Organic Comments VS Automated Comments

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Organic Comments

Organic comments are extremely important right now. Wolf Millionaire explains why using automated comments is the worst strategy you can use.

Organic comments strategies have been replaced with automated comments all over Instagram. This is the worst possible strategy you could use and will end up hurting your Instagram account growth in the long run if you chose to use it. As I explain in detail the Instagram Algorithm is going through a major period of change right now. Instagram is currently playing the “waiting” game while deleting Fake Followers & Bots killing off SPAMMERS and SCAMMERS daily.

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Instagram has gone through so much change this year, but have given us so many new features to make money with if you know how to use Instagram. If you haven’t yet joined in my NEW FREE Wolf Millionaire Webinar, make sure you take the time to watch it. I will teach you all the amazing ways you can currently make money using Instagram, most of which don’t require YOU to have a big account or even a business, product or service!

Yes instagram changed our Instagram Feed, Yes Instagram also reduced our organic engagement. However Instagram levelled the playing field this year to kill off all the SPAMMERS who can’t take advantage of many automation programs that Instagram shut down resulting in scammers like Fake Likes Exposed. It’s still very easy to use all my strategies to grow a new Instagram from scratch in a new or existing niche! So get to work and follow your passions like I have using Instagram to generate a very high 6 figure annual income.

Organic comment strategies is something I have been teaching since I launched my Wolf Millionaire Instagram Strategies (NOV 2015) outlining why organic comments are so important. If you haven’t yet joined to watch all my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram strategies, then you’re already behind! Sign up, watch all my Instagram Video Guides and catch up, you can still be part of the greatest social media opportunity to date!

Why am I stressing the importance of using organic comments? Well because I get emails every week from people crying and very upset that their Instagram account they’ve been working on for 2-3 months and some over a year has been disabled or banned from Instagram because they were using automated comments from programs and apps that claim to be risk free. None of these programs that will automate your LIKES or COMMENTS are SAFE. You run a very high risk of getting your account banned and disabled if you use them. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

Whats the point of working so hard on creating amazing content if you’re going to cheat by using automated comments and get your Instagram account banned or disabled by Instagram? I just want to HELP YOU learn how to use INSTAGRAM properly. The more educated you are the more you will grow and realize your TRUE money making abilities with Instagram! Just stop trying to cut corners and cheat!

Organic Comments Are GOOD

Organic Comments VS Automated Comments

Why are organic comments better than using automated comments? First off organic comments when left on a specific Instagram post usually reflect the content that was posted. When someone leaves you a truly organic comment that relates to your photo or video you posted on Instagram it’s usually very relevant and guess what Instagram knows that the comment you left is an organic one.

On the flip side, I can point out automated comments in my sleep, and see them all the time across my MadWhips Instagram network of 30 accounts that total over 18+ Million Instagram followers.  The dead giveaways? People who comment very generic comments “nice post”, “great”, “love this”, “this is so true” on every single post, and usually like clockwork. If my keen eye and old brain (remember I’m 39 – whats your excuse?) can recognize automated comments, don’t you think Instagram (Facebook) keen sense of everything social media related to their social network can sniff out an automated comment? YES YES THEY CAN!

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How do I know this with 100% accuracy and conviction?

Well last year, Facebook announced (you missed it, but I didn’t) that it had built a tool to help computers interpret language. The system is named DeepText. This new system is based on a machine learning concept called word embeddings. When the DeepText system encounters a new word, it tries to deduce meaning from the other words around it. It knows if your comments are organic comments or automated comments.

The more data the classification engine analyzes, the smarter it gets. Now you know what Instagram has been up to for the last year. Reading and analyzing every single comment on their platform in order to sharpen their machine learning to determine organic comments and automated comments for the greater good of it’s Instagram user community.

Instagram has already rolled out several new comment features, like the ability disable comments on a post and even filter (delete) comments that use a set of words that you’ve selected and setup. As you can see Instagram is taking organic comments very seriously and to me this is the writing on the wall.

Like us, DeepText learns over time; UNLIKE US, it doesn’t get exhausted or depressed reading all organic comments and automated comments over and over and over. It can read and analyze everything! YES you should be worried if you use automated comment programs.

So this is yet another confirmation from Instagram (Facebook) of WHY you should be using organic comments on all your posts even if it takes you 30 minutes a day. Leaving insightful comments on the accounts you want to engage with almost always returns to benefit you. Users who see your organic comments are more likely to reply and engage with you and even return the favor by commenting on one of your post, which I explain in detail why and how this strategy will help you grow.

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Remember, NOTHING IN LIFE WORTH HAVING, is EVER achieved by cheating the system. Everything always comes out in the wash and eventually those who are not following the best practices (especially in the Social Media World) will always FAIL. Instagram is playing the waiting game, silently observing how we all use Instagram. If you think YOU or I can outsmart Instagram (Facebook) in the long run, then you live in a fantasy world that is coming to an END very soon.

WAKE UP & GET TO WORK using all my TIPS, TRICKS & Instagram BEST PRACTICES. Remember YOU are not building an Instagram account as a get rich quick scheme, you are building an account on the hottest social network currently replacing blogs and outpacing website traffic USING YOUR PASSIONS as content! When you build an Instagram account properly and give it consistent daily organic love (not automated) YOU’RE creating a very valuable and special account that sets you apart from all the others who are simply trying to SPAM Instagram with garbage recycled content.

I realize we all want IMMEDIATE results, but this is the current state of Instagram, patience & proper account building strategies are going to pay of HUGE in the long run. I’ve seen the exact same story during Facebook’s domination over the last 10 years. Those who cheated got burned (all of them), those who focused on creating a proper Facebook fan page leveraging their hobbies or passions all grew their pages 10x faster than those trying to cheat IN THE LONG RUN. The same story is unfolding with Instagram!

Be patience and don’t cut corners just to “increase” followers or engagement, Instagram is watching and will penalize everyone doing this when they make their upcoming Instagram algorithm adjustment! Focus on why you’re growing an Instagram account, TO MAKE MONEY!

Make sure you read these Instagram Myths Exposed while you’re learning all my FREE strategies on my blog! So much FAKE STRATEGIES & MYTHS going around Instagram and I’m here to explain them all so you can follow the right path!

Happy Instagramming!

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