The Media Battle: Instagram vs. Snapchat

By May 13, 2016 October 19th, 2016 Instagram News

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Okay, we’re not going to pretend like we don’t have a clear favorite here, and that favorite is Instagram because of it’s outrageous engagement and subscriber/user growth. But it’s undeniable that Snapchat has game, too because of their “storied approach” and ability to self destruct photos, videos and communications between it’s users. This is how Snapchat was born and the basis of it’s popularity amongst millennials. Its just a matter of time before Instagram introduces something similar for it’s users, it’s a no brainer in terms of an easy functionality that they can introduce to their platform in order to further compete with SnapChat! Just watch and mark my words!

For now, we will put them toe to toe so you can choose your favorite. (Psst, the correct answer is still Instagram.) Whether you prefer the snap or the gram, each brings unique aspects to the table for you to consider and each has its own very clear set of differences for your various social media needs.

The Media Battle: Instagram vs. Snapchat


Talk about seeing the world through rose colored glasses – both snapchat and Instagram can help you out with that, but in very different ways. Snapchat might literally offer you a filter with some rose colored glasses to slap over your face and snap a goofy selfie to send out to your friends. Instagram’s arsenal includes about twenty filters that take your pictures from good to great in one click; you can use them to your advantage with hashtags like #toasted and #mayfair.

How it stacks up:

  • Instagram:

    20 filters (give or take one or two, taking into account whatever nifty apps you have giving your filter game some extra oopmh.)

  • Snapchat:

    Basically endless. The filters are numerous, but fleeting. Typical black and white and sepia are here to stay, but hop on that tropical paradise filter before it fades forever.


Location, location, location. If there’s an old hackneyed movie quote about it out there, it must be important. And it is. Snapchat’s going to offer you a whole slew of banners and filters to let people know what city you’re in. Or, if you’re at a popular event, the marketing savvy will have conjured up a geotag for it. Instagram’s strategy is a little more refined – you’re able to post exactly where you are, especially if you’re checking in at a restaurant or popular area. By letting people know where you’re hanging out, other people can follow you based on your location.


Instagram is all about your captions and making your comments work for you. A witty caption might make or break someone following you (or even unfollowing you, if it’s not witty enough.) You can use hashtags to your advantage and tell a story with your writing – you’ve got a lot of characters to share your words. Snapchat’s almost the direct opposite. You have a few lines to make your friends laugh, and that’s it. Decide whether you’re more long-winded or brief in your picture-capturing needs.

The Media Battle: Instagram vs. Snapchat


Both platforms tell you how many eyes are on your posts, and chances are with Instagram there’s going to be a lot more. Snapchat’s marketing opportunities are more limited – you’re likely just using it to send blurry photos to your friends. It can be used to drive traffic, but it’s a lot more difficult to draw views. Instagram is more likely to grab views from people who might have not seen your posts before. From hashtags to the explore feature, people will be drawn to your pictures and be able to hit the like button that you may have never met in real life.


Speaking of likes, people might like your snapchats a whole lot, but you can’t actually press a button to show the love. Instagram gives you a quantifiable count of the people who’ve deemed your photo like-worthy, while Snapchat offers the option of snapping you back a message to show you’ve taken a favorite picture. Both are highly interactive, but have very different ways of dishing out the love.


This is fairly obvious, but still worth a mention. Snapchat is, of course, famous for having pictures disappear in ten seconds, or twenty-four hours if the pictures appear on your story. Instagram is forever. A lot more thought naturally is going to to into Instagram pictures, even if you draw on and filter your snaps like nobody’s business.

Instagram and Snapchat are undoubtedly two essentials to have in your phone’s social media section. It’s your choice between in-depth explanations or brevity – or hey, you could always spring for both and be the master of all platforms.

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