve read my article on the Best Hashtags for Instagram Growth, and my personal Instagram Stories Hashtag Secrets if you really want to ensure you are making the BEST USE of hashtags on Instagram.

Just about EVERYONE I see on Instagram is USING THE WRONG HASHTAGS. Even people who claim to be “Instagram Guru’s” – which are a dime a dozen it seems today… Remember who brought the world the very FIRST 35 Page Instagram Guide filled with page after page of FRREE tips, tricks and best practices all thanks to my thousands of hours of testing and testing over 10,000 controlled experiments

It was yours truly, Wolf Millionaire. I also predicted so many BIG changes and features that have been rolled out back in 2015/2016, which you can watch and listen to yourself in my world famous online Instagram Video Guides.

Don’t be one of these people because you’re just wasting your time and your Instagram gram is suffering because of it.

Make sure you read below so you can stop making the same amateur mistakes so many people do when posting their photos or videos to Instagram. If you don’t you run a very high risk of getting your Instagram account banned and deleted by Instagram, especially now that they are really cracking down on

 Corsa Rally XEN 2017

How do YOU avoid getting shadow banned?

Do NOT use the same hashtags every post. Use unique hashtags like I explain STEP-BY-STEP here: Best Hashtags for Instagram Growth.

Do NOT use automated posting software that post to your account automatically for you. Scheduling software is OK.

Do NOT buy Fake Followers or Bots (EVER)

Do NOT buy FAKE Instagram Likes or risk getting banned and exposed.

Do NOT use FAKE/BOT managed Telegram Instagram Comment & Engagement Pods

Do NOT use Fake Instagram Comments

If you follow these simple rules then you will ensure that you NEVER get shadow banned! Those who cheat are the ones getting their accounts disabled and banned.

Take advantage of ALL my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides and you will be among the 1% of Instagram users who actually know HOW to use Instagram. Once you have learned all my Instagram tips, tricks and strategies and you start using them you will see more and growth & engagement every week!

BE PASSIONATE (#1 key requirement), BE PATIENT, and remember…. CONTENT IS KING!

Happy Instagramming!

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