iPhone Instagram Comments + DM HACK **My SECRET iOS App**

By October 24, 2018 Instagram News
iPhone Instagram App Hack

iPhone Instagram comments can be time consuming & exhausting. Wolf Millionaire shares a simple automation trick to help you be more efficient at engaging!

iPhone Instagram users can use this simple trick to be more efficient at replying to comments or direct messages to engage with their audience.

This trick eliminates one of the biggest iPhone limitation I outline in my popular iPhone VS Android – The Best Instagram Phone post!

Why would anyone want to be more efficient using their iPhone for Instagram? Because engaging with your audience in comments and direct messages is one of the easiest and fastest ways of growing your Instagram Following as I outline in my STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video Training System. The more efficient you can be using Instagram, the most time you can spend going after LUCRATIVE Instagram advertising money and sponsorships JUST LIKE ME!

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iPhone Instagram Comments, Replies & DM Automation


As usual I have captured the STEP-BY-STEP instructions (with images below & video above) so you can follow along and setup this iPhone Instagram productivity trick!

  1. Open your iPhone SETTINGS (the gear icon)
  2. Go into “GENERAL”
  3. Go into “KEYBOARDS”
  5. Click “+” to add a NEW “Text Replacement”
  6. Create whatever shortcut you want to use (I use #something or ##something to make sure I never type this by accident when doing hashtags etc). Then add the “Phrase” whatever you want iOS to type for you when you use your shortcut. TIP: keep it simple, use emoji, but don’t use the “enter” key as Text Replacement will not give you the ability to go to a new line when they spit out your phrase.
  7. Review your “Text Replacement” you just created.
  8. Start to use it when leaving comments, replying to comments or DM’s to improve your efficiency!


iPhone Instagram Text ReplacementHow To Setup iPhone Instagram Text ReplacementSetting up iPhone Text Replacement for Instagram

iPhone Text Replacement Walk Through


TIP: I suggest using simple shortcuts like ##reply1 #reply2 ##reply3 if you are creating a bunch of different replies to respond to general comments that people leave you on your posts! That way you can easily cycle through them while ensuring you are leaving unique responses to each comment (Instagram doesn’t like REPETITIVE comments that are just CUT & PASTE over and over!)

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