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Make Money on Instagram Questions

Everyone is always asking me how my students & I make money on Instagram. So I am going to explain to you how YOU can become financially free using Instagram, simply by following my step-by-step guides!

Before we dive into ALL the details of how to make money with Instagram, you MUST READ a very popular article of mine “Instagram Hacking Exposed” to ensure you start off properly and keep your future Instagram account that will be worth lots of money SAFE from hackers! This is my most comprehensive and recent article on this topic that you MUST READ!

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Top 5 Instagram Money Making FACTS:

I also suggest you watch this short video that will explain everything in very simple terms.

FACT #1: You don’t need a product or company to make money on Instagram

The number one concern and question that new students have prior to signing up for my InstaWealth Growth System is that they don’t have a company, a business, a product or a service to sell. THAT IS OK! I didn’t either when I started out and only had 1 Instagram account with 700 followers. All I had was my @madwhips Instagram account that I was using without any direction or focus or knowledge that people were making money on Instagram.

In the first 4 months, I grew that account to 100,000 followers and spent $3000 USD on Shout Outs from larger accounts from my friends Gabe @CarLifestyle and John @Motor_Head_ who had been on Instagram for almost a year before me. These were the first original MAJOR automotive Instagram accounts. I refer to them as the grandfathers of automotive content on Instagram. At the time their accounts were no larger than 250,00-300,000 followers.  I continue to work with these boys, and have forged strong business relationships & friendships with them. I have even helped them make more money with their Instagram accounts simply by helping them implement some of my strategies to find new customers and deliver impactful shout outs and advertisements across all our fast growing accounts. Together we’ve easily made several million dollars during the last 3 years using Instagram! Like I keep saying it pays to keep good company in life. Surround yourself with like minded entrepreneurs!

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It was at this point I saw the TRUE VALUE & FUTURE OPPORTUNITY of growing Instagram accounts and how people were making money on Instagram selling Shout Outs to help smaller accounts like me grow. It took me a couple months to make that initial $3000 USD investment back as I started selling shout outs to help other accounts grow just like I did. This is the most BASIC money making way on Instagram. During the next 12 months I created over a dozen new accounts (whiles bomb testing what worked and what didn’t work to grow fast) and was only growing them with my @MadWhips account as it continued to grow like crazy!  I even had my @MadWhips account disabled by Instagram for 2 months without any reason when they finally re-enabled it….. I had one of my 12 accounts that just took off @Exotic_Performance when I finally figured out how to hit the explore page post after post after post. I was posting up to 18 photos day, and every post hit the explore/discover page, bringing in thousands of new followers every day. This account was growing faster than my original @MadWhips Instagram account!

Within 12 months, I had 3.5 Million followers across 15 accounts and was making about $3500 USD a month selling shout outs as well as advertising for several mobile phone case companies. I saw that the more I promoted them, the more products they sold.  It’s at this point I launched my own Carbon Fiber Phone Case company as my 1st product I was selling on Instagram! I launched in November 2014 and did $5000 in my first month selling my product on my own accounts. I had ZERO cost to advertise my product because I owned all the accounts that was advertising my product. My profit margins were extremely healthy and I banked thousands of dollars every month from this small business that took me less than 2 months to setup with less than a couple thousand dollars in inventory before launching! Companies even started paying me to take creative photos of their products while I travelled the world to all the hottest car shows like BOOSTED SHADES, ZINVO WATCHES & HEXTIE to name a few!

Within 16 short months, I had 18 accounts, 5+ Million Instagram Followers and was making $10,000 a month. I continued testing and formulating my Instagram Strategies.  At this point I hired my first University Co-Op Student who worked from my couch every day before I applied and was accepted into the DMZ Business Incubator which is recognized as #1 University Business Incubator in North America at Ryerson University in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Within 2 years, I had over 25+ accounts, 10+ Million Instagram followers and was making $15,000-$20,000 a month. We couldn’t keep up to the demand for people who wanted help to grow their own Instagram account (and paid us to help them) as well as to advertise on Instagram. This trend continues, even with the number of large million follower accounts, my students and I continue to help others grow their accounts, and reach millions of interested customers to purchase their products or services! Instagram is HOT HOT HOT and will be for the next 5-7 years! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

How To Make Money On Instagram

Today I have 30+ accounts with over 18+ Million REAL Instagram Followers and make $25,000+ per month! I’ve grown my entire Instagram empire simply by figuring out how to best use Instagram without without using 3rd party programs to FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW or Automatic LIKE/COMMENT programs. Above is the chart of my Instagram Empire growth over time!

FACT #2: You only need a Mobile Phone with the Instagram app (iOS or Android)

This is the most beautiful aspect of how to make money on Instagram. You only need a mobile phone & the Instagram app which is FREE and a little bit of daily time to implement my InstaWealth Growth Strategies. Most of my students who put forth a SOLID effort 1-2 hours a day, have been earning their first $500/month within 2-3 months growing their accounts. Their first way of making money? Selling shout outs and helping other small accounts grow just like I did back then and continue to do today!

FACT #3: You must be over 13 years old to use Instagram

Instagram requires you to be 13 years old to use their app. You can find their full rules here: Instagram Terms of Use. Make sure you read them to fully understand what you can and cannot do LEGALLY while using their app. Instagram is pretty tough on uploading the law on their app, so don’t say I didn’t warn you about following their rules just like I teach in my InstaWealth Growth System.

FACT 4: You will need a PayPal account

The question of “how will money come to me” is the next most frequently asked question I get.  The answer is this. You will make a deal with another person to delivery something on your Instagram account (either shout outs or ads etc). That person will pay you and you will deliver your shout outs or ads.  The payment platform of choice for anyone using Instagram is PayPal.  Why PayPal? Because it’s The Safest Way to PAY or GET PAID On Instagram.

Make sure you read this article I wrote explaining everything so that you can fully understand WHY.

Out of all the money I have made on Instagram, about 98% of it has transacted through PayPal. The other 2% was either a physical check (yes some big companies still issue checks) or wire transfers directly into my bank account. Make sure you read that article to understand HOW to send money via PayPal so that you are always protected if you’re sending another person/account money for a shout out, ad or partnership/sponsorship of some kind.

FACT #5: You will need to be patient & consistent with posting.

I can’t explain how important it is to post consistently (whether it’s 1 post a day or 5 or 12) and to stay patient as you grow your account. Instagram has been changing and rewarding those who are posting consistently and patiently day after day!

Read one of my most successful students testimonials below @VoTrends who now has 250,000+ followers and turned himself into a very successful up and coming Instagram Influencer working with major brands!

I couldn’t be more proud than to see this student killing it with the money he has been making with his menswear account and personal success as an Influencer in the mens fashion niche!

I even did a full review on his account “How To Launch A Clothing Company on Instagram” to highlight what he was doing right and where he could improve and to teach YOU how you can follow in his footsteps!

Remember, everyone wants to make INSTANT FAST MONEY, it doesn’t work like that in reality. Anyone who tells you they are making $10,000 a month with one of those stupid Internet/Instagram systems that claims to help you make money FAST is completely full of shit. They barely have hundreds of thousands of followers yet they claim their fake MLM scam of a program has helped them make $10,000 a month.


They have ZERO PROOF, ZERO MERIT and ZERO CREDIT to their name or program. Most of them are Instagram SCAMS like this convicted Scam Artist

Not to mention the people who created these “GET RICH QUICK SCAMS” don’t exists when you try to find information on them. Don’t get fooled! Anything worth having has a price tag and that price tag is putting in the work, consistently and patiently.

As you can see by his testimonial, and if you check his account today, you will see 250,000 followers!

Patience & Consistent posting will allow your account to grow more and more each month.

While he doesn’t have millions of followers (yet), but as you can see he’s now making enough money with my InstaWealth Growth System to support him living his own dream!

He even followed in my footsteps and launched his own line of shirts that he now sells on his Instagram account!

Below are all the testimonials he has DM’d me since he started growing his successful Instagram account with my strategies!

He is now reaping the rewards simply by following his passions for menswear and staying patient with his wicked account that continues to grow faster and faster every month! Keep killing dude!

VoTrends Successfully Making Money On Instagram



InstaWealth Growth Testimonial


Instagram Testimonial VoTrends


VoTrends Testimonial



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I even have students who are killing it with the following niche/themes: Exotic CarsFood LoversAirline PilotWorld TravelerSteph Curry Basketball…. and more!

I want to teach you how to grow any account, whether it’s a fashion account, a food account, a sports account, anything. I’ll show you where to get the photos, where to get the videos, what to post and write in the captions, who to tag and what programs to use! It’s really simple all you have to do is follow a bunch of little steps, strategies, and tricks that I’ve learned along the way growing my network to 18+ million followers.

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I am looking forward to featuring more successful students like you, but only if you’re going to give this opportunity a proper full effort.

ARE YOU READY to start making money on Instagram but tight on money?

Do you have the strength and will power to join my successful students and I along our continued paths of financial freedom? All it takes is a little daily effort from you if you want to be living the same kind of life we have created for ourselves simply by using a free app called Instagram & your mobile phone! Lets turn your play time into money making time!

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Want to learn more but are simply can’t afford my full InstaWealth Growth System course walking you through EVERYTHING STEP-BY-STEP?

If you are too cheap to invest in learning the skills to easily and quickly start your Instagram growth money making machine, then I seriously question your real interest in taking advantage of the hottest social media opportunity that will be printing money for my students and I for the next 5-7 years.

I continue to make more and more money every month!

What are you waiting for?

The sooner you start the sooner you will be able to grow an account and make money on it in order to travel and buy things you’ve always wanted too for you and your loved ones!

Happy Instagramming 💰💰💰

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