The Safest Way To Send Money on Instagram

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Question: What is the safest way to send money or purchase something on Instagram (or the Internet)? Am I protected by PayPal if I purchase an Instagram account or ad/shout out or a product using PayPal as my form of payment? I heard they have purchase protection. What about using MoneyGram or Western Union to purchase Watches, Shoes, iPhones or other electronic devices?

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Answer: Great Questions! The safest way to purchase anything online is via PayPal. You only have PayPal Buyer/Seller PROTECTION if you SEND or ACCEPT a payment by using the “Pay for Goods & Services” option this also includes sending someone an INVOICE via PayPal. Furthermore, when you purchase anything (digital or physical goods) using PayPal “Pay for Goods & Services” you should put the details of what you are buying in the description of the sale what you are sending money for.


For example, when I pay other accounts to advertise my clients Instagram account or products, I list exactly what I am paying for. “1 shout out for Instagram account “list username” on Instagram account “list username” on “this date” at “this time” and the post will stay up for “x hours”. You can even include the requirement that the advertiser you are sending money to must send you a screenshot before it’s deleted to prove that it was posted.

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If whoever you are sending money to doesn’t deliver what is described in the description you can submit a PayPal complaint and you will get your money back immediately and the company will have to prove (beyond just an email – proof of shipment/tracking # etc) that they delivered what they said. IF anyone on the Internet only accepts payments from PayPal as “Friends & Family” it’s 100% a scam as you have ZERO protection if you send people money using this method!

As for using MoneyGram or WesternUnion, if someone is selling you something on Instagram or the Internet and they are NOT willing to use PayPal and NOT willing to accept payment via “Pay For Goods & Services” then they are 100% trying to scam you. You WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY. BE WARNED, and BE SAFE by USING PAYPAL like I have explained above. NO EXCEPTIONS!

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Follow Up Question: From the time I send a PayPal payment to another person, about how long does it take for the payment to show up on their PayPal accounts?

Answer:  Another great questions! When someone sends you money via PayPal (whether is by “Goods & Services” or “Family & Friends) It should take less than a couple of minutes. There should be no delay unless your account or their accounts have issues (sometimes too many outstanding complaints that haven’t been resolved – this is rare) or sometimes payments are held for “review” by PayPal.

If you notice this happening lots with a particular account then it’s mostly due to their account having sketchy activity. For 99% of the PayPal payments I make which are the safest type “Pay for Goods & Services” not to mention oversee for clients (that’s more than 100+ PayPal payments every month) they arrive to the recipient within minutes. Possibly the people paying you for shout outs are lazy and just playing games when you’re money really has already arrived in their account. I see this lots with amateur account owners, especially those that take their sweet ass time replying by email.

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