Micro Influencers Are Most Valuable To Brands

By April 14, 2018 Instagram News
Micro Influencers

Micro Influencers are more valuable than the mega influencers! Wolf Millionaire explains why you don’t need a massive following to make money on Instagram.

Micro Influencers (10,000-100,000 followers) are more valuable to brands than Mega Influencers (500,000 or more followers) according to several studies I’ve read over the last year including a most recent from Launch Metrics.

The study finds that Mega Influencers with massive followings often work against Influencer marketing strategies aimed at Millennials with more than 45% of major brands preferring to work with micro Influencers. Millennials are the #1 target audience for 75% of the brands who implemented Instagram Influencer campaigns in 2017.

Micro Influencers Make More Money

This isn’t anything NEW to me as I outline this in my FREE Wolf Millionaire Instagram Webinar where I walk YOU through STEP-BY-STEP 9 amazing ways YOU could be making great money every month from Instagram without having a massive following. In fact many of my strategies don’t even require YOU to have a product, service or business!

Lets dive into WHY you need to stop focusing exclusively on trying to grow your brand to hundreds of thousands of followers and instead focus on creating killer content, focus on Community Building and monetizing yourself as an Influencer.

I’ve been teaching the world how to do all of these simple things STEP-BY-STEP ever since I launched my Wolf Millionaire Video Guides several years ago (before anyone). I even have several Instagram Success Stories! Just wait until I post some upcoming CASE STUDIES from my most successful Influencer students making huge moves with BIG BRANDS in their respective niches!

I even shared all my secrets of how I grew from 1 account @MadWhips with 700 followers to over 30 MAJOR accounts with more than 18+ Million followers earning a very healthy 6 figure annual income while travelling around the world doing what I love: DRIVING EXOTIC CARS!


Micro Influencers Are the “Holy Grail” for Millennial-Focused Brands

Most brands that are Millennial Focused are brands that have products or services aimed exclusively for the the 24-38 age group. These early adopter brands successfully leveraging Instagram as a marketing channel understand (thanks to trial and error) that successful campaigns requires authentic & organic Micro Influencers in their niche.

Pop Quiz.. If you had $1000 to spend, would you rather spend it on 1 post with a MEGA influencer, or would you rather spend it with 10 Micro Influencers who could target their own engaged following, with a specific message and generate 10 posts, with 10 hashtags for your brand? Answer…. it’s a no brainer that if you do your homework on finding the right micro Influencer your reach will be worth 2x-3x by employing 10 posts vs 1 post.

DON’T WASTE MONEY: Make sure you do your homework to determine if your Micro Influencer is using FAKE followers, and FAKE likes or FAKE COMMENTS as your campaigns will fail (zero sales generated) giving you a false sense of what works and what doesn’t work.

While it takes more time to manage 10 influencers for a simple campaign, that could be said and done with just 1, the return on your investement increases by 2x-3x. Like everything in life, a little more work and effort up front will deliver the biggest results overall!


Micro Influencer Opportunity is NOW

Year after year, small and big brands that are guided by old marketers (old boys clubs and old womens clubs) are finally cluing into the successes that can be achieved by employing a Micro Influencer strategy on Instagram. Especially those looking to generate sales from the 24-38 age male and female demographic.

Don’t be discouraged if you get lots of NO’s as you track down and interface with brands all over the world. Those who say NO now to working with you WILL be on your doorstep begging to work with you in 6-12 months. So just keep focusing on creating killer content and engaging with your followers every day! Remember consistency is key!

Studies continue to show that year over year Micro Influencer Instagram budgets continue to grow as more and more digital marketing managers plead their cases to get bigger budgets from their brand managers. This is a trend that will continue to benefit my students and I. Hopefully YOU are willing to put in the work and turn your passions into a full time money making machine using all my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides.

Thanks to the massive decline of traditional TV advertising and viewership coupled with the explosive growth of social media influencer marketing is now one of the fastest growing advertising channels projected to be a $5-10 billion market by 2020. Thats INSANE!

There will be more money than Micro-Influencers available to earn these billions of advertising review, which is EXACTLY why I teach you STEP-BY-STEP how to create a sub-niche that is 2018’s hottest opportunity to make money as an Instagram Micro Influencer!

Join my students and I if YOU have what it takes to be an Influencer!

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