Instagram Vs Snapchat – Is It Over?

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Instagram VS Snapchat

Instagram vs Snapchat is one of the top questions Wolf Millionaire is asked. Although Instagram is killing Snapchat, learn what valuable aspect Snapchat has mastered to understand how Instagram will continue to evolve! It’s a WIN WIN for us Influencers!

Instagram vs Snapchat isn’t even a fair question anymore, Instagram is Killing Snapchat! Snapchats growth rate is slowing amid the competition of Instagram Stories Money, and more broadly of Facebook’s network of social media platforms. Remember Facebook owns Instagram.

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Instagram Vs Snapchat Highlights

With an Instagram account one can easily & quickly:

Build or launch a company or brand
Build a presence quickly
Become an Influencer quickly
Generate targeted leads & sales quickly
Grow other Social media channels quickly

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Instagram Vs Snapchat Accounts
Instagram accounts are easier to grow a targeted following from scratch, get discovered and make money than trying to do the same on Snapchat. Thats my major deciding factor as a marketer of which platform is more important to ME. You can make MORE money on Instagram than you can on Snapchat.

I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish Wolf Millionaire Domination simply by using Snapchat. That is the major difference for me. I am using Instagram to MAKE MONEY, not get famous, I use Snapchat for fun offering a different foray into my daily life. Checkout my main Snapchat “madwhips” if you want to see what I really get up to in a day, I’m loving the Snapchat Spectacles especially while driving my McLaren!

Is There Any Chance for a different Instagram VS Snapchat Outcome?

Specifically it’s Instagram’s Stories Killing Snapchat, the data and user growth even speaks for itself, not just the because of the appeal to marketers being able to tag other Instagram accounts with Instagram Stories @Mentions and #hashtag linking not to mention how much money can be made with Instagram Viral Story URL option. Lets all appreciate that Snapchat FINALLY rolled out a SWIPE UP URL feature! We can now drive traffic to a specific URL from our Snaps! I smell MORE MONEY!


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Lets also keep in mind that we are comparing Instagram (Stories) vs Snapchat (Snaps) by just looking at the Stories vs Snaps daily active users. It’s clear that Instagram has gone from ZERO to 200 Million in like 7 months where Snapchat is barely growing during the same period.

Instagram Vs Snapchat


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Snapchat has been the smaller competitor (we all love the underdog, and I’m a sucker for an amazing sleeping giant story) in a big fight since its inception, both against immediate rival Instagram, and against Facebook as a whole. When Snapchat launched in September of 2011, Instagram already had 10 million users, up from 5 million only two months prior, meaning Snapchat would be playing catch-up from the outset.

In 2016, when Instagram introduced their own stories feature, which unapologetically stole Snapchat’s idea and its users, it became clear that Influencers weren’t necessarily loyal to one app over the other, and would be willing to prioritize an app that made better use of their time. Despite Snapchat having a more robust suite of creative tools in it’s app like those silly face filters, Instagram still stole a massive daily use of “stories” users from Snapchat. More great Snapchat Statistics here.

With Instagram they could now create Instagram Stories (which auto-delete in 24 hours), similar to Snapchat, but were more discoverable on Instagram due to the apps design & function which is discoverable focused.

Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp, and are already ubiquitous as the base for individuals’ online profiles. Snapchat, by comparison, while a similar platform has something that Instagram DOESN’T.

Snapchat has extremely highly engaged users and Influencers are delivering more of an authentic & creative experience through Snapchat stories than on Instagram. Checkout this video below, a very rare glimpse of Co-Founder Kevin Systrom speaking about how business is war. Remember kids, don’t take it personally, it’s just business.

In a recent Mediakix survey of prominent influencers as to whether Snapchat or Instagram was the preferred platform, Instagram emerged as the overall winner. While Snapchat was praised for its engagement, authenticity and potential for fun, Instagram was seen as the more useful app for the business purposes of an influencer, and was perceived as having better potential for user growth and for generating followers even if most of the content delivered is highly curated by almost every user.


Social media prevalence is largely about nuance. The features that make Instagram Stories different from Snapchat Stories are subtle, but ultimately users decide which subtleties they prefer over others. This is why we see Instagram roll out more and more “creative” filters and features to Instagram Stories.

Wolf Millionaire Snapchat

By examining Instagram Vs Snapchat it is becoming increasingly clear that visual messaging is the future of digital communication and makes for extremely hot & profitable social networks. The subtle differences available between each social platform are slowly starting to evaporate as both Instagram vs Snapchat continue to race and innovate their product in order to retain users and increase creative story telling between friends, celebrities, Influencers and BRANDS. This is where the MONEY IS!

The prominence of the emoji is a good early indicator of the increasing preference of visual options in text-based communications; people use emojis not only to help express an emotion, but to lighten and make ironic or playful the deadpan tone of old-fashioned texting and messaging.

Back in late 2013 (the same year I lost my job for the first time in my life), Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel TURNED DOWN a $3 billion takeover offer from Mark Zuckerberg. I think that buying Snapchat for $3 billion would have been just as good as a deal as the $1 billion price tag they paid for Instagram.

Evan Spiegel has some big balls for turning down a $3 billion offer, and it will be super interesting to follow along as Snapchat continues to evolve.

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If we are going to alter the Instagram Vs Snapchat outcome that is currently trending, Snapchat definitely needs to continue evolving into the camera space, the spectacles or wearables and more importantly providing it’s users with photo & video editing tools to continue feeding our need to create and deliver fun & creative stories for our friends and followers/

Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t buy Snapchat in 2013, and now some would argue that he’s close to destroying the company. That doesn’t sound like Mr Philanthropist Human of the Year Talk now does it? Why can’t we all just get along for the sake of humanity and progression?

We all love an underdog, and as much as I rant and rave that Instagram is Killing Snapchat, Snapchat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! All hope is not yet lost for Snap Inc. They are still growing, just at a reduced rate, the companies they have recently purchased, all the new features they are implementing are going somewhere and I hope it proves my theory right about the company and the direction of “whats next” in Social Media. For now, INSTAGRAM IS THE MONEY MAKER! GET ON IT!

Finally lets not forget Snapchat Spectacles. This is something unique, cutting edge and special that no other app has rolled out. Just remember that you heard it from me first when I say that Instagram will be following up with a similar answer to Snapchat Spectacles, if they don’t then they’ve completely lost the mark of what Snapchat is all about; creative, immersive and personal digital story telling and this my Wolf Pack is the FUTURE of SOCIAL MEDIA.

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Follow my Snapchat Spectacles adventures (Snapchat “madwhips” and “wolfmillionaire” whether I’m at the gym, eating an egg McMuffin while driving my McLaren, out on a date or just grinding the hours away making money with Instagram. This is the real life of a self made Instagram Influencer!

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