Russian Trolls Attack Instagram To Spread Propaganda

By December 18, 2017 December 31st, 2017 Instagram News
Russian Trolls attack Instagram

Russian trolls attacked Instagram. Wolf Millionaire explores why this recent news isn’t shocking and what it indicates for the future of Instagram.

Russian trolls not only posted their election attacks on Facebook and Twitter to spread their propaganda, they successfully used Instagram as well!

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Instagram didn’t get investigated as much as Facebook and Twitter did for these Russian troll campaigns, but make no mistake, if you dig into the data, it clearly shows (and Facebook does admit) that Instagram was responsible for spreading MILLIONS of IMPRESSIONS to MILLIONS of PEOPLE! This is how powerful Instagram is, which continues to operate under the radar!

The more data I read, the more supporting evidence on these Russian Trolls surfaces asserting my initial assumptions that Instagram played a much bigger role in Russia’s propaganda campaign during the last election than everyone originally thought or wanted to admit.

There is only one reason for this. Instagram is still the hottest Social Network out there and when used PROPERLY, can reach and influence MILLIONS of people very quickly and easily!

Even though Facebook has double the numbers (2+ Billion Monthly Active Users) and the ability to really specifically target audiences with their ad managers, Instagram still has the viral coefficient to reach the masses with simple posts that other users discover and then repost on their own account! This is exactly how these Russian Trolls made the most use out of Instagram for next to no cost!

Sure Instagram made changes to their algorithm over the years which results in less likes, but that doesn’t affect how many people still view all of our posts! You see it’s ALL ABOUT IMPRESSIONS, that is the number that truly matters!

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Russian Trolls Leverage Instagram JUST LIKE I DO

Russian trolls spread MASS propaganda on Instagram as the Instagram platform continues to fly under the radar. Facebook, Twitter and Google have been taken to task over the spread of Russian trolls and propaganda, Instagram has been largely left alone!

One of the most conclusive and well written research articles I have read that explains all of this (for those who are nerdy interested like me) make sure you check out this full article by Jonathan Albright, research director at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University.

He really dove into all the DATA, and the big Russian troll accounts examining their reach, influence, likes and impressions earned through their Instagram posts.

He concluded the following about Instagram:

“My conclusion: Instagram is a major distributor and re-distributor of IRA propaganda that’s at the very least on par with Twitter. In my opinion, the platform is far more impactful than Twitter for content-based “meme” engagement — especially for certain minority segments of the American population.”

Albright further said

“I argue here that Instagram is more pervasive than Twitter for political meme-spreading as well as viral outrage video-based behavioural re-targeting.”

These Russian Troll posts on Instagram have reached more than 16 million people in the United States after October 2016! Thats HUGE!

I am not going to post any of the Russian Troll Instagram posts, you can use google to find them here, herehere and here to get an understanding of what they looked like.

I will not participate in spreading these posts which are hurtful and ignorant and racist to some degree. I am not here to bring light to what was posted, but to further illustrate HOW POWERFUL Instagram still is. However check those links if you were curious to see the type of content that was being used. I don’t follow mainstream news, and didn’t follow any of this election shit, because I just don’t care.

The news, the elections, the president of the USA, none of it has any bearing on how I make money using Instagram, and I absolutely love living in my little bubble, I’m so much happier than having to listen to all the bullshit in the world that doesn’t affect me! Another key reason I am able to work so hard and longer than anyone is that my mind isn’t poisoned by the shit in the media!

Can you believe Instagram was used to influence an ELECTION in the USA. DAMN! That’s hardcore proof that if you still don’t get it, you never will, but it’s amazing to see how the worlds hottest social network was used to really influence millions of people drawing on it’s inherent viral meme sharing audiences allowing like minded people (even the wrong minded individuals) to network and spread hateful posts in the media.

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