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Kafe Racers Instagram Growth

Kafe Racers has utilized my InstaWealth Growth System and gained thousands of followers in just a couple months! Cheers to this student’s growth and let’s take a closer look at their account to see how they continue to succeed!

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Kafe Racers: An Account With Edge

First of all I have to say I’m so impressed with this account’s rapid growth! Kafe Racers reached out to me 2 months ago when he had just hit 5,000 followers, and I couldn’t wait to feature their niche account and compliment their style and early success. This account has now reached over 30,000 followers using my methods. They make a statement with their action-packed posts and keep their viewers constantly fed by uploading not just one or two, but several posts a day! Let’s take a look at how they’ve become so successful and see what we can learn.

InstaWealth Student Kafe Racers

Right away we see in the bio what Kafe Racer is all about bikes, racing, and the apparel and lifestyle that goes with it. Their follower to following ratio is excellent, and it’s amazing that they have now doubled their followers since they reached out to say thank you to me for their recent success and growth! Great job, and I’m so proud!

Kafe Racers Instagram Growth

 A Love for Action

Below is just one of their most liked posts among several others that have achieved more than 4,000+ likes! We see a great photo of a female biker on a BMW cafe racer- totally awesome! This photo received a hefty amount of likes on the account at 2,343 likes, and several comments.

Viewers love action! Any time a photo can capture movement as opposed to the typical, still shot we usually see, the post is bound to get a ton of attention. This picture is a great action photo, with great content, undoubtedly.

Download a PDF version of this post.

This post is great, yet I do have to mention the girl’s hair is frozen straight when it would realistically be blowing back in the wind, correct? Besides that detail, this photo is another big hit on Kafe Racer’s ever-growing successful Instagram account. They also do the photo right by giving credit to the photographer, @nostalgia_memoir, the designer @pathworkgoods, as well as adding a bunch of clever hashtags in the first comment. Nice work!

kafe racers

One of a Kind Content

Let’s take a look at another photo that received a ton of engagement. Below is a photo that received a ton of attention due to its unique vintage look, mixed with a classic, simple pose. When I say unique, I mean that it looks like they may have rebuilt most of this custom bike themselves! If they didn’t build it, it at least looks custom, and the rider on the bike looks fit, comfortable, and ready to ride. People love seeing original material and definitely were drawn to this post because it doesn’t look like every other bike we’ve seen. Well done, Kafe Racers!!

kafe racers

Amp Up the Engagement With Interaction and Connection

I noticed the photo below had not only a lot of likes, but also caused a stir with a lot of comments. Why did this post receive 44 comments and over 3,000 likes? This post asks viewers a question, which gets people talking and sharing. Also, the other big seller here is that the photo shows interaction and human connection itself! It’s not only showing two unique bikes, but two people joining, enjoying their favorite hobby.

It’s brilliant that Kafe Racers asks their viewers, “What bike would you choose?” because it gets people to interact and share! Well done! I love seeing this kind of thoughtfulness in posts.

kafe racers


On the other hand, here’s another photo below that displays connection, but it received hardly any engagement.  It could be less popular for a couple reasons. For one, it’s probably not a professional photo, evident by the lighting and the quality of the photo. Make sure to always post photos with great lighting and perspective, along with of course excellent subject content.

The second reason for less engagement could be that there isn’t a solid focal point for the photo. It’s important to have a clear subject with posts, and here we’re not sure if we’re supposed to be looking at the two males talking, or the bike. According to the caption, it’s the bike we are supposed to be looking at, of course. They do, however, do a great job with their hashtags, as well as tagging the appropriate accounts that they’re giving credit to.

kafe racers

We Love #Hashtags

Another way to get people involved in your posts and increase your likes and comments is to use hashtags appropriately! I like how this account uses hashtags in every post to mention what specific model of bike they’re featuring, apparel, or just to playfully categorize or describe the picture. Then in the first comment they stuff all the relevant hashtags so they can be discovered by others browsing specific hashtags.

I have suggested before and will mention it again, that you should use hashtags to your heart’s content, but it’s best to put them all in the first comment so that the post doesn’t look too cluttered. Kafe Racers usually follows this rule, but I noticed a few hashtags outside the first comment. I talk more about the value of hashtags and how to use them in moderation in my blog.

Let’s take a look at another post that didn’t get a lot of interaction. Below we see a picture of a bike from a basic side angle, and we notice that a lot of their photos with a simple straight-on angle and with no person, didn’t get a lot of engagement. It’s fine to have photos with a plain angle, but if you’re going to do that, the content needs to be eye catching and appealing.


kafe racers

More Props

Here’s another photo below that was very well received! We see below a photo of not one, but two awesome bikes side by side, at a great angle. The title on the photo also asks viewers a question, “What would you pick?” which we know is great for engagement. Even though this isn’t an art or fashion account, the splashes of color makes this retro-style photo shine as well.  With almost 4,000 likes, this post got a lot of people talking and sharing which resulted in many new followers as well!


kafe racers


Overall I want to congratulate Kafe Racers for their amazing 30,000 Foll0wers in LESS THAN 3 MONTHS! They’ve used my strategies to gain a ton of followers and their photos show a variety of bikes in a variety of settings. I love their edge, and the constant momentum they demonstrate by posting picture after picture of badass unique bikes!

Kafe Racers keeps their viewers entertained by posting 4-5 photos on the daily, and with a just a few modifications to their quality of photos and subject content, I’m sure they will double and even triple their followers in no time. Thanks for letting me talk you up, review your great account and great work so far, Kafe Racers!

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