Killer New Instagram Feature You Need To Use

Killer New Feature! Wolf Millionaire explains why this new Instagram Stories feature is so important & why you should be using it.

Instagram now allows us to post more than 1 photo or video at a time to our Instagram stories! This is huge and Instagram is already having an incredibly positive year announcing these 2018 Instagram Algorithm Feed Changes YOU must check out! It’s the BIGGEST CHANGES in years!

The ability to post more than 1 photo or video at a time is a killer new feature that most people won’t even notice exists.

This brand new killer feature was rolled out by Instagram April 2018 and is currently only available for ANDROID users.

Instagram officially states the iOS feature is coming in the next couple weeks (May 2018).

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New Killer Feature: Post 10 photos & videos to Stories (at once)!

(currently only available on Android phones)

One part that continued to be super tedious and time consuming was posting photos & videos to Instagram Stories.

Before this latest killer new feature was introduced we could only select one photo or video at a time to post to our stories.

If you are a content creator, story teller or Instagram influencer like one of my top Student Success Stories: CASE STUDY you will already know why this feature gets me excited and it should get you excited also!

This killer new feature allows us to now select (curate) 10 photos or videos and then send them all to your Instagram stories at once!

Yes no longer do we have to select 1 video or photo, then check it before we send or cancel to select a better one in our camera roll!

Wolf Millionaire Corsa Rally Porsche 2018

It works just like creating an Instagram Gallery post where you would select up to 10 photos or video from your camera roll. The icon is almost the same when going into your Instagram Stories mode and swipe up to access your camera roll photos or videos.

After you select up to 10 photos or videos, you will be able to edit all 10 of your curated photos or videos before posting them to your Instagram story!

This is so important because it allows us Instagram Influencers to deliver a better story telling experience through Instagram stories! No longer do we have to have minute gaps in between our stories posts when adding multiple photos or videos. Having the ability to post 10 photos or videos immediately will also help you retain Instagram stories viewers which will increase your Instagram reach!


This is a killer new feature that Instagram has gifted us with to make us more efficient and more powerful storytellers so start using it!

Stay tuned for my next blog post where I will explain to you the difference between using the Instagram App Camera (Stories or Posts) vs the Native Camera app found on your iPhone or Android mobile device!

Happy Instagramming

Anthony Carbone

aka The Wolf Millionairee



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