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By October 4, 2017 November 4th, 2017 Instagram News
Poll Sticker Instagram Stories

Poll Sticker? Instagram Stories now has a polling feature! Wolf Millionaire explains why this new story feature is important and how to use it to increase your engagement.

Poll sticker is now freshly available to anyone who’s recently updated their Instagram app on both Android and iOS. This is a just another user engagement feature that Instagram has rolled out to allow you to poll your followers on Instagram stories with a poll sticker. It is a very simple customizable new feature but a very important one! Thank you Instagram!

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With Instagram’s latest 800+ Million Monthly Active Users announcement this month, the Instagram vs Snapchat battle is far from over which should be no surprise if you’ve been reading all my blog posts. This latest new Instagram stories poll sticker is yet another powerful engagement feature copied from Snapchat. Snapchat has a fun new add on app called Polly, which is a polling add on app for Snapchat to poll your followers for questions you want to ask.

This new Instagram Stories Poll Sticker is a very important one as it further allows you to interact with your followers in an easy way to ask them simply binary (yes or no, black or white, left or right) questions. In the Instagram stories analytics you get to see the results in real time as well as WHO of your followers or viewers have voted! Think of all the amazing possibilities you could be using this new feature for in order to engage with your followers!

poll sticker stories Instagram


Check out my very first quick test of this new poll sticker feature (above) on my @exotic_performance car account. After only 33 mins of posting it, over 4400 people have viewed my story.

The results below are easy to read. So far it’s a pretty tight race between people who prefer the Lamborghini Aventador (676 Votes) vs the Lamborghini Hurican (586 votes). Let your imagination run wild with all the fun questions you could be asking your followers to further engage and give you massive quick insights into your audience!

poll sticker voters results


Please start playing with this new feature as you will see how fun and easy it is to connect with your followers. Ask your followers all kinds of questions, they don’t even have to be photos, post a blank screen with a question that pertains to your account or your interests and you’ll be amazed at how many people answer not to mention how many will come back every day to take part in your Instagram stories poll sticker!

I will be testing this feature extensively and provide all the results and best practices to my InstaWealth Growth System before the end of this month!

Happy Instagramming!

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