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By November 24, 2017 January 22nd, 2018 Instagram News

Nuxery is one of Instagram’s biggest follower scam. Wolf Millionaire exposes Nuxery once again for ripping off people who fall for his scam.

Nuxery on Instagram has been around scamming, lying and cheating on Instagram for several years now.

For those of you NEW to Instagram and what Wolf Millionaire stands for, make sure you check out my viral Instagram article Instagram Deletes Fraud Accounts which I wrote teaching you all how to spot these cheaters last year.

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Wolf Millionaire Pagani

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Anthony Carbone McLaren

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Anthony Carbone Wolf Millionaire

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Nuxery The Scam

Last year I exposed Nuxery when he LOST 366,545 FAKE FOLLOWERS overnight when Instagram deleted hundreds of thousands of FAKE FOLLOWER accounts during one of their cleanups.

Nuxery Fake Instagram Followers

Nuxery had been claiming that he was growing his account organically and scamming people by selling them nothing but fake followers strategies.  He gave up on his account after I FAKE LIKES Exposed him. (Make sure you read that viral article too as I will teach you how to spot people using FAKE LIKES!!).

Now he’s back at it, and my inbox has been flooded with emails & DM’s from people who have been scammed by him most of whom are extremely embarrassed for falling for his scam during the last couple months and it’s time to expose him once again. BE WARNED!  His biggest claim, to help you grow your account to 100,000 followers and make $10,000 in your 1st month.  If it was this easy, every lazy pie in the sky dreamer would be making this kind of money and flaunting it.

Nuxery Fake Instagram Income

His biggest way of scamming people into buying his bullshit story that he’s making MILLIONS of dollar every day from Instagram is using his Instagram stories to post photos and videos of computer screens he has manipulated in Shopify and Paypal, Banking to show that he’s earning 6, 7, 8 figures daily, weekly, monthly.

Nuxery Instagram Lies

Nuxery Fake Students

See the image below, where I have opened my shopify page, and then done a quick “Inspect Elements” in my Chrome browser, and then edited the values and taken a screenshot.

How To Fake Shopify Finances

Take a close look to see how easy it is to manipulate ANYTHING on your computer screen to tell whatever financial story you want. I’ve seen everyone in the industry pull this shit. You can fake these financial screens from anything from PAYPAL to BANKING TO ANYTHING you can view on your screen.


Someone who has no online identity, no actual money, no REAL hard assets like REAL WATCHES, REAL MONEY or REAL CARS is completely full of shit on Instagram or online. BE WARNED!

Someone who doesn’t tell you their REAL name or their full name ALSO FULL OF SHIT.  Unlike “RYAN” of Nuxery, you can find my entire education and work record here on Anthony Carbone LinkedIn. Add me if you’d like to connect!

I’m also Instagramming my entire life right in front you @Wolf_Millionaire, my car, my watches, my shoes, my lifestyle, my selfies, my workout progress, travelling the world all to be transparent, motivational and inspirational to SHOW YOU how my Instagram efforts have helped me achieve my dreams.

I am living proof that hard work pays off and that YOU can create the lifestyle of your dreams if you put time and effort into following all my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram video guides. Just don’t wait until you’re old like I am! The sooner you start, the more you will learn and grow from a young age. I had to wait until I was fired over 3 years ago to really follow my passions and make a living using Instagram!

Remember anyone who doesn’t provide you with transparency into their life but claims to be making millions of dollars from an Instagram account with zero proof other than some fake screenshots is full of shit.

DON’T FALL FOR IT. You’re only wasting your time and be tricked into thinking you are going to make money with scammers like Nuxery.

Happy Instagramming! BTW, if you want to see what I’ve taught some of my followers and students, make sure you go checkout the post below on my Instagram account when I did a giveaway (which I do frequently with the FREE stuff I am sent or gifted during my exotic car rallies). Read all the comments left on that post if you want to see the difference between a REAL mentor and other FAKE SCAMMERS like Nuxery.

Wolf Millionaire Giveaway

Please make sure you read these articles as I will teach you exactly how to spot these dime a dozen scam artists on Instagram selling their “growth services”.  Remember, you get what you pay for in Social Media, and when you’re buying fake follower strategies YOU WILL NOT MAKE MONEY with them.



Looks like all bad scams come to an end. And AS USUAL, I predicted this one, and CALLED out this scam artist well over a year ago to protect you and stop people from getting scammed.

No more website, probably due to the number of complaints he’s gotten resulted in Shopify Closing his account.


And look at one of his recent “ADVERITSING POSTS” below, after it being up for 1 day. IT GOT 66 LIKES – HAHAHAHAHAHA



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