Pinch & Zoom Stories – NEW iOS Instagram Feature

By December 26, 2018 Instagram News
Pinch Zoom Instagram Stories Feature

Pinch & Zoom Stories is finally here for iOS Instagram App users. Wolf Millionaire explains how to enable & use this new important IG feature.

Pinch & Zoom is a feature I’ve been raving over for months now thanks to it’s early arrival to Instagram Android App users first.

I highlighted all the details in my iPhone Vs Android – Best Instagram Phone and this used to be the biggest CON of using iOS Instagram App.

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Pinch & Zoom Stories – How To Use

  1. Make sure your iOS app is up to date via the App Store.
  2. Go into Instagram Stories and load a photo or video (but don’t post)
  3. Try to pinch & Zoom & Rotate the photo or video.

I’ve had to favour my Android Instagram App for this functionality as it was rolled out first on Android about 6-8 months ago before it came to iOS.

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I often take photos from other users feeds (who tag my accounts) and Pinch & Zoom them (providing they are high quality) in order to get a full screen screenshot of their photo in order to post to my Instagram Stories accounts while giving photographer credits.

Make sure you brush up on your Credit & Copyright Rules For Instagram so you can open your account up to new sources of content while ensuring your account stays safe from Copyright Infringement.

Why Pinch & Zoom (and ROTATE) is a big deal?

Instagram stories has become the most important money making IG feature for my students thanks to the reach and consumption of STORIES by Instagram users.

It’s important for me as a Marketer, Content Creator and Influencer to be able to have maximum control when posting to Instagram Stories especially if I am going to be posting content that I already took on my phone (or was sent to me by a client).

While Instagram Stories allows us to add different filters, emojis and text over our photos or videos, it never before allowed us to Pinch & Zoom & Rotate the photo or video to our liking.

This was a huge drawback as it required us to crop photos using a 3rd party app before we could post a photo or video zoomed in or in full 9:16 ratio for Vertical Format Instagram Stories. This took up lots of my time and could have been solved with this Pinch & Zoom & Rotate feature that is now available for both iOS  & Android.

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