Recommended Instagram Posts – How To Get Your Posts Seen

By December 29, 2017 February 1st, 2018 Instagram News
recommended Instagram posts

Recommended Instagram posts are coming to YOUR feed. Wolf Millionaire explains how to take advantage of this feature to get noticed & attract new followers.

Recommended Instagram posts are slowly making their way into new peoples Instagram feeds. Based on what you like, comment on or engage with while surfing Instagram will determine what content is recommended for you.

If you haven’t already, you will start to see posts in your feed by people you don’t follow along with suggested Follow Hashtags which is another one of Instagram latest and hottest new features that’s never been implemented by any other social network.

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Recommended Instagram Posts

Remember by using all of myWolf Millionaire Holiday Sale tips, tricks & strategies, you will be running an Instagram account with ALL the BEST PRACTICES that Instagram supports in order to get YOUR content into other peoples recommended post feeds!

Providing you are consistent and always remembering that content is KING, Instagram will post YOUR videos & pictures that are liked by others into more NEW peoples recommended feeds!

How you can take advantage of this new Instagram feature is similar to how I blew on Instagram during my first couple years when Instagram rolled out the suggested follower recommendations feature and my accounts were being suggested to you if you started to follow one of them. Instagram is full of powerful NEW features and given that Instagram is my biggest source of Income

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The end result might translate into people discovering new content, or, see posts on the platform they deem annoying. The company says there is an option to “temporarily hide” the new feature, but mentions nothing about turning it off altogether.


If you scroll enough through your feed you should start to see these recommended posts in your feed. If you don’t be patient, you most certainly will when it rolls out to all users around the world. Instagram wants to help GOOD accounts and GOOD content get discovered beyond the explore/discover page. So make sure you follow all my

This is just another one of Instagram’s algorithms at work, so you can bet your bottom dollar I will be figuring it out and taking advantage of it in 2018!

Happy Instagramming!

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