Puppies For Likes: Student Success

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Another Wolf Millionaire student has begun growing their Instagram account with a popular and effective niche- puppies (because who doesn’t love puppies?) – see what you can learn from them!

NOTE: this students account was renamed to @puppymap 

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Using my Wolf Millionaire strategies that have dominated for those using them, this student has started growing their account from scratch. From just 500 followers to nearly 30k, this student has exceeded expectations. What’s their niche? Something everybody would love: pups in pj’s. This will show you that no matter what you’re account is about, there is a market of Instagram users that you can reach out to. Follow along as I see what this student is bringing to the table other than cute posts of puppies.

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At A Glance: @puppymap

Puppies For Likes: A Student Review


At first glance, this account is a winner. Who doesn’t love to see puppies? Everyone on Instagram knows that if you post a picture of or with a dog (or most animals really) you are sure to rake in the “likes.” So creating an entire account dedicated to them is sure to become a popular account. But it’s time to look past the cute furry faces of these puppies and see what’s truly working for them.

Their account name says it all. We’re going to be seeing some puppies in pajamas, and their profile picture accompanies it well. Their bio lets us know that if we tag them in our own posts, we could get featured. That’s always a great way to get some interaction on your account. They’re also utilizing the DM feature on Instagram and guide followers there if they have inquiries. Their following a decent amount of people, but I’d suggest keeping it around that number. You don’t want to have too many followers. You want to look like a genuine account and if you’re doing a “follow for follow” scheme, your following and follower numbers will reflect that and be a turn off for most users visiting your account.

More Than A Cute Face

It’s easy to see why this account brings followers, but a cute pic of a puppy can only get you so far. Let’s see what’s really working for them. Take a look at the screenshot below.

Puppies For Likes: A Student Review


I instantly see mostly Golden Retrievers. Nothing wrong with that, but this account leads people to believe there will be a variety of pups in pajamas. While I do see some other dog breeds, it’d be nice to see more. Or consider changing the name or bio to focus more on a specific dog breed.

This student averages 1k likes per post. Not too bad, but I think they can do better if they keep up hard work! Let’s see what their content looks like closer up.

Puppies For Likes: A Student Review

The post above did really well based on their average amount of likes per post, even considering it’s not the highest quality (learn to take amazing iphone pictures that look HQ). Over 162 comments on this post which is almost as important as the amount of “likes.” Another thing that I noticed is that my student credits the photographer who captured this moment. Many IG accounts do this now. Crazy, right? You no longer need to use your own content if you give credit where credit is due.

‘Tis The Season

I noticed that this Wolf Millionaire student has taken advantage of holidays and events in the last few months. I love relevant posts like that because it tends to draw more followers in. Let’s see some of their recent posts:

Puppies For Likes: A Student Review

Just look at this dog… cute right? This was right around the time of the election so it was relevant and provided the release of tensions that usually come with politics. And with nearly 2,000 likes it seems to be working for them. I’m a fan of the hashtags too, very unique. I’ll go more in depth on hashtags in a minute.

Above, we have another holiday themed post. The caption is pure gold. Who doesn’t make a face like that at least once during the holidays? The follower engagement alone is blowing up! I love the use of their account’s personal hashtag.

Here we have a great New Years Eve post:

This is a solid post from my student, perfect for a NYE post. Notice all of the users tagging their friends. Such a good thing! When people do this, it means new eyes are coming to your content, thus getting more followers. The best way to increase follower engagement is to ask your followers a question. For example, ” who’s big NYE plans include wearing pajamas?” or simply, “tag a friend who would love this pup!” That’s a sure way to get some interaction going.

One last post that I want to show you from Halloween:

Heart-melting, no? This is yet again, another perfect holiday post that show’s that this account is relevant. Sure, it’s not a post featuring a pup in pajamas, but I think we can all agree to let this one slide on account of cuteness. Plus this got over 2k likes- more than their average! Over 104 comments on this post too! Incredible!

Hashtags, Hashtags, Hashtags

So I mentioned it briefly earlier, but I’d like to go more in-depth on hashstags and just how important they can be for organic growth on Instagram. It is my belief that every brand or business using Instagram should create a hashtag unique to their brand. This is a great way to lead people to your accounts and let your profile speak for itself. I don’t know about you, but I tend to look up random hashtags when I’m bored and so you never know who will find your brand’s hashtag and stumble across your account.

My student, PupsInPajamas, has shown that they have created a hashtag that they use consistently through their account. Their hashtag makes sense, it’s represents what their account is about- puppies.

Puppies For Likes: A Student Review

You can see above that they use the hashtag #pupsinpajamas. At first glance, the top posts are all from my student. I continue to scroll and see the most recent are from other users throwing the hashtag into their own posts.

Puppies For Likes: A Student Review

These are all posts from every day IG users that included #pupsinpajamas in their own posts.

This goes to show how handy a personalized hashtag can be for your brand or business. The more unique, the more likely only you and your followers will be using it. So using #Dogs wouldn’t be ideal.

However, using very general hashtags like #dog or #DogsOfInstagram can be great to use in the first comment. When posting to IG, it’s important to know that when you put all of your hashtags into the first comment, it hides it so it doesn’t clutter up your post. So in the first comment, feel free to go crazy. The more hashtags, the more people they will drive to your account. Just don’t be too cheesy and use hashtags like #LikeForLike, no one likes to see desperation like that even if it’s in the first comment.

See What You Can Accomplish

So all in all, I’m very pleased with the growth of this student. They’ve shown that they are dedicated- this is VERY important if you want to be my Wolf Millionaire student. Will you get thousands of followers overnight? No. Will my strategies work if you don’t put in the time? No. I need hard-working students that are willing to take the time to grow their account. No lazy students needed.

So what’s your niche? This student found their’s amongst puppy audience and they seem to know what they’re doing with a little help from my InstaWealth Growth System course. Study with me and you’ll be growing your Instagram account and profiting in no time.

If you aren’t yet convinced that I know what I am talking about, I encourage you to go to www.WolfMillionaire.com and enter your email to sign up for my FREE 20 page Instagram guide which you can start to implement many of my tips, tricks & strategies immediately and see new follower growth and better engagement with each new post. You’ll immediately realize that I know what I am talking about when it comes to Instagram.

Until then, see you poolside in Miami!

Anthony Carbone

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