Why You Should NEVER Buy FAKE Followers

Here’s the BIG reason why you should NEVER buy FAKE FOLLOWERS: I am teaching thousands of students and advertisers every day how to determine if you’re page is filled with FAKE followers.

Do you want to be called out by Wolf Millionaire to my 17+ Million Followers? Do you want to receive extremely angry emails and lose ALL your advertising deals from all the brands & accounts you are ripping off?

I have been BUSTING FAKE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS like: @nuxery, @dream.lifestyle, @luxallday, @carsociety @fashiondigest and more every week for growing their accounts with massive amounts of FAKE followers so they can attempt to make money by scamming my students and brands for advertising and promotion dollars. This is unacceptable!  You also run a major risk of having Instagram disable your account not to mention see a huge drop in your followers when Instagram has their next day of reckoning like they did last year that destroyed many brands and celebrities that bought fake followers.

Nothing worth having in life has ever been earned by cheating the system or faking it. Those who do quickly find out that their luck is short lived and usually end up in the same shitty place in life they started with. Hard work & sacrifice always pays off, just like my network of 30 Instagram accounts, 17+ Million Followers which earn me a high 6 figure annual income for the last couple years. I worked more than 16 hours a day bomb testing Instagram and other social networks for the first couple years as I grew my Instagram empire from 1 account with 700 photos to the 17+ Million I have today, simply by posting and testing and winning and failing over and over and over in order to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I have packaged everything I know into my InstaWealth Growth System which is over 24 hours of step-by-step video walk throughs of me walking you through EVERYTHING from starting an account to finding high quality viral photos to making money like my successful students (Testimonial 1, Testimonial 2, Testimonial 3, Testimonial 4, get the point?) and I continue to do.  All you have to do is take the first step to turn your play time into money making time!

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For those unfamiliar with how much money Influencers like myself make on Instagram (and hence why there are more and more FAKE accounts popping up all over the place) take a look at your Instagram feed and all the big accounts you follow, they are all promoting something whether it’s a product ad or another account mentioned in their captions. These are all advertising spots paid for by brands (both big and small) & people wanting to grow their accounts. Millions of dollars every day are exchanged for advertising services on Instagram.

Want more proof that I’m at the top of the Instagram Money Making Food Chain?

Why You Should NEVER Buy FAKE Followers

Well start by taking a look at my @Wolf_Millionaire Instagram account which is less than 7 months old, has grown to almost 250,000 Followers (have been growing the account in front of your eyes since I launched it without the shitty strategy of Follow/Unfollow that others teach) with an extremely high engagement.

Why You Should NEVER Buy FAKE Followers

I have purchased over $30,000 in watches – Audemars Piguet & IWC as milestone rewards, I have a $15,000 Designer Sneaker Collection and if thats not enough to prove that I know what I’m doing with Instagram and that I am indeed the Wolf of Instagram, well I just took delivery of a BRAND NEW McLaren ($250,000) that I have been waiting for 6 months since my deposit; all from the money I make month after month thanks to all the advertising on my Instagram accounts! In addition to all my personal successes with Instagram, go and read all the successful testimonials from all my students. All of my early students who signed up for my InstaWealth Growth System 4-6 months ago are all making $200-$400 a week now simply by following their passions & implementing my step-by-step strategies! This isn’t rocket science, it just requires a little patience, consistency and my strategies!



Spurred on by the dream of being InstaFamous, new accounts are lured by Direct Messages (DM) that are sent to them by FAKE accounts promising quick growth to get your account big so you can start making money. They provide a link, and you use your credit card or PayPal to buy 10,000-20,000 followers for less than a couple hundred dollars, thinking it will kickstart your way to fame & forture. A few hours later, your Instagram activity is flooded by a bunch of FAKE accounts (of which you are unaware until reading this) following your page. And for a little bit, you feel good on the inside. However, the satisfaction is short lived, as you start to realize that all these followers you bought are FAKE and are not LIKING or COMMENTING on your posts, oh oh, someone’s account no longer looks legit. As someone who has heard horror story after horror story from students and clients who simply wanted a “boost” in followers I want to let you guys know the that you should NEVER buy your followers for any reason. Ever!

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