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By January 25, 2017 October 19th, 2017 Instagram News
LIVE Instagram in McLaren

Live Streaming Finally! Wolf Millionaire explains why LIVE Instagram Stories feature is yet another powerful money making feature added to the worlds hottest social network!

LIVE Instagram stories feature

Live Instagram Streaming is finally here and the day it was released I quickly wen’t live on @wolf_millionaire and @exotic_performance to test the feature out with my followers for over 30 minutes on each Instagram account.

Instagram Live Logo

Not only is Instagram Killing SnapChat with their stories features, but they just delivered a fatal & final blow to Periscope the stand alone live video streaming app. Given that Instagram now has 800 Million Monthly Active Users, launching LIVE STORIES feature was just a matter of time!

Don’t waste anymore time learn how  Wolf Millionaire Domination has empowered thousands of students to learn all my Instagram strategies STEP-BY-STEP. I am willing to teach YOU everything YOU need to know about Instagram STEP-BY-STEP in my 22+ hour online video guides I’ve created!

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Instagram Stories LIVE screenshot

Let my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Strategies help push you further ahead in 2017!

I even predicted Instagram would launch a LIVE feature (given that YouTube & Facebook both have this) and I have taught you all How To Make Money with Instagram Stories when that feature rolled out months ago.  I continue to monetize Instagram Stories feature!

Now that the LIVE feature is HERE I can really continue to monetize and offer all my advertising partners LIVE reviews of their products and services so I can connect and engage with all my followers every day LIVE! Make sure you read all my Instagram predictions I made below that came TRUE in 2016! Yes, I’m really that good!

Instagram Stories LIVE Broadcast – First TEST SUCCESS

Wolf Millionaire LIVE Instagram Stories

Checkout the results of the first LIVE Instagram stories I did on @Wolf_Millionaire (306k Followers) & @Exotic_Performance (2.6 Million Followers) earlier this week when the feature just rolled out! I have been anxiously waiting for this feature to be rolled out given that I have 18 Million Instagram Followers across 30+ Instagram accounts.

I stayed LIVE on Instagram Stories for over 30 minutes with the @Wolf_Millionaire episode and as a result you can see that it got 11,280 VIEWERS who tuned in watching mey LIVE broadcast!! WHAOOO!!! Thats pretty incredible and further motivates me to want to broadcast LIVE every single day to continue to motivate & inspire my Wolf Pack followers!

What a powerful feature to connect with my students and followers! AMAZING! You could be doing the same with your accounts! You now have the most PERSONAL way to connect and engage with your followers!

You can see the @Exotic_Performance LIVE broadcast “only” got 38,320 VIEWERS (which is still impressive) but I was only LIVE for about 10-15 minutes. The LONGER you STAY LIVE and the more engaged you are with your followers, the more people will watch your LIVE Instagram Stories broadcast!

I am going to continue testing the Instagram LIVE Stories feature and will be dedicating a FULL InstaWealth Growth System VIDEO espisode for my InstaWealth students in FEBRUARY 2017, so make sure you take advantage of my FIRST SALE 50% OFF, because the sale will be ending at the end of January! Sign up if you want to learn EVERYTHING I know about Instagram, I will teach you STEP-BY-STEP with my online videos!

LIVE Instagram Stories Money


(that all come true last year)

1. I predicted Instagram revoking API access from 3rd party apps like CrowdFire/LikestaGram that automated FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW & LIKES/COMMENTS which had been the cornerstone strategy for OTHERS pretending to teach Instagram strategies (LOL)

2. I predicted Instagram Stories functionality while evaluating Snapchat vs Instagram and teaching my students that they should be leveraging their Instagram account to grow their SnapChat accounts in my InstaWealth Growth System.

3. I predicted the Instagram Save Drafts functionality (and provided a valuable hack before it was released).

4. I predicted FAKE FOLLOWERS & FAKE LIKES on many large Instagram accounts months before Instagram Deletes FRAUD Accounts on September 3rd, 2016. Make sure you check that post out which will show you the proof, some accounts lost 400,000+ followers overnight! I love exposing fake accounts on Instagram as they ALL deserve to be called out for ripping off students and clients with their shady operations.

5. I predicted this major shift in Instagram growth we are experiencing this year.  You won’t want to miss how my students and I getting around this major Instagram change. It’s so easy if you follow all my step-by-step instructions!

6. I predicted that Instagram would implement a “BOOST / PROMOTE” function to promote your posts by paying Instagram Directly in my InstaWealth Growth System videos which I launched December 2015!.

NOT BAD right!?!? I guess you can say I know WTF I am talking about when it comes to EVERYTHING INSTAGRAM 🙂

Anyone who’s ever said anything remotely educated about the state of Instagram this year, has learned it directly from my teaching which haven’t changed since I launched all my InstaWealth Growth System in December 2015.

Wolf Millionaire McLaren Miami

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Happy Instagramming

Wolf Millionaire LIVE Miami

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