Marketing Tips For Selling ANYTHING On Instagram

By August 14, 2018 Instagram News

Marketing Tips for selling anything on Instagram. Wolf Millionaire shares his top secrets on how to market and sell any product on Instagram.

Marketing tips for those interested in selling ANYTHING on Instagram! Listen up because I’m going to share with you the several simple tips to help you sell ANYTHING on Instagram.

Instagram continues to grow as the worlds fastest growing social network; hitting 1 Billion Users, and it also continues it’s dominance as the worlds #1 social medium for setting fashion trends and enabling product discovery among it’s mobile dominant users! I’ve been taking advantage of this for years while helping all my clients do the same with their products & services!


Even Adidas released a sneaker called the Deerupt (above) in which it’s design was created to look good on Instagram. The shoe was an instant hit when released in March 2018. This signals a major emerging trend for major brand fashion & product designers to utilize crowd sourced design cues to style their products for global acceptance on Instagram.

To me this spells out one one. Instagram is slowly becoming one of the largest & most influential e-commerce platforms for everything fashion!

Just take a look at one of my my most successful Instagram Success Stories who’s Becoming a Well-Paid Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer working with brands like Hugo Boss, Banana Republic, Express Men, Abercrombie, the list goes on and on. It’s amazing to think his success was achieved by following all my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Guides!

Instagram is no doubt becoming the largest mobile e-commerce platform in the world for fashion, gadgets and must have products from every consumer vertical (niche).

With today’s digital and mobile savvy consumer who’s tendency to order everything online via our mobile device, Instagram has made it extremely easy for it’s users to quickly and easily purchase products thanks to their product tagging feature.

Instagram’s new Shopping Feature on Instagram allows users to shop directly by using virtual price tags that are overlaid onto posts just like my friend Nick at VF Engineering (who custom tuned my Porsche 911 while I was in LA) has been successfully doing with his Instagram account.



Instagram’s game changing product tagging feature has helped early adopters, influencers, small to large businesses, entrepreneurs and anyone selling something to utilize Instagram’s FREE platform to effortlessly sell their products to the masses around the world!

Marketing Tips For Selling On Instagram

To successfully market and sell your product on Instagram, you must have high quality, high resolution product photos & videos to ensure it’s properly represented and stands out to your targeted demographic who might discover your product.

Lighting & atmosphere of your product photos & videos is the first important marketing tip required to create rich, colourful and appealing product representation to grab the attention of those interested in your product. Dull, poorly lit product photos or videos DO NOT GENERATE SALES. Unless you’re a vampire selling darkness lol

Videos highlighting the use or operation of your products (from gadgets to clothes) are extremely important as today’s consumers tend to always prefer watching videos of how a product looks or behaves. A picture might tell a thousands words, but a raw authentic product video will help accelerate sales on Instagram faster than a static professionally curated photo in half the time!



Perfect execution of all my steps is the Zinv0 Watch company, they’ve been around for YEARS after launching their company on Instagram. They successfully leveraged all my strategies including my detailed Product Placement Guides to position themselves as a luxury Swiss made watch.  Zinvo has stood the harh test of time as an Instagram business whereas so many (hundreds) of other shitty watch brands started and burned to the ground quickly because they didn’t successfully learn or implement all my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Training Videos!

The second most important marketing tip is learning these Storytelling TIPS for Instagram. Everyone (whether they consciously know it or not) wants to be told a story. Anything you’ve ever bought in your life has been sold to you via a storyline that you’ve identified with (whether they consciously know it or not) and so it’s your turn to create the storyline for your product. Marketing towards your targeted demographics emotions isn’t anything new, it’s an art that has been mastered by the greatest advertising agencies in the world for decades.

You don’t need to create some elaborate over the top storyline for your product or service, but you will want to explain the who/what/why your product is cool or “must have” whether it’s something brand new, the “it” style of the season or why your product is better than your competitors. All these little items can be easily and quickly weaved into individual storylines to play to your customers emotions and illicit them to want to buy your product. Tell your customers in simple language why they need your product, then tweak that message so it doesn’t sound like a sales pitch 🙂

Captions on your product posts don’t need to be novels, in fact the shorter the better storytelling on Instagram the better, remembering that peoples attention spans on these in to day’s digital world are that of a 4 year old golden retriever (or goldfish at best).

Keep your storytelling captions, simple with proper english and ideally less then 250 characters while keeping with the high level theme of your products or services and you’ll be on your way to marketing and selling a very successful product or service!



The third most important marketing tips for selling on Instagram is to establish trust by partnering with Influencers.  Many people make the mistake of partnering with Influencers for a single Instagram photo or video, and then feel disappointed when that one post doesn’t generated as much sales as they had hoped. There’s a reason for this, and an easily solution.

The secret lies within repetition.

Today’s world is so distracted with everything digital taking over our lives that we really must pace & stretch our Influencer campaigns to deliver multiple posts over time to help market, advertise & build awareness for our products or services we’re selling. A consistent drip marketing approach on Instagram is what it’s going to take for you to successfully sell more and more of your products or services.

Gone are the days you could simply pay a large niche Instagram account or Influencer for a single post and reap major sales rewards. You have to invest a little more than a single post for people to feel comfortable with your product. The more they see your product, the more they realize that it’s not just a flash in the pan product or service offering.

As more and more people continue to flock to Instagram, and with more and Influencers & themed accounts filling up each and every niche, the consumers attention span gets less and less favourable to see your one single ad on any given account.  So make those multi-post deals that span WEEKS  with a single account or Influencer instead of posting with 3-5+ different accounts or Influencers right out of the gates.

You will get a much bigger return if you do this which will then allow you to scale and jump to the next influencer for another 3-5+ posts.

Thanks to the hundreds of global clients I have consulted and helped from just about every consumer niche on Instagram over the last couple years, the trial & error insights I have gained has provided me with these essential 3 marketing tips that I am happy to pass along to YOU.

They might not sound like “rocket science” tips, but they are the foundations YOU will require to master if you want to MAKE SERIOUS BANK selling on Instagram!


Happy Instagramming



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