Instajam SCAM Exposed – Please DON’T Use It!

By March 9, 2018 January 16th, 2019 Instagram News
instajam exposed

Instajam Exposed! Wolf Millionaire explains how Instajam can damage your reputation, deliver fake followers and potentially get your account banned.

Instajam, their logo & name alone infringe on Instagram’s registered trademark (name, font logo) which mean it’s days are numbered before Instagram Facebook issues a lawsuit or takedown notice.  They are not affiliated with Instagram. They are a complete SCAM. BEWARE!

JULY 2018 UPDATE: InstaJam SHUT DOWN by INSTAGRAM and Jeremy McGilvrey went to jail.


Boy can I really pick out and expose these scam artists so YOU don’t get ripped off!

You see, Instajam is just another Instagram marketing software product which are a dime a dozen trying to capitalize on YOUR laziness while claiming to deliver “1000’s of REAL followers on autopilot”.  You’ll be shocked to learn what type of followers they will fill your account with!

I’ve been teaching the best Instagram practices since 2015, and yet these shady illegal Instagram automation services pop up every month claiming to be able to get you “1000’s of REAL followers on autopilot”.

I explain in detail why Organic Comments vs Automated Comments are the only way to effectively grow a REAL following and engage with others in order to Influence and make money with your account.


Instajam – How It Actually (DOESN’T) Work

Their marketing slogan: Ignore the “Experts” This is how you really grow your Instagram account. (Yes please do Ignore ME, if you want to quickly create an Instagram account full of FAKE Indian BOT followers)  LOL

1. You give them your Instagram Login & Password (NEVER EVER DO THIS – read this now Instagram Hacking)

2. Instajam will automatically LIKE, FOLLOW & COMMENT for you (THIS is ILLEGAL and AGAINST Instagram’s TERMS of USE)

3. They will deliver 100’s to 1000’s of FAKE INDIAN followers and deliver FAKE comments from your account. (This is NOT good. You will NOT make make money. These followers do NOT convert to leads.)

4. You run a VERY HIGH RISK of getting banned and deleted (BECAUSE Instagram is SMART and knows this is going on – DO YOU WANT TO RISK IT??)

Make sure you read how giving up your Instagram USERNAME & PASSWORD will result in you loosing your account.


Instajam – Trust By Who?

Lets take a look and analyze some of the Instagram Accounts that claim to “TRUST” Instajam. As you can while their Audience Quality score might be AVERAGE or POOR, their accounts are FULL of followers from INDIA.

Checkout How I Audit Instagram Accounts !!!


Most of these accounts from INDIA are bots and the real ones, well let me tell you, no one from INDIA is going to buy anything you are selling. The cost to ship with the dollar exchange is so astronomical that you’re not going to make a dime.



Below is the guy’s account behind InstaJam, Jeremy McLGilvrey, someone who’s own account is a boring uninspired collection of re-used “motivational” posts. As you can he has a very high Audience Quality score, but his following thanks to the InstaJam program has helped get him 36% (almost 100,000) followers from INDIA. YIKES!!!!

2018 UPDATE: Jeremy has DELETED all his Social Media Accounts

Not a single piece of original content created by Jeremy, yet he considers himself an Instagram “Expert”. There’s even lots of repeat content. How original, another motivational page that uses steals other peoples copyright photos and adds in some quotes along with his IG username and signature.

This so called “Instagram Expert” uses the same hashtags posts on all of his posts, all of which are high level, extremely competitive hashtags, yet this is an “Instagram Expert”.

Jeremy McGilvrey went to jail in 2009 for being a scam artist and he’s back at it with InstaJam Scam!


This “Instagram Expert” also seemingly used the FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW strategy. This is a garbage strategy that many people used resulting in shit followers and many got banned for using the automation programs that did the FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW on your account’s behalf. DON’T BE FOOLED by these amateur hour garbage technologies. Growing a FAKE Instagram account with BOT followers and INDIA followers will not get you famous, it won’t make you money, and it usually results in your account getting banned or black listed from Instagram!


This is NOT the following YOU want to build if you actually want to MAKE MONEY with Instagram. Followers from INDIA do not convert to sales for ANYTHING. Out of everything I have ever sold online, products, digital goods, affiliate links, I think I have shipped maybe 1-2 orders in my LIFE to INDIA. You don’t want INDIA traffic to your website AND you DON’T want INDIA Followers if you’re goal is to MAKE MONEY with INSTAGRAM. Some people will argue “well that Instagram Auditing tool you’re using isn’t accurate”, OH YEA? I’ve now ran over 100 accounts through it, and for the most part, this data gives an accurate enough picture to be able to determine who’s playing games and who’s not and guess what, even a post he did asking his followers WHERE THEY ARE FROM, yield the PROOF: INDIA…..



Remember kids, if you want a massive following from INDIA then please sign up for InstaJam!!


McGilvrey pleads guilty to bilking customers out of $1.9M

Admitted swindler prisonbound

Fleeced funds reportedly paid to casino

Financial adviser pleads guilty to fleecing elderly

Jeremy McGilvrey was a convicted scam artist in 2009.

This is they type of person behind the InstaJam Scam, and once again I blew this shit out of the water! As you can see I have a knack for calling out these scam artists who try to rip people off! Just look at the others who were promoting him if you want to see the true nature of people on Instagram.

If it was that easy to just “autopilot” grow your account, and if these services actually delivered REAL QUALITY FOLLOWERS and was supported by Instagram, I Wolf Millionaire would be behind these services 100%.

I’d be using them and promoting them and teaching you which ones to use. BUT I AM NOT. 

ALL OF THESE Instagram marketing services should be avoided NEVER BE USED if you are actually trying to create a profitable Instagram account or an authentic Influencer out of yourself!

I have tested so many of all of these Instagram marketing programs (and they all look the same, work the same) in order to be able to say with CERTAINTY, THEY ARE ALL A SCAMS.

Any Instagram marketing program that automates LIKES, COMMENTS and FOLLOWS goes DIRECTLY against INSTAGRAM RULES. ENOUGH SAID. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

Remember, I was the FIRST one to master Instagram and teach the world all my strategies in my original FREE 35 Page Instagram guide and STEP-BY-STEP Instagram Video guides that many have tried to copy.

Sign up for my FREE Wolf Millionaire Webinar and when you’ve completed the entire webinar I will email you my MOST UP TO DATE: Free 35 Page Instagram Guide, filled with REAL BEST PRACTICES, TIPS, TRICKS & STRATEGIES to get you started while keeping your ACCOUNT SAFE!

In full transparency, here is my Wolf Millionaire Audience Quality Score (which is up from a rank of 45 a couple weeks ago.

Checkout How I Audit Instagram Accounts !!!

As you can see I have a healthy and REAL USA/CANADA following amounting to 43% of my following, followed by a normal 4% India, Brazil and UK following.


Most people will lure you in by re-writing my FREE 35 Page Instagram Guide, or my Instagram Video Guides (I have 24 hours and over 80 STEP-BY-STEP videos for iOS and Android) or my FREE weekly BLOG & YouTube videos.

Every single “other” Instagram Guru strategy out there is simply a regurgitation of something I have published to teach you all how to use Instagram properly by following SOCIAL MEDIA BEST PRACTICES in order to grow a QUALITY following that you can actually Influence and make money with!

Others just want your money and don’t care if they deliver 1000’s of FAKE followers, and FAKE likes or are just out to Scam You Like This Guy. Make sure you never use these programs for FAKE COMMENTS, it will get you nowhere but banned quickly.

Just like so many before it (that I predicted would be shut down, Crowdfire, Instagress etc) Intajam are trying to sell you a product that will be shut down by Instagram in a matter of time. Don’t waste your time and don’t loose your Instagram account because YOU are too lazy to put in the work.

In fact if you’re a LAZY student, I don’t even want you signing up for my course.

Stay Safe Wolf Pack!




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