Snapcodes Make Money on Instagram

By February 1, 2017Instagram News
Snapcodes Make Money on Instagram

Snapcodes were just launched today & Wolf Millionaire is once again already testing it so you can profit. Learn how you can make money from this new feature by using QR Snapcodes on Instagram!

Wolf Millionaire Motivation

Snapcodes are HOT off the PRESS today! Literally launched only a couple hours ago! I have already started playing with QR Snapcodes on Instagram as posts & Instagram Stories in order to drive more traffic to my Wolf Millionaire website! Listen up and make sure you start using this new Instagram strategy utilizing Snapchat QR Snapcodes which allow us to drive Snapchat users out of snapchat and to any URL/website!

snapchat snapcodes iOS update

We all know that Snapchat was foolish for turning down Facebook’s $3 BILLION DOLLAR offer years ago. Which is why Facebook buying Instagram for $1 BILLION was the deal of the century! Ever since Instagram was acquired by Facebook and continued attracting NEW users by the hundreds of thousands every quarter it was just a matter of time before Instagram started implementing feature after feature building on the already powerful photo, video and storytelling platform.

Remember Instagram is killing Snapchat! After all, Instagram is owned by the largest most successful and powerful Social Network in the world (Facebook) that has had the last decade to sift through their own billion user network and the data usage behind every single user. You better bet your dollar that Mr Zuckerberg has nothing but domination on his mind every single day. And the fact that Snapchat turned down his offer years ago, he’s going to destroy Snapchat piece by piece.

This is why I have been so GUN HO and POSITIVE about Instagram ever since I started to kill it and grew my own 30+ account network to over 18 Million followers in a few short years! YOU could be doing the exact same simply by following my STEP-BY-STEP video guides! Make sure you follow my Wolf Millionaire YouTube Channel for more FREE video guides!

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Wolf Millionaire & Timothy Sykes

I created my InstaWealth Growth System in order to walk you through and teach you EVERYTHING I know about Instagram STEP-BY-STEP. All you have to do is jump on board with whatever you are passionate about and let me teach YOU how to grow an incredible & engaged Instagram following. Why would anyone want a massive Instagram following? Well because you can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars like I have!

If you start with my InstaWealth course you will learn how to grow your Instagram account and Make Money From Instagram if you put in the time and effort like I have! Stick with Instagram, it’s going to get better and better! Remember social media opportunities like this don’t come around every year, so dig in and study my strategies and take it one day at a time and you will see growth & engagement grow month after month!

Snapchats latest uphill battle and woes for falling behind in innovating their product is a great reminder & stark reminder for all of us entrepreneurs! Put the ego’s away when it comes to realistic valuations of your company and when you get an insane offer for whatever company or product you’ve created in the digital ecosphere, you should highly consider cashing out.

Just because millions of millenials, generation-Z or baby boomers are using your product religiously doesn’t mean SHIT in today’s fast evolving world. What was once hot (Snapchat) can become yesterdays news faster than I go through girlfriends. This is why Instagram continues to GROW, they keep adding all kinds of amazing features like Instagram Stories which copied Snapchat story approach! I even taught you for FREE how Instagram Stories Mentions Makes Money!

I have witnessed several of my really good friends lose out on MULTI-MILLION dollar offers of their software companies in the last decade because they thought their company was worth much more. These friends were all top of their business, engineering and advertising classes and yet they held out a little too long with their once upon a time strong company valuations which were completely swept from under them when the digital ecosphere suddenly changed or a competitor implemented the one feature or service they excelled at!

This is a great reminder to all digital entrepreneurs that the digital ecosystem can change at anytime, established companies, networks and products can add and delete features at a moments notice making your company obsolete overnight (like Meercat and now Periscope). Don’t be one of them!

Make Money with QR Snapcodes

Snapchats Newest Feature: QR code to URL

To use the new QR Snapcode feature, make sure your iOS app is updated as the new feature is in today’s iOS update release. If you are an Android User, you will have to be a Snapchat Beta user to have access to this feature right now. Now you all know why I carry around a iPhone 7+ and my Pixel XL phone, I am on top of everything that is Instagram on both devices in order to test and bring you these new Wolf Millionaire Money Making Instagram Strategies FIRST before anyone!

How To Create QR Snapcode

1. Open snapchat and open your settings (the gear top right of your home page)

2. Click Create SnapCode and enter a URL.

3. Tap the SnapCode Image and you can add an image to the Snapcode

4. Save to Camera Roll and voila!

5. You can also EDIT the url & Snapcode Image of any of your Snapcodes

6. When viewing your created Snapcodes, you can click on the top right icon to save the image to your camera roll or send it out to social channels or messaging apps.
NOTE: I will be sharing all my findings and stats of my use and testing this new QR Snapcode money making strategy with my InstaWealth Growth System students only! Be thankful I am sharing this strategy for FREE because no one else out there will be! This is why I am the true Wolf of Instagram!


snapchat snapcodes setup


Wolf Millionaire Snapcode

Snapcode Future Predictions

As usual, given my previous Instagram Predictions I have made that came true in 2016, I am going to make some more. Snapchat’s QR snapcodes are very useful, but they need to continue to innovate and introduce new features for their app, we already know they have millions of active users and were the first to create a social network/app which focused on storytelling; a very successful formula and now trend that all social networks are trying to copy!

Snapchat will need to make more photo/video editing tools if they want people to think of using their app FIRST before Instagram. READ here how Snapchat viewership is down %15-30% because of Instagram Stories! I told you all this was happening!
I keep wanting to use just 1 app to take a photo or video, but continue to favor Instagram simply because Instagram is the dominating Social Network. Snapchat would simply have to add in some powerful & valuable photo/video editing tools; like the ability to crop photos, mashup multiple photos/videos into a single snap, ability to add a watermark, or even the ability to add their new QR codes as a photo/video watermark before publishing on Snapchat. This way users will always think of their app first to create the photo/video, and save it, before posting to Snapchat FIRST then going into their other apps like Instagram & Facebook etc to post the creative photo or video they’ve created to flood their other social media channels.

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I also am going to predict that Instagram might implement a QR InstaCode of their own and maybe even a feature that allows the Instagram camera to read Snapchat QR SnapCodes in order to open a website or Instagram account from within Instagram. These two companies will continue to battle it out and YOU can guarantee I’m going to continue leveraging this battle to keep making money money money!

Lets see how 2017 Plays Out! One thing is sure, Instagram & Wolf Millionaire Will Dominate no matter what the competition does. YOU can either sit back and continue to watch my students and I grow followers & make money by following our passions OR JOIN US and start putting your Instagram play time to money making time following YOUR passions!
Happy Instagramming!

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