Profitable Instagram Niches for Affiliate Marketing

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Profitable Instagram Niches

Profitable Instagram niches finally exposed! Wolf Millionaire highlights the most profitable affiliate marketing niches so you can make more money!

Profitable affiliate marketing niches on Instagram are finally highlighted by the master himself! If you are new to Affiliate Marketing, please make sure you read all my recent articles on these subjects like the Bitcoin Instagram opportunity I have recently laid out including the foundation of how you can immediately start to monetize your Instagram account.

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MOST Profitable Instagram Niches

Over the last couple years, as Instagram started to really grow, having a high level Instagram niche was all the rage because there were so many niches without a single account that dominated them. Fast forward today, and yes there are dozens, hundreds and thousands in the top niches.

Remember to do you homework when you’re exploring any niche. Just because someone has tens or hundreds or millions of followers doesn’t mean much because so many people use Fake Likes and Fake Followers, and now I’m still finding people Faking Instagram Comments.

Learn from all my FREE teachings here on my blog so you and your friends can learn how to spot these scams before falling victim to them. I just want to keep you SAFE so you don’t lose money to scum on Instagram like this Cheating Instagram Scam I also busted.

You WILL NOT MAKE MONEY with Instagram if you grow an account using all these scam’s that help grow your account with Fake Likes and Fake Followers, just remember that. Brands, businesses and Influencers are all smarter now that I have exposed so many of these fakers!

So whats the most profitable Instagram niche for affiliate marketing?

Well at a very high level, the MOST profitable Instagram niches really relies on so many factors. Think with me here….

What are the biggest industries or niches in the retail or online e-commerce world? What do people spend the most amount of money on each year when it comes on online shopping? This is where your thinking needs to begin.

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You also need to be conscious of WHERE in the world you are marketing, WHAT AGE GROUP and WHICH GENDER.  All these factors come into play if you are going to be extremely productive and efficient to maximize how much money you are going to make with Affiliate Marketing on Instagram.

Thankfully the demographic, WHO/WHAT/WHERE on Instagram is predominantly 18-34, MALE & FEMALE and from the large parts of the world USA, Europe, Australia etc.

Yes there are younger/older people and yes lots of people from south America and Asia, but the majority of the buying power from all the clients I’ve worked with and all the products I have helped sell around the world, you have it MADE for a very profitable opportunity if you target your Affiliate Marketing efforts and execution!

So I am going to explain which are the MOST profitable niches given that baseline of Instagram users I explained above. These niches are in no particular order, as the profitability of them all rely on your EXECUTION of your affiliate marketing efforts.

The sharper your efforts the more money you will make in any of these niches that have MILLIONS of consumers willing and ready to purchase your affiliate products!

All the outlined niches below have more affiliate marketing offerings than any other niche due to the volume of products that apply to them.

Health, Wellness & Fitness – I have lumped these three niches together because of the high level of similar grouped products, offerings and demographics. These 3 industries are always going through advancements with products and the marketing behind these new products that come out every year cuts the amount of work you have to do in half.

These 3 niches also serve as a great combination test bed for any given affiliate product or offering. You can test your product that applies to one in all 3 being conscious of where you specifically send your affiliate advertisements making sure you market MALE oriented products on a MALE dominant page for example.

Also it wouldn’t make sense to market a USA fitness product/protein shake on an account that has mostly European/UK/Australian following especially if the delivery fees are high and the deliver time is 2+ weeks.

People (especially younger demographics used of having everything today) DON’T want to wait so don’t waste your time as you will be dealing with lots of returns and wasted time not to mention excitement of early sales that will get returned within 48 hours before it’s shipped or even charge backs if it’s shipped without a tracking number. These are all things you need to be conscious of when looking for the best offering for a given niche.

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Wealth, Finance & Money this is another hot trio of niches grouped together by similarity in interest and the demographic of people who will follow these accounts not to mention BUY products and services associated with each of them.

Most of these niches are dominated by male demographics. I am not saying that women don’t follow these accounts, but what I am saying that based on the data I read and experience is that sales in this niche are usually dominated by MALES.

So don’t be afraid to make your marketing or ads slightly skewed towards the male audience because that’s ultimately who is going to be more apt (yes Women are a little smarter and more reserved in this niche category) to be the ones to pull the trigger on any product, or service in this niche.  Now if you had found a female focused account in this niche it would be safe to say that account would be Female dominant, however as I mentioned men are more likely to pull the trigger and spend in this niche.

Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle – the last but definitely NOT the only other trio of niches that are extremely profitable on Instagram are grouped together by aspirational or inspirational emotion.  People who follow exotic travel Instagram accounts don’t necessarily have the money to spend on a $5k or $10k vacation, same with people who follow watch accounts that only post Rolex, AP, Patek for example. However the people that do follow these accounts look up to these travel places or these marquis watch brands and look for similar experiences or branding in the places and products they can afford.

This niche is a great niche because of the wide appeal that can be affiliate marketed to. The demographic is wide, the male/female split is usually pretty equal, and products or services in this category are usually uni-sex. Meaning you could advertise a travel or lifestyle product that could apply to both male and female, thus increasing your conversion and sales thanks to the wide demographic.

Fashion however is EXTREMELY gender ruled niche (style & fit etc) so you really have to put in a little more work to define your audience to find the best most targeted products and services to sell them. The good news is that many people fail here because they just can’t grasp the science and art relationship required to master this niche. However if you do it’s one of the most rewarding one because year over year, more and more sales for Fashion are moving away from physical retail stores and onto the web and social media thanks to consumers who want to buy stuff NOW on their phones!

Watch for my in depth follow up article on why small sub niches on Instagram are becoming incredible opportunities for affiliate marketing.

LEAST profitable Instagram Niches

One of the least profitable Instagram niches for affiliate marketing is viral video accounts. Most people following and watching these accounts do so for quick time wasting habits or to distract them from their multitude of problems in life.

I have worked with many viral video accounts and they do not convert very well for affiliate marketing unless you are selling a product that itself is a viral video worthy itself (think bath bombs, fidget spinners, stupid gadgets etc).. These accounts are stifled by affiliate opportunities which get hit so quickly that there really is little to no margin in chasing them down with others doing the same thing. I don’t even bother targeting these viral video Instagram accounts anymore for Affiliate Marketing offers.

The next least profitable Instagram niches for affiliate marketing is the meme niches which is essentially just another type of Instagram account that is borderline bullying. Meme accounts breed bullying. These are accounts that make fun of other people’s physical attributes and many of theses accounts are all using copyright images which is a high risk level for credit & copyright issues which could leave your account banned.

It’s amazing how these meme pages are tolerated at Instagram. Instagram has positioned themselves as the social network that is more holy than holy when it comes to wanting to provide a safe social network so we can all play and get along like happy little kids.  They do not tolerate harassment or bullying yet they allow major meme accounts to propagate these behaviours to the masses. Not my care. Not my problem.

However with these accounts and similar to the viral video accounts, the people watching them are there for a quick laugh on someone elses expense. The problem with that is once you introduce any affiliate marketing add you will lose their attention. These followers want one thing and one thing only, a quick shameless laugh. They are not following, reading or watching these accounts for purchasing inspiration so why would you waste your time trying to target such a wide demographic of useless users? You don’t, you pass on this niche and move on the more profitable ones.

Happy Instagramming!

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