Muay Thai MMA Instagram Growth Success

By August 22, 2017Instagram News
Wolf Millionaire Instagram Student Success

Muay Thai MMA Instagram growth success is what we are celebrating and reviewing today. Wolf Millionaire takes a STEP-BY-STEP look at how his Instagram student is killing it with his passions for Muay Thai & MMA account!

Muay Thai MMA Instagram growth success didn’t just happen overnight for this student. I am so proud of this student! This Wolf Millionaire Instagram student has followed his passions for Muay Thai and MMA sports while learning all my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram video guides to grow his account to over 200,000 followers!

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This is just another one of my Instagram Success Stories that you should should review to see what is possible no matter what your niche or passions are!  Let this student’s success blowing by his 200,000 follower milestone be motivating and inspiring to show you what YOU could be doing on Instagram with my STEP-BY-STEP video guides!

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So many people think that because they are young or old, or live in some remote part of the world they cannot be successful on Instagram, that is why I created Instagram Myths Exposed article. Make sure you check it out.

muay thai mma growth

Muay Thai MMA Instagram Growth Secrets

The top strategies that this student is using is my Viral Videos strategy as well as Instagram Comment Pods something you could and should be doing to grow your account. This student posts nothing but videos, which is a hot strategy that I revealed over a year ago when Instagram started allowing us to post 60 second videos!

You can see that this student is an AVID Muay Thai & MMA fan as he posted (below) his upcoming fight schedule that announces he will be going to the wildly publicized clown show that is Mayweather VS McGregor. As you can see this post while fitting to the page only got 1438 likes, compared to the videos on his page that get 30k-50k.  Remember that LIKES on a normal photo post and VIDEO VIEWS on videos you’ve posted are two different things. I explain the difference between the two and how to leverage  Instagram Insights Can Help You Make More Money when you are reaching out or providing pricing to potential advertisers.

Muay Thai MMA


Muay Thai MMA Instagram Growth Improvement

This student uses #boxing #fitness #muaythai #ufc #mma in every single one of his posts which if you take a peek at the VOLUME of posts for each of those hashtags there millions and millions of posts for each of them making it very hard to get your photo seen by new people. Finally Instagram doesn’t like to see you use the exact same #HASHTAGS every single post and I explain this in detail in my Instagram Video Guides.

One area that this student could improve on is learning the Best Hashtags for Instagram Growth which he hasn’t mastered. Soooooo many people think they know what they are doing when it comes to #HASHTAGS and yet when I take a peek at accounts (small, big, old and new) most people keep screwing that one up. Make sure you read my article in order to figure out the best hashtag strategy for your account.

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Happy Instagramming

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