Product Placement Sells

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Product Placement Sells

It’s time again to feature a Wolf Millionaire student of mine who has experienced some serious growth & sales using my Instawealth strategies. This student has mastered the art of product placement to sell their watches on many different Instagram niche accounts. See what you can learn from a quick look at their account!

Using my Wolf Millionaire strategies, Zinvo Watches has started grown into a massive brand over the last 2+ years! They’ve now reached 144,000 followers using my Instagram product placement strategies that continues to deliver growth & most importantly SALES! This shows you that no matter what you’re account is about, there is a market of Instagram users that you can reach out to.

And it doesn’t matter if Instagram is changing, if you keep pushing, the money will keep on coming! There is much to be learned from this student in regards to product placement. Follow along as highlight how this incredible student is killing it! Make sure you go checkout several other of my successful students killing it selling: How To Launch A Clothing Company on Instagram and 10 Steps To Launch Any Product on Instagram

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Product Placement Money Sells


First Thoughts: ZinvoWatches

Time to take a look at what my student, Zinvo Watches has been doing to experience such significant growth on their Instagram account (aside from using my proven strategies).

Their profile picture is perfect- a simple, bold and striking logo in black and white (simplicity sells). Their BIO is solid- I can learn exactly what this account is about with a quick glance. Swiss watches that are able to ship worldwide. They provide their website link and a link to contact for regarding inquiries. They’re only following 239 which is pretty low with 144k followers- a great ratio!

Perfect Product Placement

When I glance at this account, I think clean and organized. It follows a style that creates a feeling of unity. I’ve mentioned many times just how important brand identity is. You want your account to look somewhat uniform, so find a theme or style and stick with it as much as you can. I find that when an account has posts that are too different from each other, it tends to look unorganized. At the very least, your posts should have something in common, whether it’s the filter style you use for each post, or the content itself. You’ll see what I mean as we continue to look at ZinvoWatches’ account.

Another eye-catching post from ZinvoWatches. The watch is the main focus, but the background is just as amazing.

Unity In Content

As I previously mentioned, a theme is a great way to keep your Instagram account looking professional. My student, ZinvoWatches does a perfect job of this. Take a look at the posts below. Notice anything? The watch is featured in every photo! This makes sense because they are using this Instagram account for marketing their product.

Not only do they focus on the watch in each post, but some posts feature some breathtaking sights. By doing this, they show more than a product- they show a lifestyle. They show how complete an outfit can be with this watch. They show that you can live adventurously even while wearing a watch.

Student Growth: The Perfect Product Placement

I love the detail in the close-up shots, they’re high-quality which makes all the difference and varied. They create different flavors of photos for all the various niche Instagram accounts they are marketing on. They promote their watches with Influencers (personal accounts) as well as big niche pages in the Travel, Animal, Vacation, Auto and other sports niches!

No one will like a blurry or poor-quality post so make sure you’re doing what this student does and make the most of each post. Even if you’re using a cell-phone to take shots, see how you can make those posts appear high-quality. No one will know the difference! Keep it bright and focused!! All the photos that I have posted on my Wolf Millionaire Instagram account were all taken with and iPhone 6 or most recently my iPhone 7+! You don’t need an expensive camera to create KILLER CONTENT!

The product placement in this post is spot on. There’s a badass Ferrari, but the focus is still on the Swiss watch. Whenever you’re posting to Instagram, make every post count. This student knows that there’s more to the picture than just their product. So take that into consideration when creating posts of your own.


I have even taken notes from how well Zinvo has been executing on their product placement for taking photos of my Rolex while in my brand new McLaren that I bought earlier this year with the money I make from Instagram! I love seeing my students succeed, and I love it when I can learn from them! Never stop learning!

McLaren Rolex Product Placement

Captivating Captions SELL

So the content of Instagram posts are important, but captions are of equal importance. Zinvo Watches does a great job of keeping them short and sweet. The post below features one of the watches in a lifestyle shot. The captions says, “winning in style.” Couldn’t agree more! What a great clean bright shot of their Zinvo Turbine watch against the backdrop of a bridge in New York!

This student is smart and is utilizing hashtags. If you don’t know already, hashtags are the best way to navigate Instagram users to your site. One thing I would suggest to this student is to put the hashtags in a comment so that they aren’t as visible to those looking at the post. Anything in the first comment will be hidden. Although hashtags are great, they can clutter up the caption and turn people off of your content.

I can see that this student is using some unique hashtags to represent their brand. This is important for any account no matter your niche. When you have your own hashtag, you can encourage others to use it. It’s a great way to network throughout Instagram.

Student Growth: The Perfect Product Placement

Let’s take a look at another post with the perfect product placement:

Student Growth: The Perfect Product Placement The post above really drew my attention. This student really has product placement down to an art. The picture not only features beautiful watch, but a sick jacket too. Again, the hashtags should be placed into a comment, but I’m happy to see they’re using them.

Growth Goals

Most of their posts are pulling in about 1,000 likes. That’s pretty good for an account with 144,000 followers, but it could be better! They have a decent amount of engagement from their followers too which in turn grows your account. You want followers to tag their friends in your posts so you can bring new eyes to your content aka new customers! A great way to do this is to ask a question in the caption of a post. Even simply saying, “tag a friend who’d wear this.”

Another way to experience some growth, is to collaborate with other accounts. This is an easy way for both account’s content to reach new followers. Seeing that this watch account has many shots of clothing with the watch, they could see if there’s a clothing brand looking to grow as well. As long as it makes sense. You wouldn’t want to collaborate with an account that has nothing to do with your product. Sign up for my InstaWealth Growth System and LEARN ALL MY GROWTH strategies! They are really easy once you watch me show you STEP-BY-STEP in my 22+ hours of easy to follow video guides!

Wolf Millionaire Visits Google

Time Is Of The Essence

Instagram is one of the best FREE marketing tools around right now. Everyone is using it to promote their brand. From big names like Nike to smaller ones that you may not have even heard of yet. It’s getting more and more difficult to stand out and grab Instagram users’ attention. Whether you’re trying to bring in potential customers with product placement, or get some likes on your posts, Instagram is the place to grow your following and truly be seen.

This is why I created my InstaWealth Growth System. My Wolf Millionaire students who continue to put in the work and effort have grown their accounts by following ALL my strategies and are still seeing results. This isn’t something attainable by those that are lazy. You’ve got to be committed! You don’t get 1 million followers overnight. If you’re someone who wants to change their life, promote their brand, or just get noticed on Instagram, go to and get your FREE 20 Page Instagram guide to started today!

Happy Instagramming, Wolf Pack!

Wolf Millionaire with Secret Entourage

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