iPhone Vs Android – The Best Phone For Instagram Revealed

By January 16, 2018 February 1st, 2018 Instagram News
iPhone vs Android Best Instagram Phone

iPhone vs Android is a raging debate. Wolf Millionaire reveals the best phone for Instagram by examining the pros and cons of each platforms top phones.

iPhone Vs Android is a heated passionate debate that could go on for days between fan boys (and girls) on both sides. However only when you take a look at how each phone can specifically help you Instagram better will the outcome dictate a very specific winner! Lets dive into the differences to see which is going to be the best phone for YOU and YOUR Instagram needs!

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I originally started to Instagram on my 2nd Android phone I ever owned a Samsung Galaxy S4. My first Android phone was a Nexus S and prior to that I was a Blackberry fan boy from day 1. I was never a popular kid in school, I had very strict parents that didn’t let me out of the house and I was bullied quite a bit growing up so I became a little bit of a computer geek.  Looks like I get the last laugh now 😂 😂 😂


I remember using my Samsung Galaxy S4 when I only had 1 Instagram account with 700 Followers on my @MadWhips Instagram account.  Fast forward a couple years of hard work and figuring out Instagram before anyone and I have created one of the largest most successful Instagram Empires consisting of over 30+ accounts and 18+ Million Followers. You can find more than 20 of these accounts if you search for “MadWhips” on Instagram as I am the founder of a little website called MadWhips.com.

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iPhone Vs Android – Which One Is BEST For You

The very first iPhone I ever owned and used Instagram on was an iPhone 5, then an iPhone 6, then an 6 PLUS, and now use an iPhone 7 PLUS. In case you’re curious, NO I haven’t noticed any SLOWDOWN on my iPhone 7 PLUS which is running iOS 11.2.2.

The very first Android phone I ever owned was a Samsung Nexus S, followed by a Samsung Galaxy S4, then a LG Nexus 4, LG Nexus 5, LG Nexus 5X, Huawei Nexus 6P and today I have been using my Google Android Pixel XL since it came out. I moved away from Samsung as I wasn’t a fan of their bloated Android experience and when you want to use the BEST ANDROID phone, you want it to be as stock as possible. I don’t fuck with any launcher, I don’t root or jailbreak my phones, I have no use for that nor does it accomplish anything but degrade the quality and RELIABILITY of each device.

My phones (like my McLaren and Rolex) need to WORK ALL THE TIME, I LIVE & RELY ON THEM. I cannot afford ANY DOWNTIME when it comes to how I make a living as an Instagram Influencer.

As you can see, I am not new to either iOS or Android having run through quite a few different generations of phones while using Instagram! So yes I can be the one to tell you I’ve travelled the world and bomb tested both my current iPhone 7 PLUS and Android Pixel XL for the last 4 months and they are an EXTREMELY CLOSE comparison of phones.


iPhone – Instagram Pros

iPhone 7 PLUS is an amazing bang for buck phone even though it is an expensive iPhone.  The beautiful part I love about my MAC and iPhone is that THEY ALWAYS FUCKING WORK.  Time is money to me, so I appreciate digital devices that don’t crash or have bugs that I constantly have to deal with. This is one of the BIGGEST pro’s of iOS devices.

The iPhone 7 PLUS It has the speed, the space and the new Portrait Camera mode which has helped me take some insane photos. The iPhone 7 Plus camera for VIDEO is still THE BEST out there producing crystal clear, smooth optically stabilized movements especially in LOW LIGHT. So for this point the iPhone vs Android equation starts to sway in the iPhone’s favour, but lets not jump to conclusions yet!

The size is another PRO, gone are the days that I could ever go back to a smaller device. I remember when I moved up from the iPhone 6 to the 6 PLUS, it took me about 2-3 days to adjust to the larger size, but then I never looked back. Having a bigger screen to edit photos, read emails and see the content you are snapping photos or video of MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE in the end result. Also the bigger phone fits nicely in my hand (although I am 6″2, I have relatively small hands which DOES NOT translate into a SMALL 🍆🍆🍆 , I thank my Dad’s Italian genes for that one!).

I do use a finger ring in the back of my Carbon Fiber Phone Cases. Make sure you buy a brand name finger ring for your phone, I’ve unfortunately bought some cheap knock off ones in the past and one broke while recording a video out a sunroof and POOF lost the phone which ended up in a Lamborghini’s grill behind me. OOPS, that was an expensive mistake I’ll never make again!!


iPhone – Instagram Cons

Optical Image Stabilization – I do not like to use my iPhone 7 Plus for taking video anytime I am holding my phone out or near an open window while driving. If you haven’t ever tried then then don’t worry, again it’s a very specific use case for me. This is really where the iPhone vs Android equation starts to sway for me. If you have then you will notice that taking photos or videos while hanging out a sunroof, biking, will result in a weird blurriness to your photos or videos. Thats because the Image Stabilizer goes crazy if there is any wind or vibration from air flowing over or near the device. This is my #1 CON for the iPhone 7 PLUS as I do take video out car windows and sunroofs on rallies and I must use my Android to get clean video.

Dropbox / Google Drive / Cloud Storage Apps – As I explain in depth in my Instagram Video Guides, iOS Instagram App DOES NOT ALLOW you to directly access your Dropbox / Google Drive / Cloud Storage Apps  folders from within the Instagram App.  To access a photo or video from Dropbox and post it to Instagram, you must first go into your Dropbox and export the photo or video to your camera roll before you can then use it in Instagram. This might sound trivial but when you have lots of advertising campaigns and client supplied content, this extra step amounts to a lot of extra work and time. Remember TIME IS MONEY! Being more efficient on Instagram is a key to maximizing YOUR personal time to have FUN or MAKE MORE MONEY.

Emojis – I also don’t like the iOS Wolf 🐺  Emoji, or any iOS emojis when you compare them to the Android versions. I think the Android Version of the wolf and everything else is much more fun looking which ads to the playfulness of your posts. This only comes into play when I’m using the Wolf Emoji on my Instagram stories, the Android Wolf is much more playful and cool IMHO 🙂 Otherwise if I use the Wolf Emoji in a Caption you will see the iOS one and Android users will see the Android one. Not a big deal, but I’m picky and specific when it comes to branding and having fun. iPhone vs Android, Android takes the EMOJI CAKE 🎂 🎂 🎂.


Keyboard Apps – iOS has control issues, it really doesn’t like you or apps fucking with it. This is another con because I religiously use Swiftkey which has improved my teams Instagram efficiency by 50% over the last couple years learning all the different usernames and hashtags in an suggestive and spooky way that seems to read your mind when you’re writing a caption. iOS doesn’t allow you to change the size of the Swiftkey Keyboard which is less than ideal for how I like to use my keyboard with my small short stubby Italian fingers, but I make due.

Text Replacement Apps – like the Keyboard app sizing issue, iOS also doesn’t like or allow other apps to monitor what is being typed which means you cannot use my favorite Android app called TexPand to do Text Replacement Macros. This is a huge pain in the ass and efficiency CON for iOS. While you can setup Text Replacement in iOS General / Keyboard settings, you cannot format it with line breaks and such like you can using TexPand on Android. For that reason, the iOS phones don’t make ideal work phones for your employees to manage repetitive postings.

Fragile – I take extremely good care of my phones, after all they each cost like $1000 each and I don’t have time to deal with broken phones. However even when being careful, I’ve managed to crack about 3-4 iPhone screens along the way, 2 of those on my iPhone 7 PLUS just last year. Yes 2017 was a very unkind year with respect to lots of things and cracking iPhone 7 PLUS screens was one of them. I actually have 2 iPhone 7 PLUS phones. One as my daily driver, and one with a complete backup of all my apps ready in case I break my daily driver. This is how serious I am when it comes to ensuring ZERO downtime, plus when you travel internationally you can’t afford to take any chances!

Now the new iPhone X that just came out… FORGET IT, I won’t be upgrading to that anytime soon. The entire back of the phone is glass which I’m already starting to see CRACK easily even with a slight drop on a counter. There is nothing NEW technology wise on the X that makes any leaps and bounds of BETTER for Instagram. Sure a slightly better phone camera, but in testing it my Android Pixel XL still kicks the shit out of iPhone X photos in richness, color and saturation. MORE THAN SUFFICIENT for even the most PRO INSTAGRAMMER!


Android – Instagram Pros

Camera Quality – The Pixel XL has finally NAILED the photography game. In fact I personally use my PIXEL XL 100% of the time to take photos for Instagram. It’s even replaced my Lumix GH5 camera at car shows. It easily won me over my iPhone based on the quality and slightly touched photos that it delivers with a click of that button. Night photos? ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

Yes the iPhone has slightly faster shutter but if you can hold your PIXEL XL still at night, the PHOTOS it will deliver are so stunning it continues to blow me away! All the photos I’ve posted throughout this article where taken on my PIXEL XL with slight edits in Snapseed. I have to edit my photos taken on my Android about 75% less than I would had I taken the same photo on my iPhone 7 PLUS!

Also worth noting, I can use my PIXEL XL out a window, sunroof without any image stabilization ISSUES! Unlike the iPhone 7 PLUS.

Stability – Android has come a long way since my first days with my Nexus S and Galaxy S4. I don’t remember the last time my Pixel XL crashed in an app or required a restart, it’s a workhorse and for that reason has become a SERIOUS phone up against the iPhone.

Indestructible – My Pixel XL has been through HELL and BACK, I’ve dropped it on just about every surface even though I have a key ring on the back of it. It’s dinged up and yet I HAVE NEVER broken a screen or camera lens on it. For this reason alone, ANDROID is my #1 Phone pick for Instagramming.

Dropbox / Google Drive / Cloud Storage Apps – Unlike iPhones, You can directly access any cloud based storage drive on your phone while in the Android Instagram app. This is another HUGE time saver for organizing and delivering photos and video to Instagram.


Android – Instagram Con

Video – While my PIXEL XL camera for photos is insane, the video quality takes a second seat to my iPhone 7 PLUS.  HOWEVER because I’m not plagued by the Image Stability issues with Android this a small CON.

Thats really the ONLY CON I personally have with Android’s PIXEL XL. I have not yet moved or thought about moving to the PIXEL XL 2 yet as the first generation is killing it for my needs, plus I have a backup Android PIXEL XL all setup and not interested in spending another $1000 just to have the latest and greatest if it doesn’t benefit my photography or workflow!

iPhone Vs Android WINNER

With everything I’ve highlighted above relative to iPhone vs Android debate, it’s a no brainer FOR ME why my PIXEL XL has become my daily driver phone to Instagram and most importantly my CAMERA to capture all the amazing experiences I am part of  as an Instagram Influencer!

Happy Instagramming!


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