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By January 26, 2017Instagram News

Meme Success! Using my Wolf Millionaire InstaWealth Growth System, @secretentourage, another successful student of mine, has made their account & sales soar with popularity featuring so many bad ass memes, quotes and just get shit done attitude! They’ve nailed it, because we all know that a great meme is all the rage these days.

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I love how these guys have incorporated tons of amazing quotes, stories, and testimonies into their posts to get followers inspired on the daily! Let’s see how they’ve integrated my strategies to get ahead and inspire others to become fierce entrepreneurs with one great meme after another!


meme endeavor secret entourage

Hello, Secret Entourage!

First off- I love the “SE” logo! It’s clean and unique, the coloring is perfect- whoever designed that knew exactly what they were doing and it’s visually striking. Great start.

Right away I see a ton of info in the bio. This is usually good, or sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming depending on what the information is. You don’t want to give people too much information, you want to bait them with a clean hook. I’d say a 2-line bio would suffice.

I think it’s great that they have their Snapchat as well as alternative website available for contact. A clear email address for a DM (direct message) would be beneficial too. They’ve got a decent amount of followers, coming up on half a million! They’re following 2,511 accounts which is quite a bit, but hey, for engagement purposes they’ve got a lot going for them with that many. It shows they care about following others which I think is great for business.

Bio Hazard?

I love all the enthusiasm this account has, evident right away in their bio! The “Third Circle Theory” book is the FIRST thing I ever personally purchased off of Instagram when I first started to promote their account! I highly recommend it and it finds it way on the same shelf as the Rich Dad Poor Dad book by Robert Kyosaki (highly recommend you read that).

Perhaps these concepts could be discussed a little more in detail once someone goes to their website or in teaser videos for their Instagram account in order to pique the interest of potential new customers. It’s just a thought! It’s always good to leave a little mystery and get people clicking and asking questions, instead of over-informing them. From their bio, I can’t really tell if the account is full of memes about motivation, money, starting a business, or all three.

Meme Theme

This account nailed it with the memes- people in our modern culture absolutely love their memes! The overall theme of this account is brilliant with every post being a meme/quote. The occasional celebrity in the post is nice too, and not overdone. I found myself scrolling for more as I read quite a few inspiring ones. Just for fun, here are a few of my favorites…We’ll analyze a few posts after!

meme endeavor secret entourage

meme endeavor secret entourage

meme endeavor secret entourage

meme endeavor secret entourage


Like-Worthy Posts: Videos

I noticed this account’s posts got an average of 1K-4K likes. Not bad! However, what really got people talking/sharing were the meme and quote posts that were actually videos. Videos sell, folks, and people love them! Videos are more personal, raw, and like-able for a number of reasons.

I’m so glad that Instagram introduced the video feature last year, as I predicted people!! I talk more about the importance and benefits of video story telling in another blog I wrote, check it out here!

Check out this video below got a whopping 36,374 views! Nice work! Looks like @secretentourage doesn’t mind a little boldness in calling out and challenging their followers, as we can see this post did exceedingly well!

meme endeavor secret entourage

More Video Love..

But wait, there’s more! Here’s another goodie, and the reason why? I’m certain because it changed up the theme and it features an athlete, the (mostly) beloved Tim Tebow. This video got even more views, at 45,970.

That said, I have to commend @secretentourage at posting every type of meme one could imagine whether it involves sports, cars, jobs, women, money, advice on vices and lifestyle…the list goes on. The fact that this account has an obvious theme of entrepreneurship and motivation, geared at a variety of different people, makes it a hit! Great job.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 9.18.35 PM

More Meme fProps: #Hashtags & Stories

This account has mad #HASHTAGS! Every post they have has a plethora of hashtags in the title that confirms what the post is about and what emotions/feelings we are supposed to illicit from the meme of the day. This gets people engaged and interested! From #inspired to #motivated, to #smallbusiness to #entrepreneur, @secretentourage knows how to work those hashtags to their benefit!

Did you know that people really do want to know your story? You can get famous on Instagram, and people are starting to use their Instagrams as mini-blogs now. It’s amazing! I love how @secretentourage takes advantage of Insta-blogging, like in this VERY popular post below with almost 6K likes! They did a great job telling a personal story to go along with their meme, and this is really working for them. Check it out:

meme endeavor secret entourage


So we’ve seen what makes an account flourish, and for @secretentourage it’s their kick ass theme of motivating MEMES, their variety, and how they’ve creatively decked out their account with the right amount of hashtags and mini-blogs. What’s amiss?! Not a whole lot! The only minor tips I have are in the very beginning where I mentioned the bio being a little cleaner, with a little more mystery. Other than than, I’m super proud of this student and I’m so glad I was able to give them a well-deserved shout out. Keep up the great work @secretentourage, and keep me informed on your rising success!

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